Volume 1 Chapter 34: The Longest Path is the Author’s Path of Traps

Heavenly Luo Sect was a famous top sect among the 5 continents.

It was also one of the most important sects in the lower world during the beginning part of the novel as it hid many ancient secrets. 

Although the Heavenly Luo Sect in the Great Zhou Dynasty was just a branch of the main sect, it was still a powerful force. It had many Void Realm powerhouses and even a Great Ascension Realm powerhouse. It was pretty much uncontestable when not including the ancient families or hidden families.

The main sect was even more powerful- it had 10 half-saints and 3 saints.

What are saints? They were cultivators that could become immortals after experiencing and passing their tribulations.

There were countless amounts of cultivators in each millennium, but only a very small amount could become saints or even half-saints.

However, since saints had an extremely long lifespan (tens of thousands of years) (t/n: ngl that seems pretty short especially when compared to other novels), there were still plenty of saints with every few millennia adding a few saints adding to the total saint count.

After all, it wasn’t easy to become an immortal. The tribulation wasn’t a joke.

Thousands of years of hard work of cultivating, only for them to die by heavenly thunder. That would be way too tragic. As such, most of the saints just saved their strength and were waiting until they had enough confidence that they could pass the tribulation.

Even those that didn’t have the confidence didn’t just give up. After becoming a saint, there wasn’t any other way for them to increase their lifespan- they had to pass their tribulations and become an immortal if they wanted to keep living. As such, they were waiting for a change in the laws of Heaven and Earth, waiting for the heavenly tribulation to become weaker.

However, for the past a hundred thousand years, no one had been able to successfully become an immortal, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

As someone who read the novel, Ye Yong knew what the problem was. Of course, Ye Yong knew that this was reality and that things could change and didn’t have to stick to the novel, but the overall world setting of the novel was similar to this world.

To put it in simple terms, there was a huge war a hundred thousand years ago, breaking the heavenly truth and making this world unable to properly connect to the immortal world. Of course, this problem was solved after the male lead became a saint.

It was currently just the beginning part of the novel, and Ye Yong wasn’t going to think too much about the events that occurred during the middle part of the novel. As for the male lead? He couldn’t even see Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, let alone saints. It was way too early to hope for him to reach that realm.

According to the rules of novels, after the male lead reached a certain realm, enemies that pressure him would appear, and once the male lead broke through, new enemies would appear to pressure him.

The longest path that male leads took was the Author’s path of traps.

Unfortunately, even if Ye Yong knew about the path, he couldn’t do much. He had crossed into the same world that the novel was set in, so the events in this world would mainly follow the events in the novel- that is, the Author’s path of traps.

It was as good thing that Ye Yong wasn’t the male lead- otherwise, he would be annoyed to death with all the big and small enemies and dangers that would appear in the future.

“Lil Xue, you need to keep practicing this [Cloud Dispelling Blade Art]. You haven’t even gotten to the introductory stage of proficiency yet,” Ye Yong said. He was currently in the courtyard and checking Wu Xue’s progress with the mystery-grade battle art.

The [Cloud Dispelling Blade Art] was one of the 38 battle arts that Ye Yong had found in the cultivation arts palace. The idling system had cultivated it to the exceptional stage of proficiency.

Even though Ye Yong had never actually used the art, the details of the art were ingrained in his mind, so he could use it properly as if he had practiced the art for many years.

The idling system basically made Ye Yong into a black-hearted boss- doing nothing while enjoying the fruits of his employees’ labor.

But Wu Xue was different. She didn’t have an idling system, so she had to learn it by herself.

“Young Master, I have never practiced martial arts before. Are you overestimating too much by making me practice mystery-grade battle arts first?” Wu Xue said, wiping off the sweat on her head. She also wanted to perform well in front of Ye Yong, but she was just unable to perform the art properly. And why does Young Master want me to use the blade and not other weapons? I’ve never touched a blade before.

“You have more potential than you think you do…” Ye Yong suddenly realized that Wu Xue was different from the Wu Xue in the novel. She didn’t experience the violent beating from Ye Yong, so her mind wasn’t strong or tough. She had the desire to become stronger, but it wasn’t as strong as her desire in the novel. “Let me teach you, starting from the posture.’

