Volume 1 Chapter 22: Might Be Friends

“This is a rank 2 perfect-grade Foundation Establishment Pill. I asked my family for this. I know that your family also has Foundation Establishment Pills, but perfect-grade Foundation Establishment Pills don’t come by often,” Qin Shi Meng said, taking out a box. 

Pills weren’t just divided into ranks- they were also divided by their grades: low-grade, middle-grade, upper-grade, perfect-grade, and beyond-grade. This was related to their medicinal effect- the higher the grade, the better the effect, but higher grade pills were also harder to create.

A perfect-grade Foundation Establishment Pill was more expensive than many rank 3 pills.

“Thank you.” Ye Yong did not reject the pill. He had already planned to buy Foundation Establishment Pills from the system store, but he knew that he had made Qin Shi Meng feel bad because she thought that she had caused him to cripple his own cultivation, and the pill was a form of compensation.

Because he had blocked Qin Shi Meng’s first encounter with Long Tian, Ye Yong’s desire to get Qin Shi Meng had lit up again. However, he knew that there would be more encounters between Qin Shi Meng and Long Tian in the future, so he wasn’t 100% confident that he would be able to get Qin Shi Meng. However, he at least had some confidence that he would be able to get her, compared to before when he didn’t even dare to touch her.

“The Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment date is going to be 1.5 months later. What realm do you think you can break through to by that time with your current cultivation speed?” Ye Yong asked. He guessed that Qin Shi Meng would be able to reach the Crystallization Realm.

A 17-year-old Crystallization Realm cultivator- equivalent to the small geniuses of the hidden families. Why is it just a small genius? Well, because hidden families have much better bloodlines, talents, and resources than non-hidden families. After all, they only came out during the middle part of the novel, and they have to be stronger than the male lead- so of course they have to be extremely talented.

“I should be able to get to the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.” Qin Shi Meng gave a conservative answer. She felt that her cultivation was increasing too fast, and she wanted to slow down and refine her foundation, but her foundation was extremely sturdy and didn’t need any refining. She would easily be able to break through to the Crystallization Realm at her current rate.

“That’s pretty good. Keep this by your side when you are breaking through to the Crystallization Realm- it will be of great help to you,” Ye Yong said, giving Qin Shi Meng a plain-looking stone.

“This is?”

“I can’t tell you what this is right now. But if you trust me and do as I say, you will get a pleasant surprise,” Ye Yong said. The stone was a Crystallization Auxiliary Stone that he had bought using 500 transcend points.

The cultivation system was extremely straightforward and easy to understand. One needed to first forge their physiques, and only the physiques strong enough were able to gather qi. This qi wasn’t spirit qi, but it wasn’t air either. In any case, martial cultivators were able to transform this qi into energy qi, which was slightly weaker than spirit qi. After they accumulated enough qi, they would be able to use the qi to try to open their spiritual veins. When they successfully did that, they would successfully establish their foundation, and they would be able to absorb spiritual energy.

Establishing the foundation was kind of like building the pillars of a house- it was extremely important. After cultivators established their foundations, they can start crystallization- the process of creating crystals in their body, and they will have reached the crystallization realm. The crystals in the body would allow cultivators to store way more spiritual energy. This was the reason why Crystallization Realm cultivators were way stronger than Foundation Establishment Realm.

The Crystallization Auxiliary Realm would be able to help Qin Shi Meng crystallize at least 5 spirit crystals. Normal cultivators would only be able to get 3 spirit crystals at the start of Crystallization Realm and would increase as their cultivation increased. Being able to get 5 spirit crystals right at the start would mean that Qin Shi Meng would have a golden core that was way better than normal once she breaks through to the Golden Core Realm.

Well, Ye Yong’s desire to get Qin Shi Meng reignited, so he began to pave a path for her.

Sure, Qin Shi Meng might still get with Long Tian in the future like in the novel’s plot, and Ye Yong might become Long Tian’s enemy, but he thought that there was a chance Qin Shi Meng would spare him upon remembering that he had helped her before.

