Chapter 133: North Wind City’s Defenses Got Breached


The horse thieves were currently resting in a forest outside of North Wind City. “Did the rest of Baron Carter’s knights not come?” the horse thieves’ chief asked, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“No. This is the place we are supposed to meet,” the horse thieves’ second chief said.

“What nerve! Is he not scared that Lord Omar will kill him?” The horse thieves’ chief looked at the dozen of horse thieves at the side and whispered to the horse thieves’ second chief. “They’re the people that Carter didn’t bring. Find a chance to kill them so we will have fewer people to split our profits with.”

“Understood!” the horse thieves’ second chief said, sneering. “Leave it to me!”

“Good. Then let us start. Try to take North Wind City before it gets dark. Everyone can have a good time with the soft and tender noble women inside,” the chief yelled.

The horse thieves all laughed, their eyes filled with bloodthirst and lust.

A hundred horse thieves got onto their horses and drew their longswords. They were currently waiting for the 300+ horse thieves behind them.

Tess saw all the horse thieves had gathered, and joy filled her purple eyes. This is a great opportunity to escape.


Leave 30 men here to watch these beastkins. Kill anyone that dares to move.

“…” Tess clenched her teeth. Why are you leaving people behind? You should all just go and rob!


5 horse thieves immediately got out and eyed the beastkins. This made the beastkins restless as they were afraid that they would be targeted the next second.

The horse thieves’ chief looked at the beastkins, and he turned his head and whispered to the second chief. “Make an arrangement to kill half of these beastkins and drive them into North Wind City after we take it down.”

“He he he… no problem!” The second chief said, looking at the beastkins.

Tess saw the second chief’s eyes and immediately stiffened. She recognized the look- the same look her sister had when her sister hunted and killed animals.

“No, absolutely not. I need to escape…” Tess looked around, trying to find a way out.

After the second chief finish whispering to the horse thieves and got back onto his horse, the horse thieves’ chief waved his hand, shouting, “Go! Target! North Wind City! Rob all they have!”

The horse thieves yelled and rushed out of the forest and toward North Wind City. The horse thieves that had horses were in the front, and the ones that didn’t have horses were running as fast as they could as if they were afraid that slowing down just a little would leave them with fewer things to rob.

The commotion instantly alerted the North Wind City’s city lord. His eyes widened so much that it was as if his eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets. “Enemy attack! The horse thieves are here!” he yelled.

Of course, he didn’t have to say anything as everyone could hear the sound. The temporary recruits were all extremely nervous and trembled as they held the longbows in their hands. These recruits had only been trained for a few days, and being able to stably stand on the city walls was already considered pretty good.

In this world, the walls of cities owned by barons and viscounts were usually only 6 or 7 meters tall. North Wind City might be prosperous, but because North Wind City’s city lord didn’t want to spend too much gold, the city wall was only about 7 meters tall, and some places of the wall were even cracked. However, that was enough to stop the horse thieves for a short time, so North Wind City’s city lord wasn’t very nervous. “As long as we repel these horse thieves, I will reward everyone with 50… cough cough… 100 copper coins aftwerward. Also, reinforcements from West Sun City are on the way and will be here soon.”

This raised their morale by a little, but only by a little. This was because a hundred copper coins wasn’t a lot- only 2 months salary- not close to enough to make people willing to risk their lives for it.

The horse thieves stopped at about 200 meters from North Wind City and frowned at the tightly closed city gates.

“What’s happening?” the horse thieves’ chief asked. “There should have been no way for North Wind City to arm themselves in a minute with their ability.”

“Maybe the news got leaked. Don’t forget, old man Carter didn’t come,” the second chief said.

“Damn it! I’ll chop that old man after I take down North Wind City!” the chief roared. He was furious as he could have immediately taken down North Wind City if someone hadn’t leaked the plan.

It wasn’t weird that they thought that Carter had leaked the plan. After all, only a few people knew the full detail of the robbery plan, and even they only learn about the plan the previous day.

“Calm down. Don’t we have a backup plan?” the second chief said. “Let them make a move. Now is the best time to do so.”

“Hmph! Good thing Lord Omar has thought of everything.” The chief nodded and waved his hand, yelling, “Wha-oh! Wha-hoo! Wha-ha!”

“Wha-oh! Wha-hoo! Wha-ha!” the 400+ horse thieves all shouted.

North Wind City’s city lord was confused. What the hell are these horse thieves doing? Why are they not attacking? His face changed the next second.

“Kill! Open the gates!”

Inside North Wind City, about 20 people ran towards the gate with their swords and spears raised. Only 8 people were guarding the city gate, and as most of them were on the city wall, it was too late for them to provide support.

The horse thieves immediately slaughtered the people guarding the gates, and the city gates opened.

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