Chapter 135: Horse Thieves Flee!


The ones that died let out cries of pain, while the ones who were still alive and wounded and fell to the ground and cried in terror.

“Wuuuuu… save me, I don’t want to die yet!”

The first wave of arrows took away about 20 people, and the group of soldiers advanced forward, not forgetting to finish off any horse thieves that were still alive.

“Damn it! How is this possible?”

The horse thieves’ second chief was frightened. He turned his horse around and tried to run away in order to stay alive. Unfortunately for him, however, it was too late. He wasn’t very far from the soldiers and was just within the range of the bow and arrows.

“Fire!” Niu Da commanded.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Another wave of arrows sliced through the air, and the sharp arrows easily penetrated the armors, and the horse thieves’ second chief fell to the ground with 3 arrows in his body.

“Run! Run! They’re demons!”

The spear-wielding horse thieves all threw down the spears in their hands and ran away, terrified of the arrows.

Niu Da wasn’t really satisfied as most of the horse thieves had fled and they were only able to kill about 30 of them. He waved his hand, shouting, “Forward!”

Neat and powerful footsteps sounded. Some civilians that were peeking through their windows were stunned. Since when were horse thieves this weak?

Someone soon realized that it wasn’t the horse thieves that were too weak- the soldiers were simply too strong.

The horse thieves that were fleeing instantly caught the horse thieves’ chief’s attention, and he frowned at the panicked horse thieves. “What happened? Where’s your leader?” the horse thieves’ chief barked.

“Dead, all dead!” a horse thief cried. He was immediately greeted with the sword from the horse thieves’ chief, and his head fell to the ground as blood splattered from his body.

“Hmph! It’s just a few deaths. You guys should have long understood that this could happen,” the horse thieves’ chief said indifferently. “Gather! Kill all that dare to resist us!”

All the horse thieves (excluding the ones that were trying to capture North Wind City’s City Lord) quickly mounted and gathered.

The loud and neat footsteps that came in the distance scared the horses and made them restless.

“Where are they from?” The horse thieves’ chief looked at the 50 people in the distance and frowned lightly. They’re the ones that killed the second chief? Whatever. They only have a few war horses. They won’t be able to do anything. What even gave them the courage to face us?

“Charge together and trample them!” The horse thieves’ chief yelled, drawing his sword and charging forward.


The horse thieves followed him and all charged toward the soldiers. A hundred people charging through a ten-meter-wide street would be enough to scare most people to death.

“Change to large military crossbows. Heavy Armor Tank Squad, get ready,” Niu Da ordered calmly.

West Sun City’s military crossbows were divided into 4 types- small, medium, large, and siege.

The War Wolves used small military crossbows for assassinations. The medium military crossbows were about the same size as a generic longbow. The large military crossbows have strong penetrating power and required 2 people to operate. The siege military crossbow, meanwhile, was currently still in the development phase.

The spear soldiers quickly put the large military crossbows they were carrying on the shoulder of the person in front of them and loaded them with three 1.5-meter-long steel arrows.

When the horse thieves were about 50 meters away from them, Niu Da waved his handed, yelling, “Fire!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The air seemed to break as the arrows shot out from the crossbows.

“No…!” the horse thieves’ chief felt as if his body was being torn apart. His whole body was thrown in the air from the force of the arrows piercing his body.

Each arrow easily penetrated 3 people, treating the armor that the horse thieves were so proud of as if they were paper.

The horse thieves in front were slaughtered like wheat and all fell down to the ground. This caused the horse thieves behind them to be unable to react in time, and they crashed into the horse thieves in front. However, the momentum of the horses were still there, so the horse thieves were able to get in front of the soldiers like they had wanted to.


The Heavy Armor Tank Squad took the field, easily clearing away the horse thieves in their way.

“Charge!” Fuji roared as if he was trying to release all his anger. He swung his road blade like crazy without a care for the horse thieves trying to cut him with their own blades (actual blade part, not the other classification for sword) since he was being protected by his heavy armor.

“No! Run!” Fuji charged into the group of horse thieves with his road blade in hand, swinging it at anyone he saw, causing his whole body to be stained red with blood.

The other members of the Heavy Armor Tank Squad also rushed foward like Fuji did, ignoring the horse thieves that they had missed as they knew that the blade and shield soldiers and spear soldiers would take care of it.

Arrows also flew from behind them every so often, harvesting lives as they went.

It was a massacre. The horse thieves that rode horses were soon decimated, and a spear-wielding horse thief ran away when he realized that things weren’t going well.

This caused a ripple effect, and many horse thieves followed suit and ran behind him. They threw down everything heavy their body had, afraid that it would slow them down and cause their death.

“Huff.. huff… huff…” The Heavy Tank Armor soldiers were all trying to catch their breath as they had exhausted all of their strength. Each of them had killed more than a dozen people and was covered in red with blood.

“Cavalry out!” Niu Da raised his hand and shouted as he silently breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t let a single one escape!”


The archers put their military crossbows on their backs and climbed onto the war horses that had followed behind them.

Only 10 cavalrymen had come on this expedition, and their main job was to chase the fleers and sweep the battlefield.

The cavalrymen took out their traverse blades and chased after the horse thieves.

“Spear soldiers and blade and shield soldiers! Lighten your armor and start pursuing immediately!” Niu Da said as he sliced a horse thief that tried to ambush him.


The spear soldiers put down their military crossbows while the blade and shield soldiers put down their shields. They then proceeded to chase the horse thieves.

“Young Master! Please be safe!” Niu Da was a bit worried as the horse thieves were heading toward where Liu Feng was.

“Clear the horse thieves in the city! Don’t disturb the residents!”


Translator’s Notes:

I’m sorry for being absent for so long. I had some problems with my health. I’m fine now and will try to get back to translating.

There might be some inconsistencies in the translation because I haven’t translated in a while, and my notes somehow got messed up. I will try to proofread and fix all inconsistencies I find, and if you do find some, please tell me so I can fix them. Also, does anyone know a fix for the cursor keep turning completely white? It’s very annoying when I’m trying to select a word or fix a mistake.

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