Volume 1 Chapter 29: Amazing, My Lil Xue

As soon as the spiritual herbs were thrown into the medicinal pot, the elixir started to boil as if there had been some chemical reaction.

“Ah!” Wu Xue almost fainted from the pain. She had just barely adapted to the pain when it escalated again.

“Young Master…” Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were red, but without Ye Yong’s orders, she didn’t dare to get out of the medicinal pot.

Ye Yong didn’t know how to comfort Wu Xue. This was how the physique forging process was- forcing out the impurities and refining the flesh and bones. The more powerful a physique one was forging, the more painful the process was. The pain of scraping bones wasn’t a joke. Ye Yong could only tell Wu Xue to persevere and continued to add spiritual herbs.

Time passed, and Wu Xue didn’t even have the strength left to scream. If Ye Yong hadn’t been holding her head, she would probably have slid down and gotten fully submerged in the elixir and drown.

Ye Yong became anxious when he felt Wu Xue’s vitality dropping, and he hurriedly inserted spiritual energy into Wu Xue’s body to protect her fragile internal organs.

“You can definitely do it.” Besides adding in special energy that he had bought from the system store into the elixir, the only thing Ye Yong could do was to try to give Wu Xue courage verbally.

Physique forging would take two full hours, and Ye Yong removed his blindfold. He immediately saw that Wu Xue’s skin was filled with cracks, and the blood that spilled from them had mixed into the elixir. Her lips were pale and her eyes were without focus, as if she was dying.

What’s happening? Ye Yong was extremely confused. He had used the exact same spiritual herbs that Wu Xue had used in the novel to forge her physique and had even added in the special energy that Long Tian didn’t have. On top of that, in the novel, Wu Xue had forged her physique by herself without anyone else present. Her physique forging process had been painful, but it was not life-threatening at all and certainly didn’t cause her to be as close to dying as she currently was.

Wait! Wu Xue didn’t forge her physique at this age in the novel! She started at least a year later and was 17 years old! She was also been often beaten by Ye Yong so she got some healing medicine from Qin Shi Meng, so both her mental and physical endurance were stronger than she now is. Currently, she’s just a delicate young girl.

I’ve only been thinking of myself and getting her to become a martial goddess to protect me! And I’ve forgotten about all these important details!

Seeing Wu Xue’s horrible state, Ye Yong felt as if someone had stabbed him in the heart. “I’m sorry, really sorry, we’re not going to forge any physique. You don’t need to be whatever martial goddess, I’ll protect you in the future.” Saying this, Ye Yong started to pull Wu Xue out, but Wu Xue suddenly found some strength to resist.

“No… Young Master, I can hold on… I don’t want to be a mortal… I don’t want others to dictate my life and sell me like products… I want to find my parents…”

“But if this goes on, you may die.”

“There’s not much good in living a mediocre life… Besides, it’s nice to be able to do die by your side, Young Master… I just hope that you can promise me to find my parents for me…” This was what Wu Xue was like. Once she decided on something, she wouldn’t give up, even if it might kill her.

Ye Yong held her head and gritted his teeth. “I’m not going to promise you anything. You should go find them yourself.” He didn’t know whether or not Wu Xue had heard him. She had closed her eyes, and her breathing was faint.

2 hours gradually went by, and the elixir finally stopped boiling, and Wu Xue’s vitality slowly recovered. Her cracked skin also healed and became more delicate and smoother than before.

Is it a success? Ye Yong’s heart had been hurting the whole time. He no longer cared about making Wu Xue a martial goddess- he just wanted her to be his vibrant and lively maid.

“Lil Xue, Lil Xue.” Ye Yong gently shook Wu Xue. “How do you feel?”

Wu Xue opened her eyes. Her eyes had become brighter than before, and one could even faintly see the soul of a white tiger inside her.

“Young Master!” Wu Xue immediately hugged Ye Yong tightly and started to cry. “I was so afraid that I was going to die! And won’t be able to see you or my parents again!”

“You’re alive, aren’t you?” Ye Yong had been holding back his tears. If he had caused Wu Xue to die because of his mistake, then he probably would have been traumatized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect the risk to be this big.”

“Young Master, why are you apologizing? You’re just thinking about what’s best for me,” Wu Xue could feel inexhaustible power in her body and felt more vibrant than before.

Thinking of the body, Wu Xue realized something.

“Yah!” She was still naked! The realization made her whole face immediately turn red.

“I wasn’t looking.” Ye Yong hurriedly closed his eyes.

“Hmph! I won’t let you look even if you wanted to.” Wu Xue hurriedly hid in the medicinal pot. “Young Master, go out.”

“Okay okay.” Ye Yong walked out and pulled the screen. His clothes were pretty wet, and when he looked down, he could see the watermark of a body.

On the other side of the screen, a clean dress had already been prepared and put on the chair. Wu Xue dried herself, put on the dress, smoothed the wrinkles on the dress, and finally pulled the screen and walked out.

Aftering successfully forging her physique, Wu Xue’s temperament had become different. Before, she was like a sickly little animal, and now, she was a lively little animal.

Ye Yong wanted to kiss Wu Xue when seeing her pink cheeks. It wasn’t lust- it was just on of the natural reactions people had when they see something cute, like babies, kittens, or puppies.

Wu Xue couldn’t stand being stared at and looked down. “Young Master, please don’t keep staring at me.”

“I was just thinking that you have changed quite a bit. If not had gone wrong, then you should no longer be a mortal.’

“I’ve become a martial cultivator?”

“You could say that. The next step is for you to gather qi. You might not be able to become an immortal cultivator, but you can still walk the path of a martial cultivator. Martial skills aren’t really weaker than spiritual skills or spells.” Ye Yong took out a few beyond-grade Qi Gathering Pills and a mystery-grade martial skill and gave them to Wu Xue.

The human mind was fragile when faced with death. Because Ye Yong had been with her while she had been forging her physique, Ye Yong had engraved himself in Wu Xue’s mind, and now, rather than cultivating, Wu Xue preferred to stay with Ye Yong.

Ye Yong realized that there had been a change in the favorability rating and took a look.

What he saw surprised him. Wu Xue’s favorability rating had been 40 something previously and had risen to 80, and her attitude had changed from [Worship] to [Dependent]. His transcend points had increased by 100k, and he currently had a whopping 230k transcend points.

Excluding the transcend points that he had spent to purchase spiritual herbs and the special energy to help Wu Xue forge her physique, he had made a net profit of more than 90k transcend points. On top of that, Wu Xue had successfully forged her physique, meaning that he had gotten a cute future martial goddess.

A little kiss should be fine with this favorability rating, right? Ye Yong beckoned Wu Xue to come to him. Wu Xue was curious and walked over, and Ye Yong leaned down to give her a kiss on her cheek. “You worked very hard. This is your reward… Huh? Lil Xue?”

Ye Yong found that Wu Xue’s eyes had closed and that she had fainted. Meanwhile, her favorability rating had increased by 5 points.

“Amazing, my Lil Xue.” Ye Yong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he held the fainted Wu Xue.

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