Volume 1 Chapter 30: Toxic as Always

It was already nighttime when Wu Xue regained her consciousness. She still clearly remembered what had happened- Ye Yong had kissed her.

If Ye Yong had kissed Wu Xue when she had first became his maid, she would obviously be scared and afraid to resist, but now, she just felt very happy and sweet. However, when she thought of how she was just a maid without any strength of status, the happiness and sweetness she felt instantly diminished.

“You’re awake?” Ye Yong asked, bringing dinner into Wu Xue’s room.

“Young Master, you can’t do this!” Wu Xue quickly crawled up.

“I’ve already told you, you’re my person, so it’s fine to do some things for you,” Ye Yong said, looking at Wu Xue. “How is your body?”

“It’s much better now.”

“Really? Then how come your temperature is so high?” Ye Yong asked as he put his hand under her chin and stroked her cheeks.

Wu Xue’s temperature rose even more. Her eyes were teary from embarrassment. “Please don’t tease me, Young Master.”

Ye Yong wanted to kiss her again, but he thought she could faint again, which would delay her cultivation, which would be bad.

Yes, Wu Xue was cute, but Ye Yong needed to have strength to protect her, and she needed to have the strength to protect herself. Ye Yong was going to take her with him to the Heavenly Luo Sect, and competition in there was fierce. Even Ye Yong in the novel had plenty of enemies.

“Go ahead and eat. After you finish, follow the steps I said to cultivate.”

“Okay,” Wu Xue said, nodding.

Ye Yong just sat by the side watching Wu Xue eat slowly and elegantly.

After Wu Xue finished eating, Ye Yong told Wu Xue a few things that she should pay attention to and prepared to leave, but before he could do so, Wu Xue grabbed his shirt. “Young Master, how long are you going to be in seclusion for?”

“There are 8 days until the Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment date, so I’ll probably be in seclusion for 7 days to be in my best condition.” Actually Ye Yong just wanted to quickly break through to the Crystallization Realm to show off.

“So that means that I won’t be able to see Young Master for 7 days, I- I want to hug you, Young Master, is that okay?” Wu Xue was a maid, and logically speaking, she didn’t have the right to request anything from Ye Yong, who was her master, but she couldn’t contain herself.

“Of course. You can hug me even if you don’t ask,” Ye Yong said, hugging her.

Wu Xue had a very bad life. She was weak and sickly from a young age, creating a huge burden on her family. Then, after her parents went missing, her uncle despised her and sold her like a product. Then, if things went according to the novel, Ye Yong would beat her frequently. Wu Xue was mentally and phyiscally exhausted every day.

Luckily, Ye Yong had appeared before the start of the novel. Not only did he not treat Wu Xue as a slave, but he also spoiled her and cared for her, so it wasn’t weird that Wu Xue treated him as a close person.

“As long as I’m here, no one can bully you,” Ye Yong whispered.

“En.” Wu Xue shakily hugged Ye Yong back, and when Ye Yong didn’t do anything else, she carefully buried her head in Ye Yong’s embrace. It had been a long time since Wu Xue felt so safe.

Favorability rating +2.

What an easy to please cutie. “Have to go cultivate now,” Ye Yong said after a while, letting go of Wu Xue. Wu Xue also reluctantly let go of Ye Yong, and she lowered her head in embarrassment. “Okay.”

5 days later…

“Establishment Foundation Realm 10th layer! With the rate that I’m consuming beyond-grade pills, even pigs would ascend,” Ye Yong sighed. “However, in the novel, Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators all don’t recommend using too much pills as that would make the foundation unstable.”

Ye Yong took out a Crystallization Auxiliary Stone and prepared to break through to the Crystallization Realm.

What happened next wasn’t within his expectations but didn’t really surprise him either.

Foundation Establishment Realm 11th layer!

“This is just toxic…” Ye Yong was helpless.

I want Crystallization Realm! Crystallization Realm! How am I supposed to show off my 11th layer of Foundation Establishment Realm?

