Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face

Everyone has the right to choose? Tess was confused as she glanced at Liu Feng. “Is any kind of choice possible?”

“Of course… not!” Liu Feng said, rolling his eyes. “The choices are limited to things like your hobbies and stuff.”

Humans never really had many choices in their life. Many things were out of their control. For example, they didn’t get to choose their families- it was chosen for them.

“Oh,” Tess said. She felt that she understood somewhat but still felt pretty confused. “Then what kind of choice is suitable for me?”

“What do you like to do? What do you love?” Liu Feng asked. He was pretty curious as to what Tess liked.

“I like to go around to discover new and strange things. I would love to have endless food, then find a handsome husband to marry, and then have a bunch of babies…” Tess’s eyes were shining as she talked. She even took out a sheepskin scroll and unrolled it. “I’ve already written it down. My husband needs to be an amazing person that can obtain large amounts of wheat, he can’t let me starve, and he can’t let the babies starve…”

Liu Feng and Mina looked at each other helplessly and shrugged. Tess had already begun having fantasies about life after marriage.

Liu Feng listened to Tess blabber about her list of requirements and even pointed out a few things.

For example, Tess required that her husband be stronger than her, but Liu Feng seriously doubted that there would be many people that could surpass Tess in terms of strength.

“Oh! Then I’ll change it to requiring him to at least be able to beat me,” Tess said.

This requirement wasn’t actually very difficult to fulfill- Tess was strong, sure, but she wasn’t very skillful.

The group soon arrived at North Wind City.

Liu Feng was startled as soon as he walked through the gate. There were a bunch of people in front of him looking at him gratefully.

“Thank you Lord Liu Feng for saving us!”

“Long live Lord Liu Feng!”

“Long live Lord Liu Feng!”

“Long live Lord Liu Feng!”

What the heck? How do they already know about me? Suddenly, a man rushed out from the crowd and rushed toward Liu Feng. But before he could get close, Mina had already put her knife on his neck.

“Lord! I’m Lil Lazy. I work under Niu Wu!” He was lucky that he had shouted spoken soon as he would have had his neck cut off if he had spoken any later.

“Lil Lazy?” Liu Feng recognized the name and thought that Niu Wu had mentioned the name previously. He beckoned Mina to put the knife away and let Lil Lazy come to him.

“How come you haven’t left North Wind City?” Liu Feng asked.

“Uh…” Lil Lazy awkwardly touched his nose and changed the subject. He whispered, “Lord, many people are willing to go to West Sun City. I just received requests from about a hundred people.”

“Oh? You were still trying to rope people in after the horse thieves came?” Liu Feng asked.

“Hee hee…” Lil Lazy smiled awkwardly and scratched his head. He whispered, “That’s because I didn’t finish the task.”

Liu Feng suddenly thought of something as he looked around. He whispered, “Did you spread the information about West Sun City recruiting workers?”

“Yes. We started this morning. Nobody believed us at first, but now they all do. They were just waiting for you to show your face,” Lil Lazy said.

Liu Feng smiled. Lil Lazy had basically taken care of the hard part and all he needed to do was to show his face.

“Good job!” Liu Feng said, patting Lil Lazy’s shoulder. “I will give you credit for this after we get back.”

“Thank you, lord!” Lil Lazy said, excited.

“Go and wrap things up. Tell them that we are leaving tomorrow to return to West Sun City and that those that want to come with us should go pack up right now,” Liu Feng said.

“Yes!” Lil Lazy nodded and then darted away.

As soon as Lil Lazy walked into the crowd, the commoners of North Wind City bombarded him with questions. Their doubts just got cleared away as they saw with their own eyes that Lil Lazy had been talking with a noble.

“Lord Lil Lazy, is it true that you only need to pay a few copper coins to be able to live in a house in West Sun City?”

“That depends on the size of the house. A large house has a monthly rent of about a dozen coins,” Lil Lazy answered. He had answered similar questions dozens of times.

“Is it true that the minimum monthly salary is 50 copper coins?”

“Yes. The monthly salary is at least 50 copper coins. You get 20% extra if you are literate,” Lil Lazy answered.

“I want to sign up, my whole family will go to West Sun City.”

“My family will go too. I heard that Lord Liu Feng is a good nobleman.”

“Of course he’s a good noble. The fact that he was willing to send troops to support us is the best proof.”

The corners of Liu Feng’s mouth rose as he continued to show his face around. None of the civilians or merchants that saw him would question whether or not he was actually a noble- in fact, even if they were told that Liu Feng wasn’t a noble, no one would believe it just because of his clothes.

Liu Feng wasn’t going to openly try to rope people in- and that was for the best. After all, doing such a thing was basically stealing resources from a city, and even the good-tempered city lords would curse at such an action.

Of course, North Wind City’s City Lord wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he wanted to. However, Liu Feng still couldn’t try to openly rope people in as doing so would make other city lords vigilant, and they could even restrict the commoners in their territory from being able to leave. Liu Feng didn’t dare to underestimate the nobles in this world and the lengths they would go to in order to protect their own interests.

What Liu Feng wanted was for West Sun City to covertly attract people from all over the world to come and work there- that would truly be a benign development.

“Young Master, if word gets out about what happened today, everyone will praise you for your virtue,” Mina said.

“I hope so,” Liu Feng said. He actually didn’t hold much hope as nobles usually make a lot of moves behind the scenes.

A knight quickly ran towards Liu Feng and stopped when he was about 7 meters away from Liu Feng. “Lord Liu Feng, our Lord City Lord is inviting you to the castle. We have already prepared a feast for you.”

“Okay,” Liu Feng said, nodding and smiling lightly. “However, we’ll have to go back and clean ourselves first. After all, the smell of sinful blood isn’t very nice.”

“Understood! I will convey this to Lord City Lord!” the knight saluted. He then quickly ran away.

“Come on! Let’s go back to bring some things to eat or we’ll have to go hungry tonight,” Liu Feng said. He couldn’t help but shiver when he thought about the food served in this world.

“Mhmm.” Mina nodded in agreement.

“Ah? There’s good food?” Tess asked.

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