Volume 1 Chapter 33: Where Did the Fire Plow Go?

Meanwhile, Cheng Ying City, a certain busy commercial street…

A young man with an average-looking face, plain clothes, and energetic eyes were currently choosing things to buy. His name was Long Tian. He was someone that would hardly stand out from a crowd, but he was the one person that Ye Yong did not want to get tangled with.

Although Long Tian didn’t get the spirit energy grass and the wild snake’s blood in the novel, he had still reached the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm using the special space within his jade pendant and absorbing the 100 low-grade spirit stones.

Being at the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at 18 was a great accomplishment, which made Long Tian a bit cocky about his speed. However, he was humbled by the news of Qin Shi Meng having reached the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at the age of 17.

The world is a vast place, and there will always be people better than you.

However, Long Tian couldn’t understand how Qin Shi Meng was able to cultivate from the 5th layer to the 10th layer in just 2 months. Even wolfing down pills can’t make you that fast. Could she also have a special space with a jade pendant?

Long Tian’s jade pendant slightly lit up, and an old voice sounded in his head. ‘Not likely. Specials spaces that can change the flow of time are scarce in a lower world. I’ve told you before, the jade pendant you are currently wearing is from the immortal world…’

‘Then how is she…’

‘Maybe because she was already talented and then encountered a fortuitous opportunity or obtained a mental art or something. It’s just reaching the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm in 2 months. The cultivation speed of you guys in the lowers worlds is slower than the cultivation speeds of newborn infants in the immortal world.

Long Tian had heard that many times before, so he didn’t really care. I’ve already cultivated the [Chaotic Origin Divine Art] that you gave me to the 2nd layer, so how come I still can’t use the chaotic energy that you were talking about?’

‘Even though you have the Chaotic Physique, you still have a long way to go to get the Chaotic Origin Divine Physique. Don’t rush, after we find things that can strengthen your physique, you will be able to use chaotic energy. What you need to think about now is how to obtain resources from the Heavenly Luo Sect.’

That’s right, Long Tian came to shop today to prepare to get into the Heavenly Luo Sect. Actually, with the Fallen Immortal Elder by his side, there was no one who would be able to teach Long Tian how to cultivate. The problem, however, was that Long Tian was a poor rogue cultivator without any resources. As his cultivation increased, he would need more and more resources, so he needed to join a sect to get enough resources.

Sects had a place called Contribution Hall, where disciples could earn contribution points to exchange for extra resources by going outside and completing quests. Long Tian decided to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect because it was a top, justice sect rich in resources. He could easily become a new first-class disciple in the Heavenly Luo Sect as an 18-year-old in the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

However, Long Tian didn’t want to stand out too much and planned to show a cultivation at the 3rd layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm and become a normal disciple. After all, he had no background and could easily die young if he shined too much. Long Tian understood the logic of developing secretly.

“Unfortunately I absorbed all the low-grade spirit stones. Otherwise, I can buy myself a yellow-grade rank 2 weapon,” Long Tian sighed, looking at the weapon store for cultivators in the distance as he walked into a mortal store called Ring Bamboo Pavilion.

“Welcome. Feel free to look around.” Seeing what Liu Feng was wearing, the store owner thought that Long Tian didn’t really have any money, so he wasn’t very enthusiastic and let Long Tian look around by himself.

Long Tian looked around and picked a human-grade rank 5 weapon. Long Tian bought it for 100 gold coins and was about to leave when the Fallen Immortal Elder suddenly let out a sound. ‘Eh?’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘There seems to be an immortal-grade weapon here before.’

‘That’s impossible. This place only sells mortal weapons.’

‘It’s slight, but I did feel the presence of an immortal weapon. Either there had been an immortal weapon here tens of thousands of years ago or the immortal weapon lost its weapon soul and lost its rank and had been here recently.’

