Volume 1 Chapter 31: Provocation Event

Wu Xue was cultivating seclusion in her own room. Well, not really, since she continued to have her meals properly and clean Ye Yong’s clothes when she had the time. Even with all that, however, she had gotten into the Qi Refinement Realm.

Being in the Qi Refinement Realm didn’t mean that one was an immortal cultivator. Martial cultivators also had Qi Refinement Realm, and there wasn’t much difference between the 2, except for the fact that there were way fewer martial cultivators than immortal cultivators that could break through the Qi Refinement Realm. This was because martial cultivation had stricter and harsher conditions than immortal cultivation. The realm after the Qi Refinement Realm for martial cultivators was the Flesh Refinement Realm.

The Flesh Refinement Realm was kind of like the Foundation Establishment Realm. It was basically just building the foundation and strengthening the flesh and body of the cultivator.

After Wu Xue broke through to the Flesh Refinement Realm, she wouldn’t become bulky at all- rather, she would become more petite and be rid of unwanted and excess fat, which would also cause her breasts to not grow as well. However, her flesh would become much much stronger, and at the very least, she would not be able to be injured by mortal weapons.

After the Flesh Refinement Realm would be the Bone Refinement Realm. Strengthening the flesh wasn’t enough- they also had to strengthen their bones. Only strong flesh and bones could withstand the recoil from releasing energy qi. Otherwise, martial cultivators wouldn’t be able to fight at all because their bones would break from the recoil from using martial arts.

After the Bone Refinement Realm was the Organ Refinement Realm. As the name suggests, the Organ Refinement Realm was a realm where martial cultivators refine their organs. Successfully doing so would greatly increase their lifespan and allow them to survive without needing to eat.

After that was the Vein Refinement Realm. Humans have a lot of veins in their body. The more energy veins they could unlock and use, the stronger their energy qi would be. 

Wu Xue had the Five Vessels Divine Physique, so martial cultivation wasn’t a problem for her. The only thing she needed was time to grow.

After consuming the beyond-grade Qi Refinement Pill that Ye Yong had giving her, Wu Xue had broken through to the 2nd layer of the Qi Refinement Realm. While it wasn’t as much of an accomplishment as Ye Yong, she was still extremely fast for being reaching the 2nd layer in just 7 days. This proved just how talented she was and how amazing her divine physique was.

“I wonder when Young Master will come out of seclusion.” For the past few days, when she wasn’t cultivating, Wu Xue liked to stand in front of Ye Yong’s seclusion room. Sure, she wasn’t able to see Ye Yong, but it didn’t stop her from fantasizing (T/N: about what?). In the novel, Wu Xue was strong and independent, but currently, she didn’t experience that many hardships because Ye Yong had spoiled her. As such, Wu Xue wasn’t as strong and independent as she was in the novel and instead a bit softer and sweeter.

Wu Xue had been preparing to visit Ye Yong again when she heard a sound coming from outside.

“Young Master!” Wu Xue was excited and quickly ran outside, but instead of seeing Ye Yong, she saw Ye Mao and his lapdogs.

“Where’s Ye Yong?” After consuming the spirit energy grass, the wild snake’s blood, and the 10 perfect grade Qi Gathering Pills that his dad had given him, he finally broke through to the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. The first thing he did after reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm 6th layer was to find Ye Yong and rub salt in his wound.

At first, he wanted to go to Qin Shi Meng to change how she thought of him, but Qin Shi Meng had already reached the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Unless there was a miracle, there was no way that Ye Mao could catch up to her. However, as someone who reached the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at the age of 20, he could still be considered a genius.

“Young Master is in seclusion,” Wu Xue said. She was still shy in front of people other than Ye Yong.

“You seem to have fine skin and tender flesh. What, did Ye Yong’s personality change and became too soft to hit people? Or is it because he doesn’t have any strength length to hit anyone due to being crippled?” Ye Mao was similar to Ye Yong in terms of their personality- they were both arrogant and thought highly of themselves. Ye Mao looked down on Wu Xue, who didn’t have any status at all. Sure, she was cute, but in the end, she was just a useless mortal in his mind.

