Volume 1 Chapter 17: Divine Physique and Divine Art

Ye Yong now had about 13,000 transcend points. Although it was minuscule compared to the amount of transcend points required to buy Saint Grade weapons and Immortal Grade weapons, it was still enough to purchase quite a bit of martial arts, mental arts, and spells in the beginning stage [of the novel].

Ye Yong wanted the [Elementary Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System], which cost 8,000 transcend points. Like the name suggested, it was a system that could automatically cultivated cultivation arts¹ for Ye Yong. In other words, even if Ye Yong was sleeping, his cultivation arts would cultivate themselves.

It’s normal for mature cultivation arts to be able to cultivate themselves.

Ye Yong bought the system, along with a divine grade mental art that complemented his physique, and he was left with a little more than 2,000 transcend points.

The physique that Ye Yong had forged was the Chaotic Origin Divine Physique. When grown to a certain point, the physique would allow one to use chaotic energy, which was way more powerful than spiritual energy² and immortal energy. The male lead, Long Tian, had to go through all kinds of dangers to slowly evolve his physique during the middle and end stages of the novel. In comparison, Ye Yong only had to spend some transcend points to easily obtain the physique. Ye Yong could only say that the “old man in jade” golden finger had really fallen behind.

Of course, this was related to the strength of their cultivation. Ye Yong had crippled his cultivation, so it was easier for him to reforge his physique compared to Long Tian, who had to start during the middle stage of the novel, during which he had already become an immortal. He attracted trouble all the time because he was the male lead, so he couldn’t just cripple his cultivation and start over. Doing so was akin to suicide.

Anyways, since Ye Yong now has a divine physique as well as the complementing divine mental art and the [Elementary Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System], it would be a piece of cake for him to get to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

‘Ding. The [Chaotic Origin Divine Art] has been learned. The art is very compatible with the Chaotic Origin Divine Physique, so the cultivation speed has been increased. Progress: First layer, 0.’³

The [Elementary Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System] was similar to the idle games. Since it was only the elementary level, it was only good at cultivating low grade cultivation arts. For the higher level cultivation arts, like saint grade immortal grade, and divine grade arts, the system only worked for the early layers of the cultivation arts.

For example, the [Chaotic Origin Divine Art] has 10 layers in total, but the [Elementary Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System] would only be able to cultivate to the 3rd layer.

The more proficient someone was at a battle art⁴, the more power they could release with the battle art.

The stages of proficiency were:

Introductory, Small Success, Great Success, Exceptional, Godly, Pinnacle, and Dao.

For low grade battle arts, the system could cultivate them to the Pinnacle stage and even the Dao stage, but for saint-grade and higher battle arts, they could at most be cultivated to the Great Success stage. Ye Yong would have to get the [Intermediate-Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System] and even the [High-Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System]. The intermediate level system required 100,000k points while the high-level system cost 500k transcend points.

One that reached the third layer of the [Chaotic Origin Divine Art] could said to be invincible to cultivators below the Ascension Realm. As for the immortal grade and divine battle arts, being able to reach the Small Success stage of proficiency was already pretty impressive. Some immortals could only reach the Great Success stage of proficiency after cultivating them for their whole lifetime. However, immortal grade battle arts and divine battle arts cultivated to the Small Success stage was strong enough to destroy the sky and ground.

As such, the elementary-level system was good enough for Ye Yong to use for quite a while.

Ye Yong had 2,000 transcend points left, and he couldn’t purchase any saint-grade battle arts with it. After all, battle arts were used for combat and didn’t depend on physiques as much as mental arts did. Another factor contributing to the cost was that battle arts didn’t split into three parts, unlike the mental arts.

The highest grade battle arts that could be bought with 2,000 transcend points were heaven-grade battle arts.

It doesn’t sound that great, but the thing is, heaven-grade battle arts were the best battle arts in this world. Of course, Ye Yong wouldn’t be able to use heaven-grade battle arts even if he got to the Foundation Establishment Realm due to not having enough spiritual energy. Foundation Realm cultivators could at most use mystery-grade battle arts. Golden Core Realm cultivators could at most release half the power of heaven-grade battle arts.

However, since Ye Yong had the [Elementary Level Idle Automatic Cultivation Art Cultivating System], the heaven-grade battle art could cultivate itself. This way, when Ye Yong’s cultivation increased and got enough spiritual energy, his proficiency in battle arts would be enough so that he could go against powerful enemies.

Ye Yong got a bit dizzy from seeing all the heaven-grade battle arts in the system store, but he already had a general goal in mind- sword cultivator. After all, many of the male leads of xian xia novels were sword cultivators. Sword cultivators were also handsome, and Ye Yong wanted to experience what it felt like to dominate the world with a sword.

After looking through the heaven-grade sword arts, Ye Yong chose a heaven-grade martial art called [Ten Thousand Appearances Heavenly Sword]. He was left with 300 transcend points.

