Volume 1 Chapter 35: Storytelling

As expected, Wu Xue was still a heroine and talented. She still had the Five Vessels Divine Physique and the talent to become a martial goddess. She only needed 1 hour to get the mystery-grade blade art to the proficiency stage.

To geniuses, this speed wasn’t that impressive. However, one must keep in mind that Wu Xue was still a mortal a week ago and had never practiced any blade arts before. She was also currently just in the 2nd layer of the Qi Refinement Realm.

“Young Master! Did I succeed?” Wu Xue didn’t understand what the introductory stage of proficiency was- all she knew was that she was currently able to fluently perform a set of the [Cloud Dispelling Blade Art].

“Yes, you did great. You’ve already reached the Introductory stage of proficiency. You have to keep working hard and work towards the Small Success and Great Success stage,” Ye Yong said. He wasn’t surprised by Wu Xue’s speed, considering that she was a heroine.

None of the heroines in the novel were glass vases. Even if they were, they were talented in their own ways.

“Then Young Master…” Wu Xue put down the blade and lowered her head, fidgeting.

“Come here,” Ye Yong said, holding his arms out.

However, Wu Xue just stood there, frozen and unable to move. She wanted to be embraced, but when she actually got the chance, her body couldn’t move. After a while of just standing there, Wu Xue was about to cry because she was afraid that Ye Yong was going to get angry and not give her the reward anymore.

Seeing this, Ye Yong got up, wrapped his arms around Wu Xue, carried her back to where he had been sitting, and sat down. 

Ye Yong had read a lot of novels before, so he had a bunch of stories that he could tell. However, he felt that Wu Xue wouldn’t be interested in the cultivation novels with all the killing and stealing of treasures and hunting for people, so he decided to tell a fairy tale.

Fairy tales weren’t really strange in a fantasy world. This was because this world also had mermaids- more commonly known as the sea race. Ever since he recultivated, Ye Yong could feel that his memory had improved significantly. Even the things that he had very little recollection of became very clear to him. Telling the story of “The Little Mermaid” was a simple task for him.

Wu Xue was very nervous at first, but her nervousness soon disappeared as the story started and she became attracted to the story.

Unfortunately, “The Little Mermaid” was a pretty sad story, and Wu Xue was crying after Ye Yong finished telling the story. “The mermaid princess is so pitiful… the prince is only handsome and nothing else.”

Ye Yong had just picked a random fairy tale and hadn’t expected Wu Xue to have such a huge reaction. He then told Wu Xue the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” and even though the beginning was dark, at least the ending was a happy one.

Ye Yong continued to tell stories to Wu Xue until it was late at night. “Okay, go to bed. You have to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect with me tomorrow.”

Although there was no way that Wu Xue could pass the test, Ye Yong could pass the test and would get the privilege of bringing a servant with him into the sect.

There was a reason that the lapdogs were Justin’ kissing Ye Mao’s and Ye Yong’s assess- they also wanted to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect. The Heavenly Luo Sect had a powerful influence.

“Okay…” Even though Wu Xue had reached the Qi Refinement Realm, she had just started cultivating a few days ago, so it was impossible for her to stay awake for a long time like Ye Yong could. Wu Cut reluctantly stood up, but she didn’t leave immediately. She lowered her head, stuttering, “Y- Young- Young Master, I want…”

“Hmm?” Ye Yong looked at her.

Chuu. Suddenly, a small lip was pressed to his cheek, and a certain young girl fled from the room.

“Amazing, my Lil Xue,” Ye Yong said, touching his cheek where he had been kissed. He hadn’t expected Wu Xue to be so bold. Maybe it’s because of the kissing in the fairy tales? Fairy tales are harming people! If this was on Earth, then the parents would already be calling customer service to complain about fairy tales misleading their children.

Ye Yong checked Wu Xue’s favorability rating. It was currently at a 90, with her attitude being [Obsessed]. Wasn’t it supposed to be more difficult to raise the favorability rating the higher it got? Why does it go up with just some intimate acts? What will happen if the favorability rating is 100? Ye Yong asked the system.

‘You’ll know when the time comes.’

The next morning…

The Ye Family was bustling with activity. It was currently the day that the Heavenly Luo Sect was accepting disciples from ages 15 and 30. Even the most basic outer disciples had to be at the 5th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at the age of 30 or at the 8th layer of the Qi Refinement Realm at the age of 15. This condition was harsh compared to most other sects.

For ordinary cultivators, reaching the 5th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm at the age of 30 was already considered pretty talented. As for reaching the 8th layer of the Qi Refinement Realm at the age of 15? That was considered very talented.

Of course, that was only for ordinary cultivators. For the young cultivators from cultivation levels, as long as they weren’t born trash, they could easily achieve those results. The Ye Family currently has more than 20 people that met the requirements. Of course, that didn’t mean that all of them would be able to enter the Heavenly Luo Sect. They also had to pass the assessments.

After all, some cultivators relied heavily on pills to increase their realms, so while they appeared to be strong, they were actually very weak. The purpose of the assessments was to filter out these people.

The Ye Family heavily emphasized the importance of a solid foundation, so they didn’t have anyone that rushed and have bad foundations. Otherwise, with Ye Yong’s talents, he would have already been in the Crystallization Realm.

In the novel, because Long Tian kept getting stronger and stronger, Ye Yong didn’t have the luxury to care about his foundation, so he wolfed down pills to increase his cultivation. That didn’t do anything as he still lost to Long Tian in the sect competition. After that, their relationship soured, and Ye Yong lost his life and dragged his family down with him.

If Ye Yong really wanted to avoid Long Tian, he could choose to not go to the Heavenly Luo Sect and go to another sect instead. The problem was that there were many fortuitous opportunities in the Heavenly Luo Sect, and if Ye Yong wanted to get transcend points, he had to stay in the sect to stop Long Tian’s fortuitous encounters. The meeting between the 2 could not be avoided.

The news that Ye Yong still had cultivation was now known by the entire Great Zhou Dynasty. Everyone thought that Ye Yong had tricked them. 

Geniuses are geniuses, after all. You’ll never know what they are thinking or understand what they are doing.

As for the servants that used to follow Ye Yong around? They were regretting their actions of looking down on Ye Yong. They wished that they could have kept following Ye Yong.

It was early in the morning. There were a lot of people standing outside of Ye Yong’s mansion. All of them wanted to barge into Ye Yong’s room and do all his chores for them to try to make up for them abandoning Ye Yong.

Actually, regardless of what had happened, it wouldn’t change the fact that Ye Yong hated them. The reason? Ye Yong didn’t want to go out with a large group of men following him. Besides, the servants were sometimes also the reason that the villains went against the male lead.

You can die if you want, just don’t drag me down with you. Ye Yong didn’t even look at them as he got out of his mansion and went to the lobby with Wu Xue.

All the cultivators of the Ye Family that fulfilled the requirements for the Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment were currently in the lobby.

The oldest person there was someone from a branch of the Ye Family- Ye Gou, 26 years old, at the 10th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. There was no way for a famous cultivation family like the Ye Family to have cultivators that just barely meet the criteria for Heavenly Luo Sect. Even the worst cultivators in the Ye Family at age 30 would be at the 8th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Why would Ye Gou choose to go to the Heavenly Luo Sect at this time? The reason was simple. The Heavenly Luo Sect was in control of many secret realms, and one of the realms that only opened once per century was going to open soon. Many cultivators wanted to go inside and get the fortunes that were found in it. The secret realm was restricted to cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Realm, so many young cultivators from cultivation families, including Ye Gou, were suppressing themselves and preventing themselves from breaking through.

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