Chapter 132: Bounty Hunters

Early in the morning…

North Wind City was currently on high alert as it was the day that the horse thieves were going to attack. The city gates and the docks were both closed.

North Wind City’s city lord was currently in his castle. He was extremely nervous and couldn’t stay still. Because of how fat he was, he took a few minutes just to stand up and was even panting by the time he finished. He walked towards the door.

“Lord City Lord, where are you going?” a knight asked. “You can just order me to do it.”

“No, I want to go and take a look by myself,” North Wind City’s city lord said. “When will the reinforcements from West Sun City arrive?”

“They will arrive by afternoon at the earliest,” the knight answered. He was North Wind City’s city lord’s trusted aide and knew about the horse thieves’ attacks.

They knew that the horse thieves’ first target would be the castle- they would kill the city lord and the knights first. Their next target will be the city’s nobles and merchants for their wealth.

Afternoon? That’s not good. According to the plan, the horse thieves will come at noon,” North Wind City’s city lord said, trembling. He didn’t know whether or not the plan was true or not, but he didn’t dare to gamble. Because if he failed, his life would be over.

If it was true and he had no idea about the plan, then he wouldn’t be able to stop the horse thieves at all with his weak military force. The horse thieves would take less than half an hour to storm the castle and butcher him like a pig.

“Lord City Lord, since we know about the plan, the horses won’t be able to break through so easily.”

“I hope that’s how it is,” North Wind City’s city lord said. He had a bad feeling. “I’m going to go to the city walls to take a look.”


The knight immediately made someone get a carriage, and the two of them went toward the city wall.

After being helped up onto the wall, North Wind City’s city lord couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s been about two years since I last been here.”

“…” The knight didn’t know what to say. The city lord is kind of strange. All he does is just stay in his castle to eat and eat and eat.

North Wind City’s city lord stared at the river Ghostly Water River. It was about 150 meters wide and was usually extremely lively during this time of the year. Ships would bring wheat to the city while merchants would buy wheat from the city. But today, all the merchants were staying in their inns, because smart people knew that since North Wind City had tightened its security, something must have been going on.

There were eight people gathered in a small alley. 

Lil Lazy’sheart was about to explode. He hadn’t expected the city to tighten its security at 4:00 in the morning, and now, they couldn’t sneak out of the city since no one was allowed to leave.

“Brother Lazy, what do we do now? The horse thieves are about to be here,” Lil Doggy said with a bitter face. The plan didn’t say that this would happen.

“…” Lil Lazy didn’t know what to say. Niu Five I told him to leave the previous day, but because he had only managed to get a small number of people, he wanted to stay a bit longer to see if he can get a few more people to go. To his surprise, the docks closed early in the morning, completely ruining his plan.

Lil Lazy slapped himself twice, and blood could be seen coming out of his mouth. “Spread the news that the horse thieves are coming. Then tell them that West Sun City is willing to provide jobs with a high salary.”

“Will that work?” Lil Doggy asked.

“Of course,” Lil Lazy said.

“Brother Wu had said that reinforcements from West Sun City will arrive today. We can just leave then.”

“Alright! I understand.” Hearing that there would be reinforcements from West Sun City, all of them lost their nervousness.

They quickly left, leaving Lil Lazy to be alone. They were going to spread the news, and since North Wind City had tightened its security, some people would believe what they said.

A city that got attacked by horse thieves would cause some of its residents to be too nervous to stay in the city because they would be afraid that horse thieves would attack again. As such, some people would choose to change places to feel more secure, especially the people that valued their lives.

This was also part of Liu Feng’s plan. North Wind City wouldn’t be able to stop the horse thieves with their strength, so when West Sun City’s reinforcements arrived and beat the horse thieves, people would immediately be able to tell that West Sun City had a much stronger army and would be a safe place to be in.

At that time, all he had to say was that West Sun City was recruiting workers, and Liu Feng was sure that at least twenty percent of the people would go to West Sun City. The merchants wouldn’t even need convincing- they didn’t mind traveling for an extra day for extra security, especially if the city had a place for them to dock and sell goods.

Hiding in the alley was a slender black-robed figure with green eyes. Elisa had an interesting smile on her face as she looked at the people below. This West Sun City is quite interesting. They’re actually coming to support North Wind City? Or are they actually just taking advantage of the fire?

“Hmm?” Elisa’s expression changed slightly as her eyes narrowed. She stared at the entrance of the alley, her hands on her bow and arrow.

Heavy footsteps ran out and two burly figures ran into the alley. Their eyes instantly locked onto Lil Lazy. One of them immediately drew their sword and put it against Lil Lazy’s neck. “Answer my question or I will kill you,” the bald man said.

“I’ll answer, I’ll answer,” Lil Lazy said, his left hand on his short sword. He was planning to fight them to the death if they asked about Liu Feng.

“Have you seen a woman with white hair and green pupils?”

“Huh?” Lil Lazy was confused and immediately shook his head. “White hair and green pupils, never seen one before.”

The bald man turned to look at his partner. “He’s not lying is he?”

“No.” They sheathed their swords and walked away without saying another word as they scanned their surroundings.

“Damn bounty hunters. Such sharp noses!” Elisa said, her eyes narrowing. She pulled her hood down and left in a flash.

Author’s Notes:

( ̄▽ ̄). I spend at least 16 hours a day typing. There’s no way I will suddenly die.

Translator’s Notes:

I realized that I fked up and accidentally skipped chapter 130. The previous chapter 130 that I posted is actually chapter 131. Sorry about that. I will go and translate the actual chapter 130 and will try to get it out by tomorrow.

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