Volume 1 Chapter 24: The Bug Caused by Cheating

“Long Tian was already considered a super genius with just a 7-color foundation. What the hell is up with me having 20 layers in the Qi Refinement Realm and an 8-color foundation? Is this a bug because I was cheating with the system?” Ye Yong was a bit scared as he looked at his black spiritual vein.

It was better for cultivators to have more spiritual veins. The more spiritual veins one had, the more spiritual energy a cultivator could use. Spiritual energy was one of the things that cultivators relied on when they fought.

8 spiritual veins meant that Ye Yong would be able to use at least twice as much spiritual energy as a cultivator in the same rank.

“Well, whatever. So what if there’s a bug? I have a concealment item, so no random powerhouse can just invade my privacy with their divine senses.” Ye Yong stopped dwelling on it and focused on steadying his foundation.

The divine physique really is a divine physique. I don’t even need to steady my foundation. Ye Yong stopped buying Qi Gathering Pills and instead bought Spirit Gathering Pills to improve his cultivation.

20 days later…

20 days was a long time to mortals, but to cultivators, 20 days was comparable to the blink of an eye.

For the past 20 days, Ye Yong didn’t get a single second of sleep. The only thing he did was take pills, absorb spiritual energy, take pills, guide spiritual energy, take pills, and compress spiritual energy.

Ye Yong hadn’t eaten anything, either. He basically survived on Spirit Gathering Pills. He had taken so much that his stomach churned just from the smell of pills.

Ye Yong would have to keep cultivating, but he was going to take a break. He was currently in the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The Heavenly Luo Sect would start recruiting new disciples in 10 days. The 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm would be enough for one to be one of the most talented new disciples in the sect, but Ye Yong felt that it wasn’t enough. He was confident that Qin Shi Meng would be in the Crystallization Realm, and he wanted to show off as well- correction, he wanted to keep up with her.

Ye Yong decided to take a day’s break and continue cultivating the next day.

Wu Xue immediately informed Qin Shi Meng as soon as Ye Yong came out of seclusion. This was because Qin Shi Meng had tried to visit Ye Yong several times during the past 20 days. Her cultivation had increased by quite a bit, and when she came by 2 days ago, she had already broken through to the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. This shocked everyone, especially those in the Qin Family- the servants in the Qin Family all acted extremely arrogant whenever they went out.

Qin Shi Meng did want to hide her realm, but her elders loved to show off. They wanted to let the whole world know whenever Qin Shi Meng’s had a breakthrough.

Some people did get suspicious since Qin Shi Meng had progressed so fast. There were even a few vicious rumors about how Ye Yong hadn’t crippled his own cultivation but rather had his own cultivation sucked away by Qin Shi Meng, which is why she had been able to progress so quickly.

This rumor, however, easily got disproven. After all, if Qin Shi Meng had really done such a thing, the Ye Family would have long since crushed the Qin Family.

Qin Shi Meng had memorized the mental art that Ye Yong had given her, and she had hidden the note that Ye Yong had given her. She didn’t leave any traces or consume some special pills, so even though many people were suspicious of how Qin Shi Meng was able to increase her cultivation so quickly, none of them could do anything and could only assume that Qin Shi Meng’s talent had awakened, causing her cultivation to soar.

“You…” Ye Yong was surprised when he learned that Wu Xue had already told Qin Shi Meng that he had came out of seclusion. This is because like in the original plot of the novel, Wu Xue had a really good relationship with Qin Shi Meng.

The difference was that in the original novel, Qin Shi Meng got to know Wu Xue because Ye Yong kept pestering Qin Shi Meng, whereas in this case, Qin Shi Meng got to know Wu Xue because Qin Shi Meng was the one trying to talk to Ye Yong.

“Young Master, you won’t blame me for making a decision on my own, right?” Wu Xue asked, blinking and acting cute.

“Why would I blame you?” Ye Yong said. He felt that Wu Xue had actually done the correct thing as he was actually planning to continue to be in contact with Qin Shi Meng to increase her favorability rating and get transcend points.

Ye Yong had spent about 4,000 transcend points while he had been cultivating in seclusion for the past few days. He had spent them all to buy pills, and they got used up very quickly.

Ye Yong had a divine physique, which required way more resources than a normal physique. The black spiritual vein by itself required more spiritual energy than all the other 7 spiritual veins combined. That one spiritual vein contributed to most of his pill consumption.

As for why Ye Yong would rather purchase pills from the system store instead of using the Ye Family’s pills, well, that was because he had been so used to consuming beyond-grade pills that the perfect-grade pills his family had looked like trash to him.

As for purchasing alchemy knowledge and making them himself? It was only the beginning stage, and cultivation was way more important. Ye Yong felt that any time he had to do alchemy would be better off spent cultivating.

“But you called her here without getting my permission first. You need to be punished,” Ye Yong said, pinching and pulling Wu Xue’s cheeks. He didn’t much force, so it wasn’t painful, but it still left red marks on Wu Xue’s cheeks, making Wu Xue look even cuter. Wu Xue also wasn’t resisting, which made Ye Yong really want to kiss her. However, he was worried that doing so would cause Wu Xue’s favorability rating to drop.

Wu Xue’s favorability rating was already increasing very slowly. Part of it was because he had been in seclusion, but the system had said that it would be harder to increase the favorability rating the higher it was.

Wu Xue’s current favorability rating was 40 and current attitude was [Worship].

Ye Yong had asked the system about it before and learned that having the favorability rating drop wouldn’t decrease his transcend points, but in return, he wouldn’t get more transcend points for the same favorability. This means that he couldn’t grind transcend points repeatedly. If he had caused Wu Xue’s favorability rating to drop to a negative because of an impulsive kiss, then all his hard work would have been in vain, and not only that, it would be more difficult to increase Wu Xue’s favorability rating. As such, Ye Yong had to not be impulsive and control himself and not make a move until he was sure that it was okay to do so.

“Lil Xue, now that I got back to the Foundation Establishment Realm, how about we find some time in the next few days to help you forge a physique?” Ye Yong asked. He was determined to hug the future Martial Goddess’s thigh.

“Will it really work?” Wu Xue wasn’t very confident in herself, but because she thought of Ye Yong more favorably than before, she trusted Ye Yong more than she had in the beginning.

“Absolutely. You need to believe in yourself,” Ye Yong said, patting Wu Xue’s head. “If you can’t do it, then no one else can.”

“If I fail, will you be disappointed in me?” Confidence wasn’t something that one could just magically make appear.

However, Ye Yong knew what kind of person Wu Xue was- she was the type of person that wouldn’t give up when they made up their mind about something. “Don’t worry. If you fail this time, we can try it next time. As long as you don’t give up, I won’t give up, either.”

“Then… I’ll try not to let you down, Young Master,” Wu Xue said in a small voice, clenching her hands and shaking anxiously.

Seeing this, Ye Yong tried to divert Wu Xue’s attention and ease her tension by asking her about things that had happened in the past few days.

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