Chapter 130: The Horse Thieves’ Movements

In a remote village about 3 hours away by foot from Blazing Horse City…

The whole place was burning, the villages were dead, and the smell of blood and burning filled the air.

The horses neighed and the sounds of horse hooves rang out. Laughter filled the place. These were the horse thieves. They had come here to slaughter this village to practice killing.

They took one hour to slaughter the village. These were horse thieves- born to kill and rob.

The group of horse thieves slowly came out of the village. At the front of the group were about a hundred people that wore knight’s armor and had smiles on their faces. Their bodies were covered in blood- these people were the main force of the horse thieves, and their main task was to kill.

Behind them were about 300 people that wore leather armor and held bloodied lances. They carried all kinds of valuable things- these people were the secondary force of the horse thieves, and their main task was to make sure the people were dead and to rob things.

“Lord Omar is so generous! He actually let us make a move on his people.”

“Ha ha ha… Why would Lord Omar care about these untouchables? Well, they’re too poor. All of their stuff combined don’t even add up to a few silver coins.”

“Are you for real? These people are just for practice. They’re not our real target for robbery.”

The horse didn’t feel any guilt, as if they weren’t slaughtering actual people but rather chicken and sheep.

Outside the village was a large stone. One person stood on top of the stone while three knights stood in front of it. The wind blew away the dark clouds, allowing moonlight to shine down and reveal the figure on top of the stone.

The horse thieves that had been riding on their horses immediately got down, and all of them saluted. “Lord Omar, we have completed the mission.”

“Very good. You guys haven’t killed for the past half year. With that, you guys got back the feeling of killing, right?” Omar had a smile on his face. To him, being able to provide the horse thieves with a killing experience was the greatest honor they could ever have.

In this world, there were many wealthy second generations that would find remote villages and hold hunting competitions. None of the nobles felt guilty about it. Omar had participated in some of these in the past.

“Of course. The smell of blood made me remember the joy of killing.”

“Using one slash to cut the neck to make blood spray is the most beautiful thing.”

“That was unsatisfying. Lord Omar, when can we start?”

This was what Omar wanted- ruthless and bloodthirsty horse thieves. He had an evil and crazy smile on his face. “Ha ha ha… good, very good. You will leave tonight and arrive at North Wind City tomorrow morning. I want the battle to end by the afternoon. I want the North Wind City’s city lord’s head and all the coins of the city. Remember, I want 800 gold coins from this harvest. You know what to do if there isn’t enough.”

“Lord Omar, rest assured, we promise to complete the task,” the horse thieves shouted in unison, shivering.

If they didn’t manage to get 800 gold coins, they had to find a way to make up for the rest by robbing more places or whatever other options they had. Otherwise, they would be punished, and the lightest punishment they would receive was having an ear or a finger cut off.

They failed a task previously, and many of them had their fingers cut off- some even lost their lives. However, if they could get extra gold coins, those would be their own- they would get a lot of coins, and that’s one of the reasons they want to be horse thieves.

“Hurry up and set out. Noon is the best time to attack the city,” Omar shouted.


The horse thieves got onto their horses and went toward the place where the enslaved beastkins were. They were responsible for carrying food and water.

This was because the beastkins were strong and as such, were the best for doing hard labor. Many people got enslaved beastkins to make them do hard labor and gave the enslaved beastkins human-sized meals. For beastkins, that wasn’t enough food, and many of them would starve to death. This was one of the reasons that a lot of nobles discriminated against beastkins.

The horse thieves soon left and got out of sight.

“Lord Omar, will Carter follow the plan? He took a lot of knights with him, and only a dozen of his men joined the event,” the chief knight said.

“Didn’t we say that we would give him 20% of the profit? If they don’t arrive on time to meet up at North Wind City, then we’ll leave them with 5% of the profit. We’ll give them a few gold coins for the knights’ work,” Omar said. I’ve already sent Ryan to send the information. If he doesn’t dare to come, then I don’t mind taking all your knights. As long as I give them enough gold coins, they will be willing to serve me.


The knight couldn’t help but pity Carter and his family for going back to West Sun City when it mattered. It would be terrible if they didn’t manage to come back on time.

“North Wind City is a prosperous city. The North Wind City’s city lord is pretty wealthy but is a little stupid,” Omar laughed. That idiot actually spent all his coins into developing his ships and didn’t develop his military force. They weren’t fat enough last year, but this year, they are very fat and it is now time for them to be slaughtered.

“Lord Omar, I heard that your brother will come here in the winter,” the knight said cautiously.

“Hmph! That guy just wants to come here and take advantage of things,” Omar said, his face darkening. “This time, I will see how smug he can be. I will slap his face.¹ Then we’ll go back together and I can see him be upset all the way back… Ha ha ha… I’m looking forward to that day,” Omar laughed smugly.

“…” The knight shook his head helplessly. Lord Omar always suffered at the hands of his older brother and there had never been a time when Lord Omar had the upper hand.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Figuratively, not literally.

Uhhh I was going to release this chapter and chapter 133 together, but I’m not going to finish translating chapter 133 today, so well, here it is.

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