Volume 1 Chapter 28: Wu Xue’s Physique Forging Experience

“[Broken¹ Water Benevolent Wood Art].” Why did Ye Yong pick this mental art? That was because he remembered that when Lin Wei had been trying to avenge her son in the novel, she had cultivated a mental art called [Broken Water Demonic Wood Art].

Lin Wei had an upper-grade wood spiritual root. The [Broken Water Demoic Wood Art] was a demonic art that absorbed the blood essence of other beings² to cultivate the demonic wood.

The demonic wood was actually her divine soul power that she had obtained upon reaching the Nascent Soul Realm.

Everyone’s divine soul power was different, but they were all related to their spiritual roots in some way.

For example, Qin Shi Meng had an extreme-grade ice-type spiritual root and a Frozen Jade Physique, and her divine soul power was a glazed ice bow. As time passed, she had many fortuitous opportunities, which allowed her frozen heart physique to evolve into a frozen heart jade physique and allowed her to awaken her ancestral bloodline, which in turn allowed her glazed ice bow to evolve into an ice phoenix. Simply put, Qin Shi Meng would become extremely powerful.

The [Broken Water Demonic Wood Art] was the demonized version of the [Broken Wood Benevolent Wood Art]. Since the demonic art suited Lin Wei very well, then it would only make sense for the benevolent art to suit Lin Wei, too.

Looking at Lin Wei’s expression, Ye Yong could tell that he hadn’t wasted 20,000 transcend points.

[Broken Water Benevolent Wood Art] was a saint-grade mental art and cost way less than immortal-grade and divine-grade mental arts. Ye Yong had exchanged for all 3 parts of the mental art and written down all of them.

Since Lin Wei was at the Nascent Soul Realm, it would be very dangerous for her and could even cause her to experience qi deviation if she changed to use an incomplete mental art. Complete mental arts didn’t have that provided, provided that the mental art was suitable for the cultivator.

“Yong Er… I may have to go into seclusion.” As a cultivator, Lin Wei naturally had the desire to become stronger. Even if she didn’t, she had the desire to live as long as possible- to keep looking over her child.

“Go ahead.” Ye Yong felt that Lin Wei would take a long time before she got out of seclusion, at which point he would have already left to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect, meaning that it would be a while before they saw each other again, so Ye Yong took the initiative to hug Lin Wei.

Lin Wei had also thought of the same thing and hugged Ye Yong tightly. She even wanted to kiss Ye Yong on the forehead, but Ye Yong was too embarrassed for that and let Lin Wei go and urged her to go cultivate.

Lin Wei then reluctantly left to go to her seclusion chamber with the mental art.

Ye Yong shook his head as he thought about the extreme love that Lin Wei had for Ye Yong as a mother. It was a good thing that he wasn’t “Ye Yong”; otherwise, her whole life would have been destroyed.

Ye Yong left Lin Wei’s residence and returned to his own courtyard. He felt that it was time for him to help Wu Xue forge her physique.

In fact, Ye Yong had actually wanted to help Wu Xue forge her physique for a while already, but Wu Xue had said that she wanted to prepare mentally and had kept dragging it out.

Today, Ye Yong decided that he would help Wu Xue forge her physique no matter what and get her to at least cultivate to the 9th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm while they still had time.

Due to his divine physique and the beyond-grade pills that he had been consuming, Ye Yong’s cultivation speed was extremely fast. Normally, this would be bad for cultivators as that would create unstable foundations, but because Ye Yong had a divine physique, he had an extremely good foundation. In fact, his foundations were so stable that he couldn’t even stay in his cultivation realm if he wanted to. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to cultivate to the 20th layer of the Qi Refining Realm and the fact that he had 8 spiritual veins instead of what should have been a total possible maximum of 7 spiritual veins, Ye Yong would have long since been in the Crystallization Realm.

“Speaking of which, am I also supposed to cultivate to the 20th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm? Isn’t it going to be super painful for me if I have to cultivate to the 20th layer for every realm?” Ye Yong muttered as he returned to his residence.

As soon as Wu Xue saw Ye Yong return, she went to hide in her room.