Long Tian didn’t doubt the Fallen Immortal Elder’s judgment. Immortal weapons were extremely powerful, so the aura they left behind could last for tens of thousands of years. If it was the second option, then Long Tian desired to obtain what had once been an immortal weapon.

“store owner,” Long Tian said, pointing at the corner. “Was something there previously?”

The store owner glanced over and said, “Yeah, a fire plow passed down from my ancestors.”

“Then where did the fire plow go?”

“I gifted it to someone some time ago.”

“Gif- gifted it?” Long Tian was shocked. That’s a former immortal weapon! Even if it no longer has a weapon soul and lost its grade, it still had hope to return to its peak!

“Who did you gift it to?”

“None of your business,” the store owner said, rolling his eyes. Why would I tell you that I gifted it to a genius cultivator with an extremely bright future? Who do you think you are to be poking your nose into my business?

Seeing that the store owner didn’t have any intention to tell him more information, Long Tian sighed and left the store.

I missed a treasure! If only I had come to this store earlier! However, Long Tian wasn’t someone that would delve on something for a very long time. If he couldn’t get it, then he simply wasn’t fated to do so. If fate deemed it so, then he would get things.

Having bought a weapon, Long Tian went to a herbs store to buy some herbs so he could refine pills easily once he got to the Heavenly Luo Sect.

Ye Family…

The news of Ye Mao being beaten up soon spread through the Ye Family. Who spread the news? Obviously, it couldn’t be Ye Mao or Ye Yong. It was the underlings. After all, underlings just followed whoever gave the most benefits. Being a former genius, Ye Yong’s held a lot of power. And now that his cultivation actually wasn’t gone and that he was still a genius, the underlings would of course praise Ye Yong as much as they could. They thought that there was a chance that Ye Yong would be happy if he heard all the praise and would reward them for doing so.

“Ye Yong isn’t crippled? No way.”

“Didn’t the elders personally confirm that he crippled his own cultivation?”

Many of those in the younger generation of the Ye Family were shocked when they heard the news. The elders also heard the news, and they soon appeared in Ye Yong’s residence.

Ye Yong was currently eating with Wu Xue. The large number of elders appearing scared Wu Xue into hiding in her room.

“Elders, do you need something?” Ye Yong asked, even though he already knew what they wanted to ask. However, he thought it was weird because he thought that the news would take a while to spread and the elders would only receive it by nighttime.

“You freaking kid! Did your cultivation recover?”

“But why can’t we feel it?”

“Oh, that’s because I cultivated a qi occlusion art some time ago. I actually didn’t cripple my cultivation; I just wanted to test my qi occlusion art and see if it works. It has been more than 2 months and yet no one had discovered anything.” Ye Yong wouldn’t admit that he had recultivated. 2 months and Foundation Establishment Realm 7th layer? Who would believe him? Not to mention he was currently at the 11th layer.”

“You freaking kid! How dare you trick us!” Although the elders’ words were harsh, they were actually extremely happy. It was good that Ye Yong hadn’t been crippled- he was still the Great Zhou Dyansty’s peerless genius. Although Qin Shi Meng took all the spotlight, the Ye Family still had a genius cultivator that got to the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at 18 years old. They weren’t behind too much.

“I wasn’t playing around and trying to trick you on purpose. I just wanted to clearly see the effects of the qi occlusion art.”

“What’s the qi occlusion art that you practiced?”

“Please forgive me for not being able to answer. The qi occlusion art is something I found by accident from an ancient artifact. The elder that left behind the qi occlusion art doesn’t allow others to know about it and only let the person that found it cultivate it.”

Because cultivators had a lot of restrictions and taboos and because Ye Yong was in a villain family with elders that spoiled him, the elders didn’t press him for an answer.

The elders all took out pills and told Ye Yong to prepare himself properly to show his best strength in front of the cultivators from the Heavenly Luo Sect the next day. They didn’t linger and all left to do their own things after giving Ye Yong the pills.

“Villain family is so good,” Ye Yong commented as he stood at the door after sending off the elders.

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