Volume 1 Chapter 27: Overprotective and Doting Parent

During the days Qin Shi Meng had used to break through to the Crystallization Realm, Ye Yong had also cultivated every day. Compared to when he just started, Ye Yong had a better cultivation routine. Every morning, he would spend an hour at Lin Wei’s mansion and brew tea for her and drink tea together. Sometimes they wouldn’t have anything to talk about and would just sit there drinking tea, but it still warmed their hearts.

Lin Wei was definitely the happiest person for the past few days. This was because not only had Ye Yong’s cultivation increased, but Lin Wei also felt that Ye Yong didn’t hate her or get annoyed by her annoying anymore and was very filial and obedient.

“Yong Er, if you meet a suitable girl in the Heavenly Luo Sect, bring her back here,” Lin Wei said.

“Why are you saying, mother? I’m still young.” 18 years may be an adult for mortals, but for cultivators, an 18-year-old was like a newborn.

Lin Wei, for example, was about 300 years old when she married Ye Qian Lang and gave birth to Ye Yong.

A 300-year-old mortal would already be dead, but a 300-year-old cultivator was still considered pretty young, especially since a cultivator’s lifespan increased with cultivation.

“Ah, it’s just that I can’t break through for the time being, so I have nothing to do, so I want a grandchild to play with,” Lin Wei said.

“Speaking of cultivation, you’re at the 2nd layer of the Nascent Soul Realm, right mother?” Ye Yong asked.

Ye Yong currently had about 100k transcend points as Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating had increased a few days ago, giving him some transcend points. Her current attitude towards Ye Yong was [friends]. Ye Yong suspected that it was because Qin Shi Meng had broken through to the Crystallization Realm or something.

Ye Yong made some rough calculations and figured that Qin Shi Meng gave him about 800 transcend points for each point increase in favorability rating from 0 to 10, and about 1,200 transcend points for each point increase in favorability rating after 10. Wu Xue’s current favorability rating towards Ye Yong was 43 and gave 1,500 transcend points for each point increase, which was pretty amazing.

However, since Ye Yong couldn’t repeatedly grind the same favorability rating for one heroine for transcend points, he needed to increase the favorability rating of other heroines and cut off the male lead’s fortuitous opportunities.

Putting that aside, 100k transcend points was a lot to Ye Yong, and he could buy some things from the system store that Lin Wei needed.

“I’ve been stuck at the 2nd layer for many years,” Lin Wei said. Lin Wei had tried to cultivate in seclusion before, but it didn’t work as she had met a bottleneck. She couldn’t just go out and explore secret realms either as she was a mother.

For cultivators, there was no such thing as smooth sailing- opportunities were often accompanied by dangers, and some cultivators broke through while fighting.

If Lin Wei wanted to break through without encountering any dangers or exploring secret realms, then she would have to wait for at least a dozen years. And that was only because she had good talent- cultivators with bad talent wouldn’t even be able to reach the Nascent Soul Realm in a few hundred years even if they had a large number of resources.

“Mother, do you want to get stronger?” Ye Yong asked.

“Am I not strong enough?” Lin Wei responded. Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were already powerhouses that could start a medium sect, and besides, Lin Wei was still young. She was only 300 years old and could live up to at least another 700 years.

The average lifespan of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was between 800 and 1,500 years. Ascension Realm cultivators had lifespans of more than 2,000 years. Simply put, the higher the cultivation level of a cultivator, the longer their lifespan was.

It was actually pretty simple to understand why. Mortal bodies contained many toxins of the world, which would accumulate throughout the years and slowly corrode their bodies, so they wouldn’t have long lifespans.

To become martial artists, mortals need to refine their physiques, which would discharge toxins from the body in the process. Of course, not all toxins would be discharged- but a person with a body that had fewer toxins would naturally lead a longer and healthier life.

Once a cultivator broke through to the Qi Refining Realm, they would discharge even more toxins. After they broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, they would start to not need to eat anymore, which eliminated a source of toxins, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be affected by the toxins in mortal foods.

