Chapter 141: Liu Feng Family’s Mina

Liu Feng grabbed 3 sausages, turned his head to look at Mina, and smiled. “Then I’ll be the first noble to bring a female beastkin to a nobles’ banquet, and a beautiful cat beastkin at that!”

Mina blushed slightly. “But, Young Master, if you bring me with you, you’ll be laughed at.”

Liu Feng smiled. “Then, Lady Mina, do you think I am scared of being laughed at? By some nobles?

“I-” Mina looked at Liu Feng. She was way too familiar with the smile- it often appeared in her dreams. She slowly shook her head, smiling. “No!” She knew that Liu Feng didn’t care about what others think, and it was this characteristic that attracted her and many others.

“Then shouldn’t you go and take a bath now?”

Liu Feng turned around and focused on cutting the sausages. “We live for ourselves and those we hold dear to ourselves and not for those that hate us. Just because they hate it, does that mean we shouldn’t do something? Don’t have such stupid thoughts. Just remember that you are my family’s Mina. You just need to care about what I think.”

“I… I…” Mina smiled, tears flowing down her face. Even so, her smile was beautiful. The sharpness in her body slowly dissipated as the weight on her body from killing silently disappeared.

“I understand!” Mina said, wiping away her tears. Liu Feng would often move her to tears, and that was changing her mindset.

“Go quickly. Use extra soap,” Liu Feng said softly. “You’ve worked hard today.”

“Yes!” Mina said. She silently shook her head. No, I’m not the one that has worked hard. It’s you, the one that is supporting a land of paradise for us beastkin, that have worked hard.

“Tess, you should go and take a bath too.”

Tess was still in shock when Mina pulled her away. What’s up with these 2? She felt somewhat jealous of the exchange between Liu Feng and Mina. Tess stared at Mina’s back. She could tell that Mina was relaxed- just like how she felt after her sister whooped her. She did, after all, did bad things and would feel anxious while waiting to be whooped. After her sister whooped her, everything returned back to calmness and even chewing on tree bark would feel nice.

“Mina, what’s your relationship with Young Master? Lovers?” Tess asked.

Mina froze and staggered a bit, blushing. “Wh- what? What lovers? No- no such thing.”

“Really?” Tess looked at Mina, who was anxiously waving her arms. She smirked, “Then could it be that you have a crush on Young Master?”

“Idiot cow! You’re too loud!” Mina yelled, rushing to cover Tess’s mouth and anxiously looking around.

Tess was confused. Who’s the loud one? You’re so horrible at being teased, just like my big sis who can’t even read The Love Diary of a Noble Girl without having her whole face turn red!


“What? If you dare to speak to anyone about this, I’ll slice off these 2 things,” Mina said, using her military knife to slice the air in front of Tess’s breasts.

“Mmmmm…” Tess yanked away Mina’s hand that was covering her mouth and panted. “You almost suffocated me to death!” Tess rolled her eyes.

“Eh…” Mina put her military knife away, embarrassed. She realized that she had been too anxious.

“Quickly go, you’re too stinky, you need to wash your thoroughly.” Mina dragged Tess away without giving her a chance to say anything.

“I just…”

“I just smelled your stink.”


“But you smell bad!”

“…” Tess’s mouth twitched. Do I really smell that bad? She lifted her arm and smelled it.


“Hey hey! Why did you faint?” Mina asked, surprised. “Right! Young Master said if someone suddenly fainted, you can wake them up by pinching their nose.”

“Ah! It hurts!” Tess screamed and jumped up, rubbing her nose.

“Phew… Why did you suddenly faint?” Mina asked, worried. “Did you get injured today?”

“No- nothing. I was just too hungry, right, I was too hungry!” Tess said, smiling embarrassingly. She couldn’t bare to say that she had fainted from smelling herself. But how is that possible? Wasn’t it only half a year… Eh? No, it’s because of that animal hide clothing. That really stinks, so much that it made me faint.

“… Hungry? Then hurry up and take a bath.” Mina dragged Tess into the bathroom. The bathroom had been made recently. There were 2 large wooden buckets it.

After they filled the 2 buckets, they started to take off their clothes, and Mina’s eyes widened as she looked at Tess. She had just realized just how large Tess’s things were- they were almost twice the size of her own things.

“What is this thing that smells so good? Is it edible?” Tess asked, putting the soap in front of her mouth. She wanted to lick it.

“Stop! That’s not for eating!” Mina quickly snatched the bar of soap from Tess and rubbed it on herself. “This is used to wash your body.”

“It smells so nice! Too bad I can’t eat it.” Tess took another bar of soap and copied Mina. Soon, bubbles appeared, but her bubbles were black while Mina’s bubbles were white.

Mina also saw that and resisted the urge to laugh. She had seen the exact same situation before when she first let Anri take a bath using a bar of soap. “You just need to wash a few more times,” Mina reassured Tess. She used the water in a small bucket to wash down her whole body and went into the large wooden bucket.

“Oh!” Tess washed until the bar of soap became much thinner before the bubbles that she made turned white.

“Go in the bucket for a while and then you can go and eat!” Mina urged. She hadn’t forgotten that she was supposed to go to the nobles’ banquet with Liu Feng.

“Okay!” Tess got into the wooden bucket. “Feels great!”

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