Chapter 140: I’ll Let You Eat My Noodles

Liu Feng took Mina and Tess to the port. They were going back to the ship to change into scale armor. Proper etiquettes were important when participating in nobles’ banquets, and clothes were part of the etiquette.

A noble that didn’t even have basic etiquette would become a laughing stock among nobles.

“Um, Liu Feng, is there food tonight?” Tess asked with a bitter face, rubbing her stomach. “I haven’t had enough to eat to be full for many days.” Tess was a straightforward person and would just say whatever was on her mind. Of course, she would only do so toward people that she felt good about.

Mina’s eyes widened. She was dissatisfied that Tess had called Liu Feng directly by his name. “Hey hey, you big cow, you have to address Young Master as lord. You can’t call Young Master by his name.”

“Eh? Is it really necessary?” Tess asked, tilting her head. “But he said that his name was Liu Feng!”

“My god!” Mina slapped her forehead. How did she even live for so long? She doesn’t even have any common sense!

“We are commoners, so we have to use honorifics when addressing nobles. For example, Young Master is a noble, so you have to address Young Master as Lord Liu Feng,” Mina explained.

“Oh, I see!” Tess nodded. “Wait, then why do you call him Young Master instead of Lord Liu Feng?”

Mina rolled her eyes. “That’s because we’re close to Young Master, and only those close to him can call him that.”

“Is that so?” Tess felt that something was off, so she turned to look at Liu Feng. “Liu Feng, is that how it is?”

Liu Feng was speechless. Why did you point the spear at me? Mina was staring at him, so he could only confirm Mina’s words. He wanted to tell Tess that she was free to call him whatever she wanted, but noble ranks were extremely strict in this world. It was fine if they just called him whatever they wanted in private, but if anyone outside would to hear them address him casually, he would become an object of laughter to the nobles.

“Then I’ll call you Young Master too!” Tess said, smiling. “Young Master, is there dinner tonight?”

“Yes,” Liu Feng said. “The kind that allows to eat until you’re full.”

“For real?” Tess asked, her eyes glowing.

“For real.”

“Yay! Liu Fe- cough cough- Young Master is a good person,” Tess said. She changed how she addressed Liu Feng when she realized that Mina was glaring at her.

Mina kicked a small stone on the ground and pouted, cursing Tess for being overly familiar with Liu Feng even though they had just met.

Liu Feng met Niu Da and Niu Er along the way to the port.

“Young Master, are you okay?” Niu Da asked, scanning Liu Feng for any injuries.

“I’m fine, I just killed a few people,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

“Phew… that’s good!” Niu Da and Niu Er both breathed sighs of relief. If Liu Feng got hurt any way, then their parents would skin them once and Nicole would skin them three times.

“There is a group of beastkins in the woods outside North Wind City that is willing to follow us back to West Sun City. Take them to the ship and feed them. Don’t worry about trying to save wheat,” Liu Feng said.

“Yes!” Niu Da nodded.

“Go then. We’re going to depart tomorrow morning. Make sure to keep vigilant. Don’t let your guards down. Remember to arrange people to keep guard during the night. Also give them a large meal,” Liu Feng said. It was important to be as vigilant as possible while outside.

“Yes!” Niu Da nodded and walked away with Niu Er.

Liu Feng continued to walk to the port. As he scanned the structures and buildings in North Wind City, Liu Feng reached a conclusion- the commoners in North Wind City were also poor even though North Wind City was prosperous.

Well, this does fit this world’s style- rich nobles sucking off the poor commoners and looking down on them. What a joke.

“Young Master, you’re a good person, you really are,” Tess said.

Allowing 400 beastkins to have their fill or the same as letting 1,000 humans have their fill- this would be a huge burden on many nobles.

Liu Feng smiled. “I can’t promise much, but the one thing I can do for the people that are willing to follow me is to let them have proper meals.”

They might think that he was a good person, but he did have motives for doing things. It might be because his way of thinking was different from this world.

Tess was pondering whether or not she should call over her sister and the beastkins in her tribe.

Ehh… I’ll leave that for later. I did snuck out after all, so I’d get whooped if I went back now.

They soon arrived at the port. There were only a few soldiers standing guard at the port, and they all breathed sighs of relief when they saw Liu Feng.

Liu Feng got on the ship with Mina and Tess.

“Tess, what do you like to eat?” Liu Feng asked, stretching his fingers.

“I’m not a picky eater!” Tess said. “I just need a lot of food.”

“Don’t worry, there’s definitely enough for you to eat,” Liu Feng nodded. He checked the boxes they had brought with them. There wasn’t much time, so he had to make some fast food.

“Got it!” Liu Feng took out some corn noodles from the box and turned to Tess. “I’ll let you eat noodles.”

“Let me eat your bottom?”¹ Tess’s eyes widened and blushed as her eyes lowered to looked at Liu Feng’s… bottom part.

“Young Master, you…” Mina’s has dropped and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Feng asked, frowning. He looked at them and soon understood what had happened. He hit both of them on the head and raised the bag of noodles. “This noodle! These are noodles!”

“Ah?” Tess looked at the bag. What are noodles?

“…” Mina had eaten noodles before so she was extremely embarrassed for thinking dirty. She covered her face in shame.

“Mina, go take a bath and change your clothes. You’re going to the nobles’ banquet with me.,” Liu Feng said while he opened the bag and put the corn noodles into the pot.

Nicole would organize some things Liu Feng brought from Earth. For example, she had taken the corn noodles out of their original packet and put them in a paper bag.

“Ah? Young Master, you’re taking me to the nobles banquet?” Mina asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Liu Feng said. “Go and take a bath. There isn’t much time left.”

“No, Young master, no noble would bring a female beastkin with them to a nobles’ banquet,” Mina said. She didn’t want to make Liu Feng lose face.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 下面. Has 2 meanings. The first meaning is to make/cook noodles, and the second meaning is bottom. Many jokes, especially ones involving puns, are lost in translation.

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