Well, no matter what, Ye Yong didn’t see a way that he would lose. If he got together with Qin Shi Meng in the future, then he would have a powerful wife. If Qin Shi Meng got together with Long Tian, then she would probably spare his life upon remembering this act of kindness. Besides, with the breaking of Qin Shi Meng’s first encounter with Long Tian, Ye Yong was confident that he would get together with Qin Shi Meng. As long as he constantly helped Qin Shi Meng break through and be at a different rank from Long Tian, then there would be low chances for them to encounter each other.

Since Qin Shi Meng didn’t know how valuable the Crystallization Auxiliary Stone was, Qin Shi Meng accepted it without a second thought.

Ye Yong and Qin Shi Meng talked for a while, and Ye Yong was afraid that he would no longer be able to resist looking at Qin Shi Meng with lewd eyes, which would cause her favorability rating to drop, so Ye Yong hurriedly bid Qin Shi Meng farewell.

Qin Shi Meng didn’t know Ye Yong’s thoughts and just thought that Ye Yong had become weaker after abolishing his cultivation and becoming a mortal, so she gave Ye Yong some more nourishment pills before leaving.

Qin Shi Meng had just broken through the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, and news of it came out. The Great Zhou Dynasty was shaken by the news, and people from the Ye Family no longer dared to speak ill of her. Qin Shi Meng looked at how the people around her changed and couldn’t help but think about what Ye Yong had said- people change, and they change fast.

Ye Yong is especially so. Maybe if we had first met, Ye Yong had behaved the way he is now, then I probably wouldn’t be so resistant and against the marriage.

Qin Shi Meng felt a little funny. She and Ye Yong had canceled their engagement, and it was a miracle for them to be able to chat normally like friends. It was an extremely good result.

“But friends…” Qin Shi Meng smiled slightly under her veil. It was a good thing that she had a veil, because otherwise her smile would make both men and women freeze to her beauty.

Qin Shi Meng’s maid came to the carriage and asked about Ye Yong’s attitude. She thought that since Ye Yong had abolished his own cultivation and had canceled the engagement, Ye Yong would really hate Qin Shi Meng.

“Him?” Qin Shi Meng smiled again. “He’s very calm and gives me a good feeling. I might communicate with him more when I have the time.”

“Huh?” the maid was confused. You viewed him like he was your father’s mortal enemy when you two were engaged, and yet, you say that you had a good feeling about him now that your engagement was canceled?

“Young Lady, could you have felt too guilty and so…”

“I did feel quite guilty on first, but he didn’t really care and told me to not care about it. Seeing how relaxed he was, why would I continue to dwell on it?”

“Then why do you want to keep communicating with him?”

“Because he might make a good friend.”

“Will he actually treat Young Lady as a friend? I’m just afraid that his passion will rekindle and try to eat swan meat,” the maid said. She was Qin Shi Meng’s personal maid and had grown up with her, so she was aware of Ye Yong’s true character and had a bad impression of him.

“Don’t talk nonsense. He’s no longer the Ye Yong from before, and he is now worth communicating with.”

“Why do you sound like you’re interested in him, Young Lady…”

“What are you even saying,” Qin Shi Meng said, lightly tapping her maid. She didn’t think that she was interested in Ye Yong, but she also wasn’t as disgusted with him as before.

After Qin Shi Meng left, Ye Yong was screaming with excitement and even picked Wu Xue up and spun her around. This caused Wu Xue’s face to turn red, but the only thing she was able to do was freeze up.

Why was Ye Yong so excited? Well, it was because Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating had changed from a negative number to a positive number- positive 3, and her attitude had changed from [Light Hatred] to [Worth Interacting With]. 

Ye Yong had gotten a ton of transcend points for blocking Qin Shi Meng’s first encounter with Long Tian, and with the increase in favorability rating, Ye Yong now had more than 90 thousand transcend points.

90 thousand transcend points was a lot- enough to buy 4 slightly weaker saint-grade cultivation arts. Thinking about it now, Ye Yong felt that the price of the items in the shop was actually quite fair. Ye Yong had only met two heroines and blocked one of the male lead’s fortuitous opportunities and had already gotten so many transcend points.

As for future heroines and fortuitous opportunities?

Emptying the system store isn’t just a dream.

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