Volume 1 Chapter 32: Thank You

“Full strength? What if I kill you…?” Ye Mao didn’t know what Ye Yong was thinking. Do you not have any idea where your limits are? There’s a war between cultivators and mortals that mortals can never pass! If I use my full strength then not a bit of you would be left!

“That would only be because I am not good enough. Don’t worry, everyone here can testify for me and won’t let the elders blame you.”

Ye Mao’s underlings were also confused by Ye Yong’s actions, but they could only nod their heads when Ye Mao looked at them.

Of course, Ye Mao didn’t dare to kill Ye Yong. After all, they were family, and Ye Yong was his younger cousin. His goal had changed from leaving marks on Ye Yong’s face to crippling one of his hands. “Okay, don’t say anything else. I have my own thoughts.”

“If you don’t use your full strength, then don’t blame me if you take a loss,” Ye Yong smiled slightly.

“A mere mortal,” Ye Mao smiled coldly throwing a punch at Ye Yong. He didn’t use any battle arts and was just punching with his body which had been strengthened by spiritual energy.

Ye Yong slowly raised his fist to meet with Ye Mao’s fist. The two fists soon collided.


Ye Yong was still standing where he was while Ye Mao was holding his hand and screaming on the ground.

“What happened?” Ye Mao’s underlings looked at each other in confusion.

Ye Yong really liked the feeling of satisfaction he got from showing off. “I already told you. It’s your own fault for not listening. Do you want to continue?”

“Of course we’re continuing!” Ye Mao’s hand hurt, but he thought that it was only because he had been too careless. Ye Yong actually isn’t really a cripple, he just crippled his cultivation. His physique that had been forged long ago is still there and his body is still strong. Ye Mao switched to a different hand and decided to use his spiritual energy this time and use about 20% of his strength. 20% strength shouldn’t be able to kill Ye Yong. It’ll at most cause him to get internal injuries. I’ll just give him some pills for internal injuries later.

Ye Mao threw another punch, and Ye Yong once again slowly raised his fist.

“Ah!” Ye Mao fell to the ground again and held his hand in pain. “This is impossible! You don’t have any cultivation, so how is your physical body this strong?”

“Who told you that I don’t have any cultivation? Did you personally confirm it?” Ye Yong shook his head and looked at Ye Mao with pity.

Ye Yong had looked at Ye Mao that exact way before, and anger immediately blinded Ye Mao.

I’m a guy at the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm! Even if you have cultivated, you would at most be at the Qi Refinement Realm! Tremble and kneel under my cultivation at the Foundation Establishment Realm 6th layer!

Ye Mao threw another punch with 80% of his strength. This time, Ye Mao no longer fell to the ground. Instead, he got knocked back onto the wall. Having suffered internal injuries, Ye Mao spat out blood. He looked at Ye Yong in shock. “Your cultivation hadn’t disappeared! You’re still at Foundation Establishment Realm 7th layer! Only Foundation Establishment Realm 7th layer cultivators can injure me this easily!”

“Wrong.” Ye Yong shook his head.

“Could you already be at the 8th layer?”

Ye Yong shook his head again.

“9th layer?”

Ye Yong continued shaking his head.

“10th layer? There’s no way you’re already at the Crystallization Realm, right?”

“I certainly haven’t.” Ye Yong wasn’t going to tell Ye Mao that he was at the 11th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Besides, no one would believe him even if he said it, with the exception of Wu Xue and Lin Wei.

“But my grandfather said that you don’t have any cultivation left…” Ye Mao couldn’t accept what had happened. He had only been the lead genius of the Ye Family for a few days! He couldn’t accept the fact that he already had to give up his position and hand it over.

“Sometimes even elders might get things wrong.” Ye Yong had originally planned to show off the next day on the assessment date, but he didn’t mind letting out a bit of rumor saying that he actually still had cultivation. The reason was that it would be too annoying otherwise. Ye Mao was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm 6th layer and still dared to provoke him.

Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment date was tomorrow, and being a former genius that was previously engaged to Qin Shi Meng, Ye Yong was naturally a target of jealousy for many people. It would be very annoying for Ye Yong to have just any random person provoke him because they think that he was a mortal.

Ye Yong would only bother to show off to those talented geniuses, not the background characters. He wasn’t as bored as the male lead was and would go off to fight some useless background character 24/7 to show off to pretty much no one.

“If there’s nothing else, then please go back.” Ye Yong waved his hand. Ye Mao just got some internal injuries from the impact and would just need to take some recovery pills and would recover the next day, which wouldn’t affect his ability to take the Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment at all. As such, it was unlikely that Ye Mao’s parents would come to make trouble for him.

“Young Master Ye Yong, actually, we came here today to… ask if you need any help carrying your luggage!” The underlings changed their attitudes faster than one could flip a page in a book when they saw that Ye Yong was stronger than Ye Mao. They hadn’t insulted Ye Yong earlier, so they would at most make Ye Mao unhappy if they defected and changed sides.

“Scram, I don’t need your help. Not bothering me is help.” Ye Yong didn’t understand why the villainous young masters in the novels always stayed with their male underlings. Does it feel that good to be kissed in the ass? Being with cute maids is so much nicer. Ye Yong didn’t want to be around male underlings 24/7, and he didn’t need them anyways.

After Ye Mao and his underlings left, Wu Xue came over with a handkerchief and wiped away Ye Yong’s nonexistent sweat. “Young Master, are you hungry? I’ll go get some food for you to eat.”

Ye Yong was already in the Foundation Establishment Realm, so he didn’t need to eat and just needed to absorb spiritual energy. However, eating with Wu Xue would increase her favorability rating.

“Sure,” Ye Yong said, grabbing Wu Xue’s hand. ‘But before that…”

Ha- have dessert? Wu Xue was extremely nervous and a little happy.

“How’s your cultivation going?” Ye Yong asked, betraying her expectations.

“Qi Refinement 2nd layer…” Wu Xue said without excitement, lowering her head.

“Qi Refinement 2nd layer in 7 days is amazing. Why aren’t you happy?” Ye Yong asked. Even he was happy, so he thought that Wu Xue would be happier because he thought that she always desired to become stronger.

“I am very happy,” Wu Xue said, squeezing out a smile.

“You improved so fast, so I must give you a reward.”

“Re- reward!” Wu Xue instantly became excited again.

Young Master kissed me for forging my physique last time. Now that I can cultivate, what reward will I get?

“Here, this is a yellow-grade rank 5 blade, take it,” Ye Yong said, giving Wu Xue a reward that wasn’t what she wanted.

A yellow-grade rank 5 blade wasn’t very strong, but it was still something that many Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators from ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to use because it was expensive. However, Ye Yong had gotten it for only 10 transcend points. After all, being expensive was only to ordinary cultivators, and that didn’t mean that there wasn’t an abundance of them.

Abundant items were things that the system sold very cheaply. Even immortal herbs that weren’t very old or rare only cost a few thousand transcend points- cheaper than a full heavenly-grade mental art. However, immortal herbs were consumable items and were for one-time use while mental arts continuously supported a cultivator’s cultivation, so the difference in pricing was reasonable.

Ye Yong gave Wu Xue such a cheap item not because he was stingy, but because giving her a weapon that was too good would cause people to target her for the weapon. Giving Wu Xue a weapon was to let her have a better means of protecting herself- not to cause trouble for her.

“Th- thank you, Young Master,” Wu Xue said, accepting the weapon and showing a bitter smile.

Translator’s Notes:

So I went back to the previous chapters to check some stuff because I hadn’t put down something in my notes, and it seems like I might have mixed up ranks and grades and that stuff. So, here are the classifications that I will be using for different things.

Cultivation arts: grades

Proficiency: stages

Pills: grade then rank; each grade has multiple ranks (Ex: middle-grade rank 3)

Spirit stones: grades

Weapons: grades then rank; each grade has multiple ranks (Ex: mystery-grade rank 7)

Cultivation: realms then layer; each realm has multiple layers

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