“Well, seems like Qin Shi Meng will be the only one showing off,” Ye Yong sighed. “Whatever, let’s just cultivate. Ignoring other elements, using every increase in layer equal to 1 battle point, Qi Refinement Realm 20th layer should be equal to Foundation Establishment 5th or 6th layer, and Foundation Establishment Realm should be about Crystallization Realm 4th or 5th layer? Adding on the fact that I have 8 spiritual veins and have way more spiritual energy than normal cultivators, that means that I can fight Crystallization Realm 1st layer cultivators with my current cultivation at the 11th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

Since Foundation Establishment Realm 11th layer still used spiritual energy instead of the condensed spiritual crystals, the spiritual energy that Ye Yong could store was less than that of Crystallization Realm 2nd layer cultivators. However, once Ye Yong broke through to the Crystallization Realm and his large amount of spiritual energy gets condensed into spirtual crystals, he might become invincible and get dozens of spiritual crystals and be able to fight cultivators at the 10th layer of the Crystallization Realm while only being at the 1st layer himself.

However, Ye Yong wasn’t really sure what would happen as he had yet to get to that realm. His only worry was that when he got to the 10th layer of the Crystallization Realm, everyone else would already be at the Golden Core Realm while he would be stuck cultivating through the 11th layer to the 20th layer. Sure, he can easily fight those cultivators that had higher realms than him, but in cultivation worlds, cultivation realms was one of the most important things when cultivators meet- those with low cultivations would be looked down on.

“Well, thinking of it this way, I’m also kind of like pretending to be a pig and eating tigers,” Ye Yong consoled himself.

“There’s still 2 days left, I should try to at least get to the peak stage of the 11th layer or even break through to the 12th layer.

2 days later, Ye Yong came out of seclusion. Having spent 2 days cultivating his divine art, sucking in spiritual energy, and crazily consuming pills, Ye Yong got to the peak stage of the 11th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm and was almost at the 12th layer- a realm that no one had ever heard about.

Every realm had a huge power gap. No matter how strong a cultivator at the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm was, it would be nearly impossible for them to beat cultivators at the 1st layer of the Crystallization Realm- unless they had the male lead aura.

While Ye Yong didn’t have the male lead aura, he had a cheat. As such, even though he was just at the Foundation Establishment Realm, he was confident that he could fight against a cultivator in the 2nd layer of the Crystallization Realm.

Besides getting more spiritual energy, his idling system seemed to cultivate his cultivation arts faster than before due to his increase in cultivation.

His 38 mystery grade cultivation arts had all reached the exceptional stage of proficiency. Who else could do such a thing? Not even the male lead could do it.

And all of this, was because Ye Yong worked hard… to get transcend points to buy the idling system to let the battle arts cultivate themselves.

Ye Yong had been using his divine mental art the whole time after he had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm and the progress had reached 40. On the other hand, since the Heavenly grade battle art [Ten Thousand Appearances Heavenly Sword] had been cultivating itself the whole time, it’s progress was slower and was only at 30. The 2 other heavenly grade battle arts that Ye Yong had purchased at a later date was at a progress of 27.

Ye Yong wasn’t anxious about the progress of the Heavenly grade battle arts. One had to be at the Golden Core Realm to be able to use a part of a heavenly grade battle art’s power, using half of the power required the Nascent Soul Realm, using most of the power required the Ascension, and using all of the power required the Void Realm.

Heavenly grade battle arts weren’t the best of the lower worlds for no reason- each one could cause bloody wind and rain.

As for the divine art, well, it was made for Ye Yong’s physique, so the stronger the divine art was, the stronger his physique would be. After he reached the second layer of the divine art, he would be able to use chaotic energy.

Chaotic energy was extremely powerful and could even scare immortals. It was a type of divine energy, and once Ye Yong became able to use it, he could even fight Golden Core Realm cultivators even if he was just at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Of course, chaotic energy was extremely rare, and everyone wanted to either obtain it or destroy it if they couldn’t. As such, Ye Yong needed to be like the male lead and not use chaotic energy unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, once people found out and spread the news, Ye Yong would be in danger.

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