Chapter 137: Are You a Prince?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three arrows flew out from the woods, piercing the necks of the three horse thieves and killing them.

Swish swish.

A black shadow jumped from branch to branch as she darted out of the woods and rushed into the group of horse thieves. As she passed by the horse thieves, the two military knives in her hands either swiped across the horse thieves’ necks or into their hearts.

Every horse thief that Mina got close to quickly got killed in a single move.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Arrows also kept flying out of the woods, and each one of them took away a horse thief. In less than 10 seconds, more than 20 horse thieves had been killed.

Footsteps rang out as the War Wolves rushed out of the woods and continued to shoot arrows.

They unsheathed their traverse blades, which were soon died red with blood.

Tess was dumbfounded. What’s happening? I was about to die a second ago, and the next second my enemies died?

“Cough cough… now isn’t the time to be in a daze.”

The sudden sound caused Tess to jump up in surprise. She turned around to look and froze.

“Are you a prince?” Tess thought that the guy in front of her resembled the prince that had been described in The Love Diary of a Noble Girl. What exactly? Handsome and rescuing the damsel in distress.

“…” The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. Is this female beastkin missing some brain cells? Why is she asking that kind of question in this situation? But wait, do I really look like a prince? Wait, no, why I am being swept along?

He had been in the words when he had seen Tess suddenly stood up from the crowd of beastkins, make a speech, and fought the horse thieves.

Sure, it was pretty cool, but at the same time, it was also kind of stupid.

“Hey! Right side!” Liu Feng suddenly shouted. He rushed forward, his right hand on the hilt of his blade, and…


The blade passed Tess’s neck, cutting off a few of her purple hair, and a grunt followed.

Tess then immediately moved away and turned around to look. There had been a horse thief behind her. He had already been killed after being stabbed in the eye, and the only reason that he hadn’t fallen down was that Liu Feng’s blade was holding him up.


Liu Feng resisted his urge to vomit as he pulled out his traverse blade and shook off the blood. He felt his throat shaking. Liu Feng couldn’t explain how it felt to kill someone for the first time, but it felt disgusting.

That also means that the first time he saw blood was for a cow- a female cow beastkin.

That said, her assets are even more impressive than Mina’s. Good thing that Anri didn’t come or she would be dying from envy.

Soon after, the battle ending with one last scream. 50 horse thieves were a piece of cake for the group.

“Young Master, are you okay?” Mina quickly got next to Liu Feng as she looked at him worriedly. She checked all over him and even wanted to lift his clothes to check his body.

“I’m completely fine. There’s no need to check the inside,” Liu Feng said, gently squeezing Mina’s ears and making her blush.

Tess’s eyes widened when she saw the exchange between Liu Feng and Mina. This human and cat beastkin have such a good relationship! Don’t humans hate beastkins? Tess immediately thought about her recent experience with the humans that showed the disgusting sides of humans. The horse thieves had left Tess even more disgusted with humans, but Liu Feng had saved her, so she was conflicted about how to feel about humans. So are there good humans or are all humans bad?

“So annoying!” Tess held her forehead. She was a very simple person and couldn’t understand complex matters.

“…” Liu Feng and Mina looked at each other. This female cow beastkin seems to be a bit of an airhead.

“Lord City Lord, we have cleaned everything up. There isn’t a single living being,” Sinke said. His face was splattered with blood from all the killing.

“Organize your equipment and prepare to leave and intercept them,” Liu Feng said.

“Yes sir!”

The War Wolves went to pick up their arrows and wiped them clean. The arrows were made from steel and could be reused multiple times.

“Young Master, what about these beastkins?” Mina asked. She had a few things she wanted to say, but she didn’t because she didn’t want her words to influence Liu Feng’s decisions.

“Depends on their choice,” Liu Feng said.

“Choice?” Mina asked. What choice?

Liu Feng walked in front of the beastkins and raised his voice. “You are all slaves. I have 2 choices for you.” Liu Feng continued without waiting for them to respond. “First, you are free. Those that want to leave can leave.”

The beastkins’ emotionless eyes fluttered slightly, but they continued to sit down on the ground and didn’t bother to move.

“Second, you can help me work. I will pay you and won’t limit your freedom,” Liu Feng continued.

As soon as he said that, many of the beastkins’ eyes lit up. Freedom and money to fill their stomachs were the two things that they longed for.

“I will arrange for people to come here later. If you are willing to work for me, then just follow them when they come. If not, you can leave now,” Liu Feng said. He then turned around to walk out of the woods. It was time for their interception.

Slaves would never provide more benefits than free people. Liu Feng wanted civilians that worked hard for a better life rather than slaves that would only work after being whipped.

Horse thieves were one of the few people- no, devils- that could and deserved to be slaves. They were suited to work in the mines.

Sinke ran over to Liu Feng. “Young Master, the horse thieves in North Wind City have started to flee.”

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