Volume 1 Chapter 21: Door to a New World

Ye Yong was currently resting in his gazebo.

Cultivating made the time pass by incredibly quickly, but as a modern teenager, Ye Yong was a bit bored after doing it for 10 consecutive days.

No phone, no internet. This life is hard. Cultivation life is so boring. The only thing saving me is being able to squeeze cute Lil Xue’s cheeks.

As Ye Yong had been very good to her and wasn’t as violent as the rumors had said, Wu Xue was no longer vigilant against Ye Yong, and her favorability rating had steadily increased over the days to 30, and her attitude was [Worship].

Wu Xue’s favorability rating increase and the transcend points that came along with it brought Ye Yong double happiness.

Although Ye Yong hadn’t really calculated exactly how many transcend points he would get with each point of increase in favorability, he still knew that each point increase would give him a few hundred transcend points, and Ye Yong had obtained about 10,000 transcend points.

Ye Yong had spent a few thousand transcend points to buy two heaven-grade sword arts and let them cultivate by themselves. Although he didn’t have a phone or the internet to pass the time, the quality of his life was still pretty high.

‘Ding. Cut off a small fortuitous opportunity for the male lead- his first meeting with Qin Shi Meng. Gained 43,000 transcend points.’

Ye Yong had been drinking spiritual tea when he suddenly got a notification from the system.

“What? I cut off the male lead’s fortuitous opportunity? How did I stop him from meeting with Qin Shi Meng?” Ye Yong was dumbfounded. He had been cultivating every day for the past 2 weeks and hadn’t left the house at all, let alone meeting with Qin Shi Meng.

Besides, Ye Yong wouldn’t be able to hinder Qin Shi Meng’s actions due to her personality.

Is there a bug in the system? If so, then I hope that these bugs will come more often so I can get enough transcend points to buy an immortal pill and immediately become an immortal. That way, I can be invincible in this lower realm and immediately take out Long Tian. Nobody would be able to protect Long Tian, who is still in his infancy stages.

However, the pill that would allow Ye Yong to become an immortal instantly cost tens of millions of transcend points, and the pill that would allow Ye Yong to become an immortal emperor instantly cost hundreds of millions of transcend points¹. As such, Ye Yong could only go crazy with his imagination as there was simply no way for him to save that many transcend points.

This was because in order to earn transcend points, Ye Yong has to steal the male lead’s women and fortuitous opportunities. In order to take the male lead’s women and fortuitous opportunities, Ye Yong has to keep his cultivation up. In order to keep his cultivation up, Ye Yong has to use transcend points to buy resources and stuff.

There was no way for Ye Yong to just keep storing transcend points. At the very least, Ye Yong would need to use them during the early stages of the novel. Besides, according to the terrible “personalities” of the other systems he had read about, Ye Yong felt that by the time he had gotten enough transcend points to buy an immortal pill, he would have already become an immortal.

“Young Master, Lady Qin is requesting to see you. Are you going to meet with her?” Wu Xue asked, running into the courtyard.

“She’s here?” Ye Yong was puzzled. Shouldn’t she be meeting Long Tian in the Spirit Phantom Mountain right now? Ye Yong remembered that Qin Shi Meng needed the spirit energy grass as she was stuck in the 5th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Because Qin Shi Meng had only brought one underling at the 7th layer of the Crystallization Realm and a few other underlings at the Foundation Establishment Realm, they immediately got wrecked. Some of them died and some of them got injured. Qin Shi Meng didn’t want to leave immediately because she wanted to avenge her underlings, and that was when she happened to meet Long Tian, who had gone into the mountains to pick up herbs.

Long Tian threw out a beast-avoiding incense, creating an opportunity for the Crystallization Realm 7 layer underling to attack the wild snake, but unfortunately, he had consumed too much spiritual energy when trying to protect Qin Shi Meng and the other underlings, so he was only able to penetrate through the wild snake’s scaled armor, but failed to kill it. They battle for quite a while, and then Long Tian seized an opportunity and managed to stab the wild snake where its defense had been broken, finally ending the battle.

This was the first meeting between Long Tian and Qin Shi Meng.

The small rogue cultivator that was both smart and brave gave Qin Shi Meng quite a good impression, and she gave Long Tian 2 spirit energy grass and some of the wild snake’s blood.

The wild snake’s blood could strengthen one’s body while the spirit energy grass could increase one’s cultivation, and both were very useful to Long Tian, who was still in his infancy stages.

Who’s going to meet with Long Tian now that Qin Shi Meng came here? Rather, why did Qin Shi Meng come here to see me instead of going to the Spirit Phantom Mountain?

Wu Xue had already brought Qin Shi Meng in while Ye Yong was still confused. She felt that since Ye Yong had loved Qin Shi Meng so much before, they could be friends even if there was nothing tying the two together. In fact, this wasn’t the first time that Qin Shi Meng had come to see Ye Yong- she had come three times over the past two weeks, but Ye Yong was cultivating every time she had come, so she just chatted with Wu Xue a bit before leaving.