‘Ding. The [Ten Thousand Appearances Heavenly Sword] has been learned. Progress: 0.’

As all the cultivation arts appeared in Ye Yong’s mind directly, the idling system decided that Ye Yong had “learned” the arts as soon as he purchased them from the store. Ye Yong was satisfied that both the mental art and the martial art had started to cultivate automatically.

The idling system would be able to cultivate the [Chaotic Origin Divine Art] to the third layer and the [Ten Thousand Appearances Heavenly Sword] to the exceptional stage of proficiency.

Ye Yong checked the progress of the cultivation arts after leaving them to cultivate themselves, and they were still at 0. In order for the cultivation art to progress to the next stage, the progress must get to 100, and at this rate, Ye Yong had no idea how long it would require for him to improve.

Ye Yong wasn’t in a hurry. After all, being able to cultivate divine mental art and heaven-grade battle art without having to manually cultivate was something that no one else could do. Sure, it was slow, but it was much better than not even being able to do it.

Ye Yong spent 100 transcend points to buy an intermediate-level concealment item. It was strong enough to prevent Saint Realm cultivators from finding out about his divine physique. This also included the Fallen Immortal Elder in Long Tian’s jade pendant, but only as long as the Fallen Immortal Elder was still injured.

The Chaotic Origin Divine Physique was a powerful physique even in the Heavenly World. If people discover that Ye Yong possessed the Chaotic Origin Divine Physique, then Ye Yong would be in big trouble. Since he wasn’t the protagonist and didn’t have any providence (or plot armor), he could just die and wouldn’t even know how it happened. Ye Yong needed to be extremely careful.

This was the first time Ye Yong went out ever since destroying his dantian. Lin Wei appeared the moment he stepped out of the door. As a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, Lin Wei was a pretty strong powerhouse, but she was still far from the extremely old Saints. With her limited divine sense, she was unable to sense the change in Ye Yong’s body because of the concealment item.

“Yong Er, how is your body?” The overprotective and doting parent called Lin Wei was looking at Ye Yong worriedly, as Ye Yong currently had the aura of a mortal. The only thing going for him was his still handsome looks- actually, he became even more handsome, but that wasn’t important.

“There aren’t any major problems. I’ll be able to cultivate soon, so please don’t worry, mother.”

“Don’t worry about cultivating. First focus on recovering your body and make sure to not leave any hidden injuries.” After Ye Yong had crippled his own cultivation the previous day, Lin Wei had wanted to capture Qin Shi Meng. However, since Ye Yong had repeatedly stressed that it had nothing to do with Qin Shi Meng and because Lin Wei thought that Ye Yong might be emotionally unstable after crippling his cultivation and might suicide, Lin Wei decided to not go and cause trouble for the Qin Family and stayed to make sure that Ye Yong was fine.

“Come, let mother check to see if your dantian is broken or not,” Lin Wei said, grabbing Ye Yong’s hand and injecting spiritual energy into Ye Yong’s body.

Ye Yong felt something warm flow come from Lin Wei and flow through his body. He didn’t exist, and after the “air” circulated through his whole body, Lin Wei breathed a sigh of relief. “There aren’t any problems, but you should still recuperate.”

Lin Wei took out a bottle of rank 3 top-grade blood-nourishing pills and some spiritual herbs and gave them to Ye Yong. She told Ye Yong to not rush and that it was okay for him to take his time and left. She was afraid that saying too much would put too much psychological pressure on Ye Yong.

Watching Lin Wei go away and into the clouds, Ye Yong couldn’t help but sigh about how he had a really good mother. She was young, beautiful, and cared for him. It’s a pity that Ye Yong was her son. Not only did he cause the downfall of his family but he also made his mother demonize in order to avenge him.

“Well, none of that will happen anymore,” Ye Yong muttered as he put away the pills that he had just gotten and headed toward the cultivation arts palace.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Cultivation arts include mental arts and battle arts.

² I’ve realized that I’ve been using both spiritual energy and spiritual power. That was a mistake, they’re the same thing. I’ll go back and change them to all be spiritual energy when I have the time.

³ From now on, thoughts will be in italics, while ‘telepathy’ will be in italics and have single apostrophes around. Telepathy includes cultivators communicating with each other without “saying” anything as well as the system talking to Ye Yong. Ye Yong’s thoughts will always be in just italics even when he is talking to the system since the system can read his mind and also because I think it’s less confusing this way.

⁴ Battle arts include spells, martial arts, and spiritual arts.

Just a heads up in case you haven’t seen the notice(s) I wrote. I found out that I have 4 writing assignments and 1 project due (I thought I only had 1 writing assignment to turn in so I thought I was fine) so I wasn’t able to translate for the past week. I’ve managed to turn them all in on time, so there’s that.

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