Chapter 144: The Real Noble Etiquette

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

A group of people were escorting a carriage. Elisa had never seen them before. They didn’t have armor and instead wore dark, colorful clothes, but the aura that they gave off made her heart skip a beat- it was the aura that only those that had killed a lot of people gave off.

Elisa tried as hard as she could to reduce her presence in the shadows as she felt a strong sense of danger from the group. She pondered about what would happen if she were to fight them, and soon came to a conclusion- she would be able to kill 2 or 3 of them but would get herself killed in the process. Since the person in the carriage has such strong guards, they must be a big noble, Elisa thought.

It was already pretty dark by this point. Liu Feng looked out the carriage window. The commoners had already all gone back home. Today must be doomsday for many of the families here.

“Hmm?” Liu Feng felt that someone was staring at him, so he turned around to look. There was a figure standing in the shadows of the dark alley, and he saw a pair of green eyes. As the carriage continued to move, the pair of eyes disappeared from his sight. Who was that? Her eyes were very pretty, like gems- pure and beautiful.

Interesting. This nobleman is pretty unique. Elisa tugged on her hood. It was the first time that she had seen someone with black eyes. He was also pretty handsome. Elisa soon stopped thinking about it and thought about her next destination as she walked. I can’t go to the central lands now, those bounty hunters are better than dog beastkins at tracking.

But there really aren’t many places to go in the western lands. Winter is near, and I think I can last through the winter if I spend my money wisely. I’ll just find a remote city to spend the winter in and make plans after winter is over!

The carriage shook as it went over a mud pit, shaking the people inside. The shaking got Liu Feng back to his senses. He put the green eyes that he just saw in the back of his mind and started to doubt his decision of riding in a carriage. His body felt like it was going to fall apart. This carriage is so uncomfortable, especially when moving through North Wind City’s streets. No shock absorbers, no soft cushioning, nothing but hardwood.

Liu Feng was starting to miss the luxurious carriage that he had back in West Sun City. He wouldn’t feel anything in that carriage when going through streets like these ones.

They soon arrived in North Wind City’s City Lord Mansion.

Liu Feng moved his muscles as soon as he got off the carriage. He walked towards the mansion with Mina and Sink. Liu Feng soon saw North Wind City’s City Lord standing at the door and waiting for him. This was already showing a lot of respect to him as they were nobles of the same level.

North Wind City’s City Lord felt that his aura had diminished by half when he saw Liu Feng’s clothes. No matter how he looked at them, he felt that the clothes that Liu Feng was wearing cost at least a dozen gold coins. His own clothes, on the other hand, only cost 10 silver coins- instantly making him feel like he was a commoner.

“Your Excellency, welcome!” North Wind City’s City Lord said.

Liu Feng straightened his body, put one hand in a fist, wrapped it with his other fist, and shook his hands. “I’m not late, am I?”

The fist and palm salute was a traditional method of greeting in China on Earth. It had a long history, and it was commonly used for meeting or thanking someone. Bowing was a more formal and grander etiquette. The fist and palm salute was more casual and equivalent to a greeting.

“Uh…” North Wind City’s City Lord froze a bit and quickly copied Liu Feng’s salute. “You’re not late. The banquet has just finished being prepared.”

The people around them looked at the 2 and all felt that Liu Feng was a Liu Feng was the real noble- clothes, etiquette, actions, etc., they were all a level above North Wind City’s City Lord.

“This is a small gift from me,” Liu Feng said.

Sinke handed the canned fish to a maid, whispering, “This is a delicacy made by our lord himself!”

“Oh?” North Wind City’s City Lord’s eyes lit up in surprise. “A delicacy made by Your Excellency? I must get a taste of it tonight.”

“Just something that happened to catch my interest. It’s nothing, really, Your Excellency,” Liu Feng said, shaking his sleeves slightly, his action full of elegance.

“Haha, your excellency, please!” North Wind City’s City Lord forced a smile. He tried his hardest to memorize Liu Feng’s actions and planned to learn them at a later time. He felt a bit humiliated as he didn’t really have any etiquette.

“Ok!” Liu Feng walked in with Mina.

North Wind City’s City Lord practiced the fist and palm salute. He had a feeling that this was a very important etiquette and planned to use it later when meeting other nobles.

“Lord City Lord, Lord Liu Feng has already gone in,” the knight beside him reminded.

“Okay!” North Wind City’s City Lord was a bit embarrassed. Observing another noble and trying to learn their etiquette in secret was a bit humiliating.

Mina, who was walking behind Liu Feng, whispered, “Young Master, that North Wind City’s City Lord is stealing your greeting.”

“Let him learn!” Liu Feng said, smiling lightly. Since nobles cared so much about etiquette, he decided to bring over some etiquette from ancient China on Earth. Who would dare to say that he wasn’t like a noble? North Wind City’s City Lord was living proof of that. In the future, every noble would greet each other with the fist and palm salute.

He would be someone that set the etiquette for this world, and whenever people did the fist and palm salute, they would think of him- that he was the noble with the most etiquette. Of course, the current Liu Feng didn’t have much influence. Only when he was able to influence all the nobles would the fist and palm salute become popular.

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