Qin Shi Meng had an indescribable feeling when she saw Ye Yong again. She felt that Ye Yong was a complete stranger- he was completely different from the Ye Yong that she knew.

Although Ye Yong’s appearance hadn’t changed at all, his eyes and temperament were those of a completely different person. Qin Shi Meng had this feeling when Ye Yong had come to her to cancel the engagement, but it was way stronger now.

“Sit.” Ye Yong’s self-control was way better now that he had forged a divine physique- enough so that he wouldn’t be thinking about r18 stuff just from seeing Qin Shi Meng’s beautiful face. He politely stood up and invited Qin Shi Meng to sit down.²

Qin Shi Meng politely bent her body a little as a salute.

“Do you need me for something?” Ye Yong asked, pouring a cult of spiritual tea for Qin Shi Meng. He still had no idea why Qin Shi Meng would be at his place rather than at the Spirit Phantom Mountain.

“I heard that you crippled your own cultivation…” Qin Shi Meng observed Ye Yong and found that he had no trace of cultivation. She herself was currently at the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, even though she had only been at the 5th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm 2 weeks ago. This progress astonished the Qin Family and quieted the voices of many people in the Qin Family that had been complaining about Qin Shi Meng canceling the engagement.

“Yeah. You don’t have to take it to heart. This was my own decision- I’ve decided to cultivate again from the beginning.” Ye Yong couldn’t tell what Qin Shi Meng’s cultivation was because he was currently at the Qi Refinement Realm, but he could tell that Qin Shi Meng had broken through. “What’s your cultivation level now?”

“Thanks to you, I am the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“That’s the result of your own efforts. How could it be because of me?” Ye Yong smiled.

Ye Yong was extremely handsome, especially if one didn’t look at him with prejudice. His facial features were distinct and his smile was very soothing. However, because Ye Yong had given her a really bad impression, Qin Shi Meng didn’t feel anything special.³

“I wouldn’t have been able to break through so smoothly and easily if you hadn’t given me that amazing cultivation art.”

“That’s what I’m saying. It’s the result of your own efforts. I’m just going with the flow and giving the cultivation art to the person most suited for it.”

“You have become much more humble.” Although Qin Shi Meng still didn’t feel favorable about Ye Yong, she could tell that Ye Yong wasn’t as fake as before- at the very least, she felt that the words that Ye Yong had said were pretty sincere.

“People will always change. By the way, I heard that there are some spirit energy grass over at Spirit Phantom Mountain.”

“En, I did hear about it 2 days ago. Why? Do you need it? If you need it, I can send some people to go get it for you.” Although spirit energy grass wasn’t rare, it was usually bought very quickly whenever it became available on the market. Although most families had stockpiles of them, the Qin Family had originally planned to let Qin Shi Meng be completely reliant on the Ye Family, so they hadn’t provided her with any. Qin Shi Meng wouldn’t ask her family for them with her personality, which was why she had gone to pick them herself.

“I don’t need it,” Ye Yong said, shaking his head. He suddenly realized why Qin Shi Meng hadn’t gone to the Spirit Phantom Mountain. It was because he had given Qin Shi Meng the mental art in advance, causing Qin Shi Meng, who had originally been stuck at the 5th layer of Foundation Establishment Realm and needed the spirit energy grass to break through and not require any at all, which was why Qin Shi Meng didn’t go to the Spirit Phantom Mountain.

Motha, so this works, too? Ye Yong felt as if he had opened a door to a new world.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author wrote “over hundreds of millions”, so it could also be billions.

² The author wrote “他很有礼貌地站起来从秦诗梦入座”, which doesn’t make sense unless the author made a typo and meant “他很有礼貌地站起来秦诗梦入座”, which is basically what I wrote. If it wasn’t a typo and you know the actual meaning, please do something like explain it in the comments or message me and I will fix it asap.

³ I took off a few parts here. They are “丰神俊朗” and “秦诗梦的攻略难度明显比邬雪小可爱要高太多”. The first phrase I sort of understand but not really, but I feel like it’s just saying “handsome” in a complicated way, but I could be wrong. The second phrase is pretty much saying “it’s much harder for one to ‘raid’ (make one fall for them) Qin Shi Meng compared to the little cutie Wu Xue”, which I didn’t think fit the sentence really well and also because the other reason that the author had already included was good enough reason.

So uh, I’m back from my holiday trips. (I’ve been back last week but I was busy so we don’t talk about that.) I’ll get back to my translation schedule- is what I’d like to say, but I realize that I rather not change my schedule every 3 months, so I’ll just set it as 3 chapters per week rather than set days.

My eyes hurt so I’ll go to sleep now. Bye. And yes that’s also why there may be more mistakes compared to usual.

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