Chapter 142: Bringing Canned Fish as Gifts

Mina and Tess spent about half an hour bathing. They were both about 1.6 meters tall (about 5 foot 3 inches).

“Mina, your clothes is so tight!” Tess said, tugging on the clothes that she was wearing. She was used to wearing large and loose clothes. Mina’s clothes were fine except that the chest portion was a bit too tight for her.

Mina’s mouthed twitched as she looked at Tess’s chest. “Just bear with it for now. We’ll get some custom-made clothes for you when we get back to the castle.” Mina was debating whether or not she should let Tess wear Anri’s clothes. It would probably only cover half of her things. Mina smiled as she imagined Anri going crazy from the sight.

“Mina, are you thinking about something bad?” Tess asked, staring at Mina’s evil grin.

“No, nothing at all!” Mina said, walking away.

“Really nothing?” Tess ran a little to catch up to Mina. It seemed as if her clothes were going to explode any second.

“Nothing! You’re overthinking,” Mina said, holding in her laughter.

“Oh. But your smile previously was just like a cat stealing and eating fish without permission,” Tess said.

“Eh? You know about fish?” Mina asked, her eyes widening.

“I do! Big Sis caught fish for me to eat before. They taste really good, but they’re hard to catch. Big Sis always had to jump in the water to catch them,” Tess said, licking her lips.

“Yeah, they taste really good. Young Master knows how to cook fish. We caught a lot yesterday,” Mina said. She was almost drooling from the thought.

“Wow! That good? Then are there any more fish now?” Tess asked.

“Eh,.. probably,” Mina said, staring at Tess with vigilance. “Young Master need those to experiment with, not for eating.

“Mina, why are you so nervous?” Tess asked, getting her face close to Mina and narrowing her eyes. “Are you afraid that I would eat all the fish?”

“N- no. I- I didn’t think that,” Mina said, looking away.

“Then I want to eat a lot of fish.”

“You can’t! Young Master left them for me!”

“Hehe… you admitted it!”

“N- no, I didn’t…”

Mina and Tess argued the whole time they walked to the dining room in the ship. Liu Feng had also finished bathing and was currently drying his hair.

“It smells so good!” Tess said, her eyes glowing as she stared at the steaming noodles on the table.

“Finished bathing?” Liu Feng said, turning his head. He stopped for a bit when he saw Tess. She looks pretty decent after cleaning herself.

Tess had purple hair that reached her waists, a slightly baby-like face, a hot body, and a pair of small horns on her head.

“Young Master, can I eat this?” Tess asked, staring at the noodles.

“Yes, it’a all for you,” Liu Feng said. He had given Tess 10 servings of noodles. According to his past experiences, all pretty women ate a lot.

“Wow! Young Master, you’re such a good person!” Tess exclaimed, jumping up in excitement, making the things in front of her bounce up and down. She quickly got to the table and looked at the food in the bowls. There were noodles, eggs, and meat.

“Quickly go and eat! Noodles taste better when hot,” Liu Feng said, smiling.

“En!” Tess picked up the forked and pointed at the red stuff inside the bowl. “Young Master, what is this red thing?”

“Sausage. Made from pork,” Liu Feng answered.

“Made from pork!” Tess was satisfied as soon as she heard that the sausages were made from meat. She put the sausage in her mouth, and her eyes widened as she chewed.

Tess only came back to her senses after she swallowed. She stared at the sausages, mumbling, “This is the best food that I have ever eaten, 100 times better than the fish that Big Sis makes.”

“Would the noodles also be this good?” Tess picked up some noodles and put them in her mouth. She chewed for a little bit before putting more noodles into her mouth.

“So good! Really… it’s so so good…” Tess didn’t have anything else to say and just focused on eating the noodles. She yelled in excitement everytime she took a bite.

“Young Master, I’ll help you!” Mina said, going behind Liu Feng and taking the towel to dry his hair.

“What gift should I bring to the banquet later tonight?” Liu Feng asked, smiling. “How about bringing some canned fish?”

People that attended nobles’ banquet usually brought gifts so as to show that they weren’t there to take advantage of the free food and drinks. The gift didn’t have to be expensive- it could be something like a bouquet of flowers.

“All up to you, Young Master,” Mina said softly.

“Then let’s also bring some desserts,” Liu Feng said, nodding. He didn’t have much expectations for a nobles’ banquet. He had to bring some stuff for himself to eat. While it was somewhat impolite, it would at least save him from suffering.

“Ok! Then should we also bring some drinks?” Mina asked. She knew that Liu Feng didn’t like wheat wine or bitter tea.

“Bring some coffee. There should be milk-flavored coffee in the boxes,” Liu Feng said. He shivered when he thought of the bitter tea.

“Okay!” Mina quickly went to prepare stuff.

Liu Feng rested his chin on his hand and looked at Tess, who was sweating from eating. Her mouth hadn’t stopped moving, and her head was slightly rocking as she ate. She was happy from eating. 

“Lord Liu Feng, North Wind City Lord has sent over a carriage!” Sinke yelled from outside.

“Let them wait,” Liu Feng said.

5 minutes later, Mina came out holding a backpack with 2 cans of fish in her hands.

“Let’s go,” Liu Feng said, taking the canned fish. Sinke took the cans from Liu Feng when he got off the ship.

“Sinke! You’re going with me tonight,” Liu Feng said as he got on the carriage.

Sinke froze for a split second before immediately nodding his head. “Yes!”

In nobles’ banquets, besides bringing a female companion, participants could also bring 1 or 2 knights in case of any incidents. Of couse, the knights couldn’t go into the inner hall- they could only stay in the outer hall and eat or tease the maids or try to get information from others.

Sinke could feel the jealously from his comrades. Being able to attend a nobles banquet with Liu Feng meant that Liu Feng trusted his ability.

I wonder what a nobles’ banquet is like. Will the food be better than the food in the cafeteria?

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