Ye Yong got behind Wu Xue, and put his arms around her arms and fixed her posture. “First do this…”

“Ah? Do what?” Wu Xue couldn’t focus because she could feel Ye Yong’s body heat from behind her. It made her skin tingle and her body feel hot.

Ye Yong taught Wu Xue a few more times and felt that it was weird as there was no way that Wu Xue was this stupid. He glanced at her face and realized that she was distracted because she was shy.

“Lil Xue,” Ye Yong said in a low voice. “If you can get the [Cloud Dispelling Blade Art] to the introductory stage of proficiency in two hours, I give you a reward. How about it?”

“What reward? A weapon?”

“Don’t you already have a weapon?” Ye Yong was speechless. Are you that dissatisfied with the reward I gave you earlier for breaking through? What’s there to be dissatisfied with a yellow-grade rank 5 spear? Do you want a saint-grade dragon spear or something?

“The reward this time is me telling you a story.”

“What story?”

“A story that you haven’t heard before.”

“Oh.” Wu Xue wasn’t very interested.

“Telling it while hugging you?”

Wu Xue’s eyes instantly lit up. “Young Master, forget 2 hours, I can do it in 1 hour. Just sit right there.” The longer I spend practicing, the more that I’m delaying the time that I’m spending with Young Master. That’s not something I want.

As such, a slim girl was currently waving around a long blade in the courtyard.

Ye Yong just sat in the pavilion and brewed some spirit tea to drink.

Since Wu Xue is different from the Wu Xue in the novel, he couldn’t use the standards in the novel to judge her. To put it bluntly, the current Wu Xue was just a young girl, and she even used to be a sickly and weak girl. Even if her heart was strong, there was still a part of her that wants to be pampered. Since her parents were missing and her relatives were too black-hearted, the only person she could act spoiled to was Ye Yong.

What? I’m just trying to take advantage of her? No way! I wouldn’t do such a thing! This is clearly a reward that Wu Xue wanted! Ye Yong tried to convince himself.

Actually, Ye Yong was actually trying to test Wu Xue’s attitude when he said that he was going to hug her. He hadn’t expected Wu Xue to get so fired up.

It seems like a favorability rating of 87 doesn’t just look high, Ye Yong thought.

Qin Family, Qin Shi Meng’s personal seclusion room…

After a strong wave of spiritual energy fluctuation, the woman sitting in the center of the formation opened her eyes.

“Crystallization Realm 1st layer peak stage, almost 2nd layer,” Qin Shi Meng said, exhaling. She was happy and nervous. “Such a fast cultivation speed, is it good or bad?”

She had some complicated feelings as she used her divine sense to look at the 8 pieces of spirit crystals in her dantian. 

She was very well aware that she wouldn’t have been able to reach this point if Ye Yong hadn’t given her the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art] and the Crystallization Auxiliary Stone.

“I wonder how he’s doing. Tomorrow is Heavenly Luo Sect’s Assessment Date. He should be fine, right?” Although Ye Yong had told Qin Shi Meng to not worry, it was hard for her to not do so. What if he doesn’t have a good enough cultivation and didn’t get selected?

Qin Shi Meng closed the formation and was just about to go out when her personal maid knocked on the door. “Young Lady, there is a piece of nieces that might be good news for you.”

“Speak.” Qin Shi Meng thought it was weird. Good news is good news, bad news is bad news, what’s news that might be good news?

“It’s that Young Master Ye Yong from the Ye Family actually didn’t cripple his cultivation and just practiced a special qi occlusion art to hide his cultivation! He’s still at the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm!”

When she heard the news, Qin Shi Meng couldn’t help but reach out and touch the necklace on her neck. Right, since he gave me this magical necklace, he must also have something else that he could use to hide his cultivation. But what’s his purpose for hiding his cultivation?

Qin Shi Meng was a bit confused. She had a feeling that Ye Yong wasn’t hiding his cultivation at the time and had really crippled it.

But if that’s true, then he had returned to the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm in 2 months. That speed is too terrifying, isn’t it?

Qin Shi Meng thought of the mental art that Ye Yong had given her and felt that it wasn’t impossible. She was more and more curious about Ye Yong. (t/n: oh, young lady, being curious is the first step to falling for someone)

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