As a cultivator’s cultivation increased, their body would be transformed more and more by spiritual energy, causing them to get become more and more like Heaven and Earth¹, at which point they can become Saints and Tribulation Realm cultivators. Because Heaven and Earth didn’t allow any creatures to imitate itself, it would cast heavenly thunder on the Tribulation Realm cultivators.

If the Tribulation Realm cultivator succeeded in fending off the heavenly thunder, they could become an immortal and would be above the world. In exchange, the cultivators would be forced to ascend to a more powerful world as the current world wouldn’t be able to accommodate such powerful individuals.

Well, actually, everything was just because the author wanted to increase the word count of the novel, so he made a different place for the male lead to continue to show off.

In short, since Ye Yong was in the same world as the novel, he was able to see through the setups.

Isn’t it a horrible pit? A person worked so hard to become an immortal and thought that they would be able to live an amazing life, only to find that they’ve become the bottom in the new world and needed to climb back up the societal ladder again.

However, this kind of setup was extremely popular. After all, the universe was a huge place. Who knows what’s really out there?

“Not enough,” Ye Yong said, shaking his head. “When I need to ascend to an immortal realm in the future, you will need to at least be a Saint to ascend with me. Are you really satisfied with a cultivation that is just in the Nascent Soul Realm?”

“Listen to yourself. You’re just at the Foundation Establishment Realm, and you already dare to look down on Nascent Soul Realm,” Lin Wei said. She wasn’t offended or anything- rather, she felt that Ye Yong really had the potential to become an immortal for having such high standards. “But I just can’t break through. I’m too afraid to encounter danger to go explore secret realms for fortuitous opportunities. If I can’t see you, then even if I don’t die physically, I will die mentally.”

That was something that Ye Yong wouldn’t deny. Lin Wei really did become insane after losing Ye Yong in the novel.

“Mother, if I say that I have a mental art that’s very suitable for you, and that you just need to cultivate it to break through… will you believe it?”

“There’s such an amazing mental art? And you know that it suits me?” Lin Wei wasn’t doubting Ye Yong- rather, she just thought that she knew more about cultivation than Ye Yong did. Powerful mental arts were hard to come by, and just having them wasn’t enough- only with the right people would the mental arts prove to be useful and amazing.

“So do you believe me or not?”

“Of course I do,” Lin Wei said. With how fast Ye Yong had been cultivating, Lin Wei was sure that Ye Yong had some sort of a fortuitous encounter and obtained a powerful mental art or something. Yong Er had been cultivating the best earth-grade mental art before, so maybe he got a heaven-grade mental art. But just because it suits him doesn’t mean that it will suit me.

However, as an overprotective and doting mother, Lin Wei wasn’t going to try to cancel Ye Yong’s motivation.

“Mother, you have to promise that you won’t show the mental art to anyone else.”

“Of course. I swear by Heaven and Earth.”

Heaven and Earth watched every action cultivators took, so swearing by Heaven and Earth really did something.

Ye Yong took out an ink and pen. He had previously spent 5 transcend points for the introductory level of calligraphy, and even though it was just the introductory level, it still made Ye Yong’s handwriting look pretty and neat. Since “Ye Yong” didn’t like to write, even Lin Wei didn’t know that Ye Yong’s words were so pretty.

As her attention shifted from the words themselves to the meaning, Lin Wei became more and more astonished. She found that the mental art was extremely suitable for her. It wasn’t perfectly compatible with her, but it was still way better than her current earth-grade mental art.

“Yong Er… what is this…?” Lin Wei didn’t think that this was the mental art that Ye Yong cultivated as different mental arts paired with different physiques would have different characteristics. The mental art that Ye Yong just wrote was yin-like and soft, meaning that it was more suitable for women. If a male cultivated the mental art, the yin energy in his body would increase, making him more feminine.

Although Lin Wei couldn’t see through Ye Yong’s cultivation level, she could still roughly feel that the yin and yang within Ye Yong’s body was stable, meaning that there was no chance that ye Yong had cultivated the mental art.

“Mother, rest assured and cultivate it. Don’t ask too much?”

“Okay…” Lin Wei said, slowly picking up the mental art, still a bit shocked. “Does it have a name?”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ I’m not sure if Heaven and Earth are supposed to be 2 entities or 1. I’m leaning toward the side that it’s 1 entity.

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