Chapter 143: White-Haired Enchantress

The sun was setting.

2 people rushed into an alley. The bald man was furious as he stared at the empty alley. “Damn it! Where is that woman hiding?”

“We lost her again. We’ve chased her all the way from the central land to the western lands. We’ve already wasted 2 months. If this continues, we’ll have to get more money,” the guy with the big mustache said.

The two of them were bounty hunters- a profession where people would do anything for money. If enough money was offered, they would even assassinate the king- it has been done before. This time, they were trying to complete a very difficult bounty mission- as long as they completed it, they and their future 3 generations wouldn’t need to worry about money, and this was on the basis of them living in the capital! Within the circle of bounty hunters, there was a list of the 100 most famous bounty missions. The ones that people were most crazy about were the top 10 bounty missions. Completing just one of them would allow them to live a satisfying and carefree life.

These two bounty hunters had their eyes set on the rank 10 bounty mission, which offered 1,000 gold coins. How much was 1,000 gold coins? Well, a baron’s net income for a year was only 100 gold coins. 1,000 gold coins was a count’s net income for a year. A normal family of five could live well with just three silver coins, and one gold coin was 100 silver coins. 1,000 gold coins was something that even some nobles in the capital didn’t have.

“We need to find a way to lure her out. She just disappears every time we get information on her,” the bald man said angrily.

The big mustache guy said helplessly, “What can we do? The closest that we’ve ever gotten to her was seeing her back. If it wasn’t because our tracking techniques are amazing, we would have lost track of her long ago.”

“Then do we just give up?” The bald man asked. “We’ve already put so much of our savings into this.” 

“…” The big mustache guy thought for a while. “We have to find her weakness.”

“Weakness?” The bald guy scratched his head, and his eyes lit up. “ I heard that the White-Haired Enchantress really likes to rescue other elves.”

“But where do we find an elf? Even a normal one would cost 50 to 100 gold coins,” the big mustache guy said, rolling his eyes. The plan is good, but we need money for it.

“He he he…” The bald guy laughed maliciously. “We don’t actually need real elves. She would take the bait even if we spread fake news.”

“Right! It’s said that she previously made a scene in the capital and even killed a duke for an elf,” the big mustache guy said, his eyes lighting up. “We’ll just have to make a trap and then let out the fake news and wait for her to take the bait.”

“Oh yeah?” A cold voice rang out from behind the two, making them shiver. They immediately turned around to see a figure in a black robe standing on top of the roof. They couldn’t see what the person looked like because of the lighting, but their intuition told them that she was their target.

“You’re the White-Haired Enchantress!” the bald guy said, taking out his sword.

“That’s her! She’s in the same disguise as last time,” the big mustache man said, taking out his sword. He was also holding a rope in his other hand.

“You guys are really annoying,” Elisa said, pulling back her hood. Her white hair flowed with the wind as she stared at the two with her green eyes. She had originally wanted to play hide-and-seek with the two bounty hunters but lost interest when they had decided to play dirty.

“It really is you! Great, you actually dared to come out,” the bald guy said, his eyes full of joy.

“Go!” the big mustache guy yelled, throwing the rope that had a stone tied to it at Elisa.

“Today’s weather going along well with the wind,”¹ Elisa said, smiling. She jumped off the roof, dodged the rope, and with a bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right hand, shot the arrow in less than a second.


The big mustache guy was shot in the left eye, the arrow tip penetrating through his skull and out the back. He couldn’t even scream before he fell down onto the ground.


As soon as the sound of the corpse hitting the ground rang out, Elisa kicked the wall with her toes, turned around, put another arrow on her bow, and under the bald guy’s horrified eyes, shot an arrow into his mouth, stopping his scream.


Elisa flipped in the air and gracefully landed on the ground. Her white hair slowly settled down as the bald guy’s corpse finally fell down.

“I don’t even have to clean the corpse today since there are so many deaths today.” Elisa walked over to the corpses and searched them. She only found a few silver coins and copper coins and a roll of sheepskin.

“So poor.” Elisa stuffed the coins into her pocket and opened the sheepskin scroll. Her pupils shrunk slightly as she read it. “Bounty missions list!”

She immediately saw the mission in 10th place and read to herself in a small voice. “Title: White-Haired Enchantress; species: elf; estimated age: 16 to 26; characteristics: white hair, green eyes, pointed ears. Mission target needs to be alive without missing any limbs… Mission reward: 1,000 gold coins!”

“Ha! They think really highly of me!” Elisa shoved the bounty missions list into her pocket and put her hood back on. She walked out of the alley. “Seems like I can’t stay in this city anymore,” Elisa said, standing in front of the entrance to the alley. “Where should I go next?”


Elisa’s body flickered as she went to hide in the shadows of the alley, looking at the direction that the horse’s footsteps came from.

Translators Notes:

¹ 顺风 means “going with the wind”, which is also part of a saying for “things going well”.

Sorry for the lack of updates, all the procrastinating I did came back to bite me.

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