Chapter 136: Violent Demonic Cowgirl

In the woods outside North Wind City…

“Is it our turn now? Can we go have fun in the city?”

“Right? Looking after some beastkins are nowhere near as fun as robbing coins.”

The spear-wielding horse thieves kept on chattering, and their eyes were filled with killing intent. They were extremely tempted to charge into North Wind City to earn some money.

They decided to carry out the orders of the horse thieves’ second chief- kill half of the beastkins and drive the rest of them into the city to use as scapegoats.

“Let’s do it. I want to rob a lot of coins today.”

“Hee hee… I heard that North Wind City has a lot of wealthy people and soft and tender women.

“Let’s hurry. I can’t wait.”

The horse thieves had brutal smiles as they walked toward the beastkins.

Tess, who had been observing the horse thieves, was panicking. She could tell that the horse thieves wanted to kill them.

“Everyone! These horse thieves want to kill us!” Tess shouted. “Hurry up and run!”

Contrary to her expectations, however, most of the beastkins did nothing. Except for a few individuals that were slightly panicking, they just looked at Tess emotionally.

They didn’t understand why the humans would want to kill them. After all, in their minds, they’ve already completed the work assigned to them and were just waiting to be fed and then assigned more work to do.

“Why? Why are you guys…?” Tess’s hand trembled as she looked at the beastkins. She felt as if the beastkins had lost their souls, as if they were merely puppets waiting to be controlled by their masters.

“Is it because of this?” Tess asked, raising her hand and pulling up her sleeve, revealing the slave mark on her arm.

“Why- why do you guys care so much about this thing? Just scrape it off with a knife!” Tess shouted. “You… you guys are no longer the unyielding beastkins you used to be! You’re now just trash that succumbs to this small mark on your arms!”

Tess pulled off the cloth wrapping around her head, revealing her purple hair and cow horns. She then ripped open her animal hide clothing, revealing the linen clothes she had been wearing inside. 

“Phew…” Tess exhaled lightly and patted her chest. She found it much easier to breathe now that the animal hide clothing was no longer squishing her assets.

The horse thieves were shocked as they looked at Tess. They had no idea that there would be a female beastkin there, let alone one with such a good body figure. Tess’s face might be dirty, but that didn’t matter to them because her body figure was already considered amazing to them.

“How unexpected. You really hid yourself well,” a horse thief said, grinning.

“However, you are stupid for exposing yourself.”

“Hee hee… we will have a great meal today!”

Tess froze when she heard what the horse thief said. She had just gotten excited and acted without thinking. What do I do now?

She looked around at the other beastkins, and her heart sank. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to rely on them.

“Brothers, let’s go! Don’t hurt her.”

“Don’t worry! We won’t get her hurt no matter what.”

A few horse thieves put down the spears in their hands and shook their hands as they walked towards Tess with evil smiles.

Tess narrowed her eyes and tensed her body. Her assets were still trembling, making her wish that she had tied them down with sackcloth.

“Go!” A horse thief lunged at Tess with a lustful smile on his face. Before he could touch tess, a fist slammed into his face, sending him flying and rolling until he hit a tree and stopped.

He had basically been one-shotted by Tess!

“Ha! Do you really think that this old lady- cough cough- I have a lot of strength!” Tess said, smiling. She went forward and attack the other 5 horse thieves that had froze.

Tess gave each horse thief a punch, sending each of them flying into a tree. She had basically knock downed 6 horse thieves in less than a minute- actually, she had pretty much paralyzed them.

Tess dusted her hands. She was one of the strongest people in her tribe- second only to her sister- and she was confident that she could take on any amount of horse thieves- or not.

“Uh…” Tess looked at the horse thieves that were pointing their spears at her. Not having a weapon still put her at a big disadvantage.

Beastkins were generally stronger than humans, so how is it that they would get enslaved by humans? This is because of the existence of weapons. No matter how strong they were, they would easily get cut in half by a sword.

The reason humans could be the dominating force was because of their ability to create things. After all, without weapons, what would beastkins use to fight against swords?

“You dare to resist? You’re just a beastkin, a lowly being! Kill her, I don’t have any interest anymore.”

The horse thieves surrounded Tess and had their spears pointed at her. One could even see the blood that was still on the spears.

What do I do now? Am I really going to die here? Tess felt despair. I want to eat all the delicacies in the world, marry a handsome husband, fly in the sky- wait, no, that’s unrealistic. I… I still want to go back and see my big sister.

“Kill!” 3 horse thieves immediately charged forward to pierce their spears into Tess. If that happened, her life would end.


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