Volume 1 Chapter 25: Mother

Wu Xue was afraid that Ye Yong would be hungry by the time he came out of seclusion, so she had been preparing meals for him 3 times a day every day for the past 20 days. She basically stayed inside Ye Yong’s mansion and would change the meals even if Ye Yong didn’t touch them. As such, the only place Wu Xue went to was the kitchen, so she didn’t know about anything going on currently.

“Well, that’s fine.” Ye Yong took Wu Xue to the gazebo as he made tea and waited for Qin Shi Meng to arrive.

Ye Yong’s mother, Lin Wei, had arrived before Qin Shi Meng had. “Huh? Little girl, did you brew this tea?” As a cultivator in the Nascent Soul Realm, Lin Wei could tell that the spiritual tea was extraordinary with a single sniff. She didn’t know how amazing it was, but she could at the very least tell that it was better than ordinary tea and had more spiritual energy.

“Young Master brewed it,” Wu Xue said. She didn’t think she would be able to do such a thing after seeing that Ye Yong had to use hand seals to brew tea.

“Yong Er, when did you learn the Dao of Tea Brewing?” Lin Wei was surprised.

“I just read it from a book and had a tiny enlightenment. I’m just in the Introductory stage, so please don’t have to think too highly of me,” Ye Yong said.

“How is that not impressive? You’re only 18 years old! You’re much better than the other old things,” Lin Wei said. In addition to being very protective of Ye Yong, Lin Wei was extremely happy with any progress that Ye Yong made, no matter how small it was. Besides, the Dao of Tea Brewing was extremely hard to learn.

“If you like it, then I will brew tea for you every day, mother.”

Lin Wei was so moved by those words that she hugged Ye Yong.

Lin Wei might be his mother, but Ye Yong was a different person after all, so he still felt somewhat uncomfortable being hugged by a “stranger”. As such, he hurriedly pulled away, saying, “Mother, I’ve already grown up.”

“You’re still my Yong Er even if you’ve grown up,” Lin Wei said. She didn’t insist on hugging Ye Yong and instead resorted to stroking his head. “There’s no need to brew tea for me every day. After all, you can’t stay by my side all the time. Having the heart to do so is already enough.”

Ye Yong had felt that Lin Wei was annoying when he had been reading the novel as she kept harassing the male lead and wouldn’t give up on trying to kill him. Looking at her now, however, he realized that she was just an extremely loving and doting mother.

“There are still 10 days before I have to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect. It is only natural for me to brew tea for you for 10 days.”

“You might as well use that time to cultivate. By the way, what’s your current realm?” Lin Wei realized that she still couldn’t see through Ye Yong’s cultivation. What qi occlusion art is this amazing?

Ye Yong didn’t feel that he need to keep it a secret from his doting mother, so he turned off his concealment system, revealing his current cultivation.

“Foundation Establishment Realm layer 6! Oh my god! Yong Er, how long has it been? You…” Lin Wei was speechless. Even if it was recultivation, this speed is way to fast. Besides, Yong Er hadn’t asked for any pills to aid in cultivation in the past month!

“Shhh.” Ye Yong turned on his concealment system. “Mother, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. As I have said before, I only abolished my cultivation to become better.”

“Mhmmm.” Lin Wei was weeping from happiness.

Ye Yong took the handkerchief that Wu Xue was handing him and wiped away Lin Wei’s tears. “One day, I will become an immortal, and I will take you to the immortal world, mother.”

As for his father? Well, it wasn’t that Ye Yong didn’t want to talk about his father, but the thing is, the novel didn’t talk much about his father. The novel basically just said that his father was a ruthless character. He had been cultivating in seclusion for 10 years and finally came out when he broke through to the Ascension Realm, at which point Ye Yong had already been killed by Long Tian. He didn’t have much action either- Long Tian had lured him into a secret realm and made quick work of him.

Besides, Lin Wei cared about him way more, so Ye Yong felt that his favoritism was justified.

“I can become one of the best disciples in the Heavenly Luo Sect even if I don’t continue to cultivate. So can I go and brew tea for you every day, mother?”

“Yes yes yes.” Lin Wei was so happy that she felt like she was dreaming. Ye Yong had changed a lot and gave her a huge surprise.

At this time, Qin Shi Meng arrived. Seeing her come in, Lin Wei quickly collected her emotions. She was no longer angry at Qin Shi Meng and was even a little grateful to her since she thought that Qin Shi Meng was the reason for Ye Yong’s change.

“I won’t interrupt you two. I’ll go back first. If you need any resources, just tell me,” Lin Wei said, flying through the sky.

“Why was auntie crying?” Qin Shi Meng was puzzled and wondered if something had gone wrong with Ye Yong’s cultivation.

“Because she was thinking of something happy.”

“Thinking of something happy?” As a 17-year-old cultivation that had spent most of her time cultivating, Qin Shi Meng hadn’t experienced a lot of emotions and didn’t know that people could cry from being too happy. As such, she wasn’t very convinced. “How’s your cultivation now? Can you gather qi?”

“Of course.”

“Then how come you have no cultivation?”

“I have a qi occlusion art. You’ll know when it’s time for the Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment date, so you don’t have to worry about my cultivation.”

Qin Shi Meng nodded her head and took out some rare perfect-grade pills. “My family gave me these pills as congratulations for breaking through to the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. I thought you might need it, so…”

“Then, thank you for your kindness, Lady Qin.”

Lady Qin. What a distant and formal name. Qin Shi Meng felt a bit awkward from hearing Ye Yong call her that, but she knew that it wasn’t incorrect. I’m probably the only one thinking that we could be friends, and besides, this is only the third time that we met since we canceled our engagement, so I guess it’s only proper to call me that.

As she sat in the gazebo, feeling the air rich with spiritual energy and savoring the spiritual tea that Ye Yong had brewed, Qin Shi Meng’s mood slowly got better.

She had progressed through her cultivation so fast that she had been feeling a bit scared. She had also never thought that she would feel at peace with the very same guy that she had been disgusted with.

Maybe it’s because I had spent too much time cultivating and never thought about making friends. Now that I have a friend I can chat and drink tea with, it actually feels really nice.

“Lady Qin, when are you going to break through to the Crystallization Realm?” Ye Yong was quite concerned with how many crystals Qin Shi Meng could make as that would allow him to decide whether or not to buy the next auxiliary item to help Qin Shi Meng.

“I just broke through to the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm two days ago, so I think it’ll be at least another week before I attempt to break through.” Qin Shi Meng didn’t keep her thoughts a secret because Ye Yong was the one who had given her the mental art that had allowed her to progress so fast. In a way, Qin Shi Meng trusted Ye Yong more than she trusted her family.

This was because her family and the people around her had been acting like crazy- they had been giving gifts like crazy while receiving gifts like crazy.

“Remember to put the stone I gave you next to you when you break through.”

“What does the stone do?” Qin Shi Meng asked, curious.

Ye Yong simply smiled in response.

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