Ye Mao’s lapdog didn’t dare to do anything to Wu Xue because she had a higher status than them- she was, after all, Ye Yong’s maid.

As for why Ye Mao held such a grudge against Ye Yong, well, it was mostly because of the time when he had brought back the wild snake’s body and Ye Yong had scared his underlings into speaking the truth about what had happened, which had caused him to lose face and unable to show off.

Now that Ye Yong’s mother is in seclusion and I have broken through to the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm and received the acknowledgment of quite a few elders and can definitely become a first-rate disciple in the Heavenly Luo Sect, my time has come! Ye Yong made me lose face in public, so how can I not make him lose face as well?

“Young Master isn’t a cripple!” Wu Xue said. Hearing Ye Mao talk badly about Ye Yong made Wu Xue toughen her attitude.

“He has no cultivation, so how isn’t he a cripple?”

Wu Xue wanted to say something else, but a person in white clothes with a fan in his hand walked out of the room. Ye Yong frowned when he saw Ye Mao. “I was wondering why it was so noisy. Turns out it’s you again, an extra.”

“Extra? What’s that mean?” Ye Mao didn’t really understand what it meant but he could tell that it wasn’t something good.

“That’s my question. Why did you come to my place?” Ye Yong could only see Ye Mao as a minor character that would continuously provoke a lead character. But I’m not a lead character so why come to me?

“Not much. It’s just that I broke through to the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm,” Ye Mao said, puffing up his chest.

“Oh, congratulations.”

Ye Mao was pissed. Aren’t you supposed to be jealous that I broke through? Haven’t you been crippled? “Don’t you want to say something else?”

“Should I invite you to tea?” Ye Yong thought Ye Mao was weird and didn’t understand what he wanted.

“Who needs you to invite to tea? Weren’t you a Foundation Establishment Realm 7th layer before? I came here today to ask for advice on the difference between the 6th and 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm,” Ye Mao said, emphasizing the words “ask for advice”

“Eh?” Ye Yong was taken aback. Is this a provocation event? He wasn’t very sure.

“How are you getting advice?”

“How about you stand there and feel the strength of the wind from one of my punches?” Ye Mao didn’t dare to do too much to Ye Yong- he would at most hit Ye Yong a few times to leave a few marks on him.

“Sure!” Ye Yong became excited. It was just a provocation event caused by a minor character, but it was still something that only happened to a lead character. There probably wouldn’t be many chances for that to happen to him, so he couldn’t miss it. “However, the wind from a punch won’t show the difference between the 6th or 7th layer, so I suggest that we go fist to fist.”

Ye Mao was stunned for a while and then smiled. There’s such a good thing? I don’t dare to beat you up too much, but since you wanted it yourself, then you can’t blame me.

“Fists and feet have no eyes. Are you sure?” Ye Mao quickly put his smile away and pretended to be worried.

“Of course. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely let you understand the difference.” Ye Yong had long wanted to personally experience what it felt like to show off and hit someone’s face (T/N: figuratively, though I guess you can say it’s both figuratively and literally). Well, Ye Yong still didn’t know Ye Mao’s name or that Ye Mao was his elder cousin, but even if Ye Yong did know, he wouldn’t care, because Ye Mao was just a minor character that sent his head to the male lead. “Let’s go outside. It’ll be bad if we break the furniture inside.”

“Okay, since that’s how you think, then I, as the elder cousin, will satisfy you.”

They got out of the residence, and Wu Xue was standing under the eaves. She wasn’t worried about Ye Yong because she had been there when Ye Yong had showed his cultivation to Lin Wei. Even though she hadn’t cultivated at that time and couldn’t tell Ye Yong’s cultivation, but she had heard Lin Wei mention that Ye Yong was at the 6th layer of the Establishment Realm.

So many days have passed already. Young Master must have already returned to the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“I’ll just use 10% of my strength.” Ye Mao stood in front of Ye Yong and thought that 10% of his strength would be enough to break Ye Yong’s hand. I need to give this ignorant younger cousin of mine a lesson so he doesn’t get beaten to death for being arrogant when outside.

“Don’t, please don’t use 10% of your strength.”

“Too much? Then how about 5%?”

“No, I mean that you should use your full strength,” Ye Yong said with a serious expression.

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