“Lil Xue,” Ye Yong called out. He had seen Wu Xue go hide in her room.

Bang! Wu Xue closed the door of her room and lean against it, her breathing a bit quick. “What- what’s wrong, Young Master?”

“It’s been so many days. Shouldn’t it be time for you to forge your physique?”

“But, but my body doesn’t feel very comfortable.”

“It’s okay, I have pills here that can cure most of the diseases mortals have.”³

“But, but I also don’t feel well mentally.”

“It’s okay, I also have pills that can nourish mortals’ minds.”

Wu Xue finally opened the door and looked at Ye Yong with a pitiful expression. “Young Master, I’m scared.”

“What is there to be scared of? After it’s over, you will no longer be a mortal and instead a martial artist- and a very powerful one on top of that.”

“I’m scared that I’ll fail.”

“I’ve said it before. Even if we fail once, we can try it again. As long as you don’t give up, then I won’t give up, either.”

“But it’s not good for me to waste your time.”

“What are you saying? You’re mine, so why can’t I spend time on you?”

This made Wu Xue blush a little and she stopped making excuses. “Then what do I need to do?”

“Just like what I did before, you just need to stay in the medicinal pot and soak in the medicinal properties of the elixir. Remember, this process will be extremely painful, so I hope that you will endure it all. As long as you persist and succeed, you will become the future martial goddess.

“Got it…” Wu Xue didn’t think she could become any kind of martial goddess, but she thought that she at least had to try since Ye Yong expected so much from her.

“Take off your clothes,” Ye Yong said, taking out the medicinal pot that he had used before. He put water in it and prepared to make the elixir.

“Take, take off my clothes?” The courage that Wu Xue had just mustered up instantly evaporated and was replaced with embarrassment.

“If you don’t take off your clothes, you won’t be able to absorb the medicinal properties of the elixir well enough.” Ye Yong knew that Wu Xue was embarrassed, so he said, “Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will cover my eyes. I won’t look at you when adding in the herbs.”

“Oh…” For some reason, Wu Xue felt a little down. She looked down at her… under-developed chest. Maybe it’s because it’s so small and not feminine enough and that’s why Young Master isn’t interested at all.

Wu Xue’s health wasn’t in good condition in the past and she took a lot of medications and didn’t eat much, so she was malnourished. Afterward, when her parents disappeared, her uncle thought that she was too much trouble and sold her.

After becoming Ye Yong’s servant, she had better meals and wasn’t malnourished anymore, but just because she wasn’t malnourished doesn’t mean that she could just wish for something to develop.

Ye Yong put herbs down in the order he had to throw them into the pot. After he completed all the preparations necessary, he took out a blindfold to cover his eyes and waited for Wu Xue to go into the medicinal pot.

Seeing Ye Yong put on a blindfold, Wu Xue felt a bit more down, but she was still embarrassed. After all, even though Ye Yong had put on a blindfold, she was still going to be in front of him without clothes on.

Wu Xue slowly removed her clothes one by one. Her face got redder and redder every second and she couldn’t wait to jump into the medicinal pot.

Ye Yong smiled faintly. Wu Xue is still too young. She doesn’t realize that Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators have divine sense and don’t need eyes to see things. Of course, Ye Yong wasn’t so creepy that he would go and peek at a malnourished 16-year-old girl’s body.

Wu Xue didn’t feel much when she got into the medicinal pot, except that the water was a bit hot. As the elixir took effect, Wu Xue slowly felt more and more pain, as if things were moving in and out of her body from her skin.

The increasingly intense pain made Wu Xue cry out and made tears flow down from her eyes. She couldn’t feel anything but pain.

“Young… Young Master… it, it’s so painful.” Wu Xue’s voice was weak and hoarse.

“This is just the beginning. The pain will be even greater when I put in more herbs. Hang in there.” Ye Yong waited for a bit and added in some more spiritual herbs.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Could also be “Breaking Water”.

² I’m not sure if this only includes humans or includes all living beings.

³ This is written as pills that can cure hundreds of illnesses. Whenever something claims to “cure hundreds of illnesses” (in Chinese at least), it’s basically claiming that it can cure any disease.

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