Volume 1 Chapter 26: Crystallization

One week later…

Qin Shi Meng was currently in her exclusive cultivation room. She was currently at the peak stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Her cultivation was already extremely stable and couldn’t be stabilized any further, so if Qin Shi Meng wanted to keep cultivating, she had to break through to the Crystallization Realm.

“Phew… I never thought that I would be able to reach this level in such a short period of time.” Qin Shi Meng was a bit nervous. She was about to break through to the Crystallization Realm but hadn’t told her family about it as she knew that if she did, her family would keep talking about it and try to spread the news across the entire East Forest Continent. This would definitely attract tons of people to go to the Qin Family to see her, a 17-year-old cultivator at the Crystallization Realm.

Qin Shi Meng hated being surrounded and watched like an animal for exhibition.

Qin Shi Meng took out pills that were used to help stabilize Crystallization Realm cultivators’ cultivation and set up a Spirit Gathering Formation. She then sat down in the center of the formation and prepared to break through. Before she started, she suddenly remembered something and took out a plain-looking stone and put it next to her.

Qin Shi Meng had some doubts about the stone. Could this stone be some kind of evil object? Will it destroy my dantian when I try to break through? But if Ye Yong really wanted to harm me, why would he give me such an amazing heart art?

Qin Shi Meng was puzzled, but she was willing to trust Ye Yong.

Qin Shi Meng took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she started her attempt at breaking through.

Crystallizing spiritual energy was a difficult process that would stump many cultivators that weren’t talented enough. However, Qin Shi Meng had an amazing talent and an immortal-grade heart art, so crystallizing spiritual energy was a piece of cake for her.

As Qin Shi Meng was compressing her spiritual energy, the stone beside her suddenly lit up, and a flash of light quickly dashed into Qin Shi Meng’s body, causing her to shriek out in surprise and fall to the ground.

Qin Shi Meng’s hair was disheveled as if she had been injured, but if one looked closely, they would find that Qin Shi Meng’s eyes were filled with surprise and joy.

She had indeed succeeded in breaking through to Crystallization Realmn, but there was a difference between her and normal cultivators. Whereas most cultivators started with 3 spirit crystals and talented cultivators started with 4 spirit crystals, Qin Shi Meng had a whopping 8 spirit crystals!

That was as many spirit crystals as some cultivators in the 5th layer of the Crystallization Realm! This meant that she could defeat cultivators in the 4th layer of the Crystallization Realm and could even go head-to-head with some cultivators in the 5th layer of the Crystallization Realm!

She would have a lot of spirit crystals when she reached the 10th layer of the Crystallization Realm and a really strong Golden Core when she broke through to the Golden Core Realm.

“What happened to you? Why are you so kind to me?” After calming down a bit, Qin Shi Meng picked up the Crystallization Auxiliary Stone, which had dulled down and turned into an actual useless stone that could be found anywhere.

Trading a perfect-grade Foundation Establishment Pill for this stone was too good of a deal. No wonder he had been unwilling to tell me what this stone did. If Qin Shi Meng had known the use of the stone, she wouldn’t have accepted it. Her personality was such that she preferred to be independent and rely on herself rather than accept the help of others and those around her.

Qin Shi Meng took a deep breath and sat back down as she took a pill and started to stabilize her cultivation.

The next day…

Qin Shi Meng felt that her cultivation was stable enough and opened her eyes. She took out a necklace from her storage ring and put it on. Ye Yong had given Qin Shi Meng the necklace and had told her that it would help her hide her cultivation. It was an intermediate-grade concealment item that cost him 500 transcend points- more expensive than his concealment system, but not by a lot. It was, after all, just something that hid one’s cultivation and didn’t help much in actual battle.

A cultivator with a concealment item going against a more powerful enemy would still get killed in a single slap, while a cultivator with a concealment item going against a weaker enemy would just be ridiculed and belittled and still win the battle. In the end, a concealment item couldn’t change the outcome of a battle.

Qin Shi Meng walked out of her mansion anxiously and went to her mother’s residence. Qin Shi Meng’s mother, Bu Yue, was a quiet woman who didn’t speak much. Her cultivation was at the 8th layer of the Golden Core Realm, but Qin Shi Meng had always felt that her mother’s cultivation level was way higher than that.

“Mother,” Qin Shi Meng greeted.

“You’ve come out of seclusion,” Bu Yue said as she continued to write. She looked quite similar to Qin Shi Meng- she was a stunning beauty with a fairy-like aura and was mature and charming. Many people had been wondering how a goon like Qin Feng was able to marry such a beautiful woman like Bu Yue.

People didn’t really know about Bu Yue’s origin. What was known was that 17 years ago, Qin Feng suddenly brought Bu Yue and the newborn Qin Shi Meng to the Qin Family and told everyone that they were his wife and daughter.

However, they didn’t have a wedding, and Bu Yue didn’t care about anything and just stayed in her own residence. And although Qin Feng and Bu Yue were supposed to be spouses, they had never spent a night together- they rarely even went to each others’ residences- as if they had never been married.

“It’s very good to already be at the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at your age. However, don’t be arrogant- there are more talented people out there,” Bu Yue said.

Mother didn’t see through my cultivation? Qin Shi Meng hadn’t expected a necklace to by able to hide her cultivation level. “I understand. I will keep it in mind.”

After chatting with Bu Yue for a while, Qin Shi Meng left Bu Yue’s residence.

This had been how Bu Yue always treated Qin Shi Meng. Bu Yue never seemed to care much about Qin Shi Meng, as if Qin Shi Meng wasn’t her daughter. The only time she had been a bit attentive was when Qin Shi Meng had been forging her physique and Bu Yue had helped her forge her Frozen Heart Physique.

Qin Shi Meng had gotten used to her mother’s coldness after so many years. The reason she decided to visit Bu Yue first was that if the necklace failed and her cultivation was discovered, Bu Yue wouldn’t try to spread the information and brag about it like the other members of the Qin Family would.

However, the necklace had proven itself, so Qin Shi Meng boldly walked into the Qin Family’s cultivation arts palace to pick out a few earth-grade cultivation arts to practice.

Because Qin Shi Meng had progressed quickly and was at the “10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm”, the Qin Family Elders didn’t stop Qin Shi Meng from looking through the earth-grade cultivation arts.

The young men of the Qin Family looked at Qin Shi Meng smittenly while the young women stared at her enviously.

The girls hated Qin Shi Meng as she was both pretty and talented. On top of that, her cultivation had risen rapidly during the past 2 months, giving them no chance to catch up to her.

After Qin Shi Meng and Ye Yong’s engagement had been canceled, Qin Shi Meng got even more suitors. The girls were pissed that their idols/gods were like dogs in front of Qin Shi Meng. What was even more unacceptable for them was that Qin Shi Meng always ignored them and paid no attention to them.

However, there was nothing they could do as Qin Shi Meng was already at the “10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm” and was the Qin Family’s most important person. On top of that, Qin Shi Meng would get into the Heavenly Luo Sect as a core disciple in a few days, at which point the gap between her and them would become even larger.

We’re all women, so why does Qin Shi Meng get all the good things? Just because she looks pretty?

Qin Shi Meng didn’t care about the people around her as she currently just wanted to pick out a suitable cultivation art to increase her battle prowess.

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