Volume 1 Chapter 36: One Day

To put it bluntly, the background characters had nothing to do with the fortuitous opportunities. The fortuitous opportunities were things that Heaven’s Will prepared for the protagonists or the villains to increase their cultivation.

Ye Yong knew that, so he wanted to laugh when he saw how his family members were all acting like they were the Children of Heaven and destined to get a ton of large and important fortunes. He looked at Ye Gou for a bit longer than the others- not because he thought that Ye Gou had a high cultivation, but because he remembered Ye Gou being the guy who got sent by Ye Yong to kill Long Tian but got himself killed by Long Tian in a secret realm.

A 26-year-old Foundation Establishment Realm 10th layer cultivator with a group of Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators couldn’t beat a Foundation Establishment Realm 7th layer cultivator! Complete trash!

Ye Yong wasn’t sure whether or not Long Tian had still reached the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment with him cutting off Long Tian’s encounter with Qin Shi Meng, but he was sure that even if Long Tian isn’t at the 7th layer, he wouldn’t be very far off. No matter what though, Ye Yong didn’t dare to go against Long Tian, a son of the realm.

Even though Ye Yong had replaced the original Ye Yong and wouldn’t order Ye Gou to kill the male lead, it was completely possible for him to go out on his own to provoke Long Tian. Long Tian did, after all, had the ability to attract trouble.

I have to warn these people, Ye Yong decided.

Once Ye Yong arrived, one of the elders came out and told them some things that they had to keep in mind. He then lead them to the place that Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment was held on. He was the Ye Family’s 9th Elder, Ye Mao’s grandfather, Ye Zhe.

The Ye Family’s elders were ranked based on their strength, not their age. Ye Zhe’s cultivation was a bit lower than his younger brothers- at the 9th layer peak stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. He was considered a powerhouse in the early stages of the novel. However, in the middle stages of the novel, Saints were pretty much everywhere, and even the underlings of the villains were in the Void Realm, so Nascent Soul Realm cultivators meant nothing.

However, this was a novel, and it had to keep up with the time. The author couldn’t let the male lead that was in the Void Realm face and bully villains in the Nascent Soul Realm. That would be extremely boring, and besides, having the male lead beat enemies much stronger than him felt way more satisfying.

Ye Yong remembered Ye Zhe as someone without much of a role in the novel- he was a minor character that got killed by Long Tian with a single slap after his cultivation increased. However, Ye Zhe had given him quite a bit of pills the previous day, so from the point of view of a descendant of the Ye Family, Ye Zhe was quite a nice guy.

At the very least, Ye Zhe didn’t get pissed after Ye Yong beat up Ye Mao, his blood-related grandson, and even happily gave Ye Yong some gifts.

They followed Ye Zhe to the plaza, where a huge spirit-powered airship was parked. Yes, an airship. This was a fantasy world, and cultivators couldn’t be expected to travel around by themselves all the time, or even ride a pet or use Transmission Formation. Big families usually had transportation methods that they used to show off.

As the name suggests, spirit-powered airships use spirit energy and could fly. This spirit-powered airship was relatively normal-looking compared to the airships that Ye Yong had seen in science fiction movies. It had a slightly-weird shape, and it was made of a type of wood that Ye Yong didn’t know about, along with some metal. The word “Ye” was written on the large flag in the middle.

Wu Xue had never seen a spirit-powered airship before, and she thought it was a huge monster and hid behind Ye Yong.

Ye Yong smiled, took Wu Xue’s hand, and explained to her what a spirit-powered airship was. No one had any complaints about Ye Yong bringing a maid with him, and no one dared to have any complaints. Sure, he didn’t have the highest cultivation of all the young generation present, but he was the most talented and the one that the elders loved the most.

If it was two days ago, maybe someone would have made fun of him. However, since they knew that Ye Yong still had his cultivation, no one dared to say anything. For some reason, however, they felt angry when seeing Ye Yong holding a cute maid’s hand while enjoying the scenery.

The mountain range where the Heavenly Luo Sect’s assessment was held was called Sweet Autumn Peak. There wasn’t anything special about the place- the assessment was held there every time.

Ever since the Heavenly Luo Sect selected the Sweet Autumn Peak as their testing site thousands of years ago, the small village that used to be at the foot of the mountain became a city- Sweet Autumn City- a very prosperous city. Whenever it was time for the Heavenly Luo Sect’s Assessment, the city would become very full and crowded.

In addition to the mortals that were eager for a chance to become cultivators, rogue cultivators would also choose to stay in Sweet Autumn City for a few days. They didn’t really have a choice- they weren’t like the big families and didn’t have spirit-powered airships, and they were afraid of being late, so pretty much all of them would come early. However, since the price of housing soared, some rogue cultivators would camp outside the city to save money.

Because there was a city and human activity was rampant, there weren’t really any specter beasts around, so cultivators could find any random place to rest and meditate.

That said, cultivators could get unlucky and find themselves running into robbers… just like this cultivator.

A group of fierce-looking cultivators in the 3rd layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm surrounded an ordinary-looking young man that had a human grade rank 5 weapon strapped to his waist.

“Hand over all your valuables!”

Facing the group of large, burly men, not only was the young man not afraid, but he even smiled. “I just so happened to spend most of my money yesterday to buy supplies, and you’re sending me money.”

“Is this guy an idiot?”

“You dare to be this arrogant even though you’re only at the 2nd layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm?”

The burly men could clearly sense that the young man was only at the 2nd layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The young man still had a smile on his face and didn’t say anything else.

“Crap! This is an expert!” The leader shouted in alarm when he saw the young man swinging his sword.

“Spare me!”


A bunch of corpses soon fell into a pool of blood. The young man bent down and took all the valuable things that he could find from the corpses.

A few dozen low-grade spirit stones and a couple thousand gold, not bad. Decisive in killing, that was the male lead Long Tian!

Long Tian didn’t think that he did anything wrong. Even if he had given out all his valuables, they might not have let him go. Besides, killing them prevented them from hurting more people, so why wouldn’t Long Tian kill them?

Long Tian didn’t bother to take their weapons because exchanging them for money was troublesome. If he left them with the corpses, then some scavenging cultivators might find them and deal with the corpses while they’re at it. It didn’t matter even if they didn’t bury the corpses- after all, there probably wasn’t anyone that would avenge some robbers.

Long Tian straightened his body and walked towards the gate of Sweet Autumn City. Suddenly, he heard a roaring sound from the air. He looked up and saw a spirit-powered airship.

“One day, I will have my own spirit-powered airship,” Long Tian muttered as he stared at the airship that had the word Ye on it.

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