Chapter 134: The Start of the Interception and Killing Plan

“Wha-oh! Wha-hoo! Wha-ha!”

“What the hell is that?” Liu Feng asked. He had just gotten off the ship.

“I don’t know, but it seems like there are about 400 people,” Mina said.

“About 400 people? Does that mean the horses have started to attack North Wind City?” Liu Feng pulled up his sleeve and look at the time. About 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Yep, about time the horse thieves are supposed to attack.

Sinke and No. 2 rushed over on their horses, stopped five meters in front of Liu Feng, and got off of their horses. They had been tasked with scouting and had arrived way earlier by a small boat.

“Young Master, the horse thieves are already attacking North Wind City. There are about 50 horse thieves and 400+ enslaved people in the forest outside the city.

“I’m assigning missions!”

Everyone straightened their bodies as they waited for Liu Feng to give them orders.

“Niu Da and Niu Er, I want you two to go and take the soldiers to help North Wind City. Use the military crossbows to crush the horse thieves. Capture all those that surrender. I want them to work in the mines until they die,” Liu Feng said.

“Yes!” Niu Da and Niu Er said, saluting.

“Go! I will take the War Wolves to block off their retreat path!” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

“Young Master, that’s too dangerous. Let me go do that.” Niu Er thought it was too dangerous as Liu Feng, Mina, and the War Wolves only totaled up to 10 people.

“This is a military order,” Liu Feng said, causing all of them to shut up.

“Prepare to set out immediately. I do not want to see failure. Show them the power of West Sun City!” Liu Feng said.


Niu Da and Niu Er walked away, yelling, “Put on your armor! Enter battle-ready state!”

They had thought up a tactic on how to destroy the horse thieves. It went like this.

The blade and shield soldiers would be in the front, the spear soldiers had military crossbows and would be behind them, and the archers would be in the back. This allowed them to shoot multiple waves of arrows before the enemies got close, which would take over a hundred lives. When they did get close, the blade and shield soldiers and the heavy infantry soldiers would go forward and block the enemies while the archers reap continuously reaped lives. Finally, the cavalry would go in and finish the job.


The soldiers immediately advanced toward North Wind City. As for the people that were supposed to be on the dock? They had long escaped!

“Wear armor!” Liu Feng said.

“Yes!” Mina helped Liu Feng put on his fish scale armor, took out a horizontal sword, and strapped it to Liu Feng’s waist.

“…” Mina just stood there as she stared at Liu Feng. Liu Feng’s aura had changed from refined and noble-like to iron-blood and heroic.

“I’ll let you look as much as you want when we get back,” Liu Feng said, laughing, booping Mina’s nose. Liu Feng jumped onto his horse and grabbed the rope, causing the horse to let out a neigh and gallop away. The War Wolves closely followed behind Liu Feng.

Mina jumped onto her own horse and quickly caught up with Liu Feng. She had a recurve bow in her hand, ready to shoot whoever appeared in her range.

The War Wolves surrounded Liu Feng and all held bows in their hands, trying to protect Liu Feng from all sources of danger.

All of them dismounted when they got near the woods. They were going to deal with the 50 horse thieves in the woods before they went on to kill the other horse thieves. Liu Feng was not planning to let a single horse thief go.

North Wind City was currently in chaos. The militia that North Wind City’s City Lord had recruited only had a few people left. They and the knights were fighting and trying to defend the horse thieves.

North Wind City’s city lord was currently sitting on the city wall, paralyzed. His knights were standing on top of the stairs, trying to block and kill the horse thieves that charged up toward them.

“Get that fat pig down for me right now!” the horse thieves’ chief yelled. He needed North Wind City’s City Lord to lead the way to the castle’s treasury. A city lord was usually the richest person in a city and their riches were usually kept in the treasury. However, the city lord was usually the only person that knew where the treasury was. As long as he took the North Wind City’s city lord’s savings, then his mission would be two-thirds of the way done.

“I’ll go hang out somewhere else,” the horse thieves’ second chief said, laughing evilly.

“Go ahead!” the chief knew exactly where the second chief was going- the merchants were quite rich too.

“Follow me!” the second chief said, leading a few hundred spear-wielding horse thieves away.

The residents of North Wind City were currently hiding inside their houses. Some of them were regretting why they hadn’t listened to the people that had come to recruit them to go to West Sun City. They wondered if they would be safe if they had just listened to the recruiters and left with the recruiters to go to West Sun City.

“Ahh!… No!… Ugh!”

The second chief shook the blood off of his longsword and continued moving. These untouchables, they knew that we are coming and still dared to run on the streets?

The horse thieves kept breaking into the houses, killing whoever they saw and putting the valuables they had into their pockets.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The sound of neat footsteps in the distance made the horse thieves’ hearts jump, and they all looked at the people that had appeared.

“Tch! Only 50 people and still dared to come here to get themselves killed?” the second chief snorted.

The horse thieves easily outnumbered the people that had just arrived, so the second chief didn’t feel like he had to be cautious at all. He thought that all he had to do was to go kill them and take their equipment.

“Everyone! We are West Sun City’s City Lord Liu Feng’s soldiers. We have come here to save you!” Niu Da shouted.

“Ha!” the soldiers shouted in unison and stomped their feet, raising their own morale.

“How ridiculous! Kill them!” the second chief said, waving his hand. The hundred spear-wielding horse thieves behind him charged toward Niu Da and the soldiers without any form at all. The horse thieves were treating Niu Da and the soldiers like they were the residents that the horse thieves had just killed.

“Fire!” Niu Da yelled, a cold light flashing through his eyes.

The blade and shield soldiers lowered their shields, revealing the archers behind them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One arrow after another shot through the horse thieves’ bodies, taking away one sinful life after another.

Translator’s Notes:

I don’t know a good way to phrase it, so yeah, literal translation. Most of my titles are literal translations anyway, but I think they’re better than this one.

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