Chapter 145: Whores

North Wind City’s City Lord quickly caught up. Because of Liu Feng’s aura, he was a bit behind Liu Feng, which made it seem like Liu Feng was in a higher position than him even though that wasn’t true.

Sinke stopped when they got to the door of the inner dining room. There was only 1 door separating the outer dining room and the inner dining room, so Sinke could be at ease while staying in the outer dining room. Of course, he would put his ear on the door so as soon as something went wrong, he would send a signal to his squadmates and rush in to protect Liu Feng.

There was a 4-meter long table in the middle of the inner dining hall. A few maids, noblewomen, and young men and women were standing next to the table.

“Greetings to your excellency Lord Liu Feng.”

Liu Feng nodded. When talking to a noble of a lower ranking, there wasn’t really a need to give a “proper salute.”

“Your Excellency, these are my wives, sons, and daughters,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, pointing to the people. He had originally planned to introduce them, but seeing the clothes that they were wearing, he decided against it as he couldn’t afford to lose any more face.

“Sorry for bothering you today,” Liu Feng said. He pulled Mina from out behind him and smiled, saying, “She is my female companion, Mina.”

“…” North Wind City’s City Lord’s daughters were jealous that a beastkin had better clothing than them and had a handsome male noble as a companion. To these freckled-faced girls that hadn’t showered in a long time, Liu Feng’s face was like that of an idol. Besides, in their eyes, Liu Feng’s clothes fit the description of the clothes that the prince in the novel “Love Diary of a Noble Girl” had been wearing.

As such, they frequently winked at Liu Feng flirtingly, which made Mina grit her teeth. The embarrassment and nervousness that she had earlier were gone, and the only thing that was left on her mind was to guard Liu Feng from those whores.

“Uh…” North Wind City’s City Lord was surprised that Liu Feng brought a female beastkin as a companion and looked at Liu Feng strangely. Even if she is beautiful, there isn’t really a need to bring her, a beastkin, to a nobles’ banquet, is there?

Liu Feng didn’t bother explaining. The prejudice that nobles had against beastkins was long imprinted into their blood, so it wasn’t something that a few words could change.

“Come, please sit down, Your Excellency. Dinner will start soon,” North Wind City’s City Lord said.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Liu Feng said out of politeness.

Liu Feng sat at one end of the table and Mina sat next to him. North Wind City’s 

Nobles are really great at giving birth. There are already 4 wives/concubines and 7 children present. There are probably a lot more unappreciated people like Tory’s family that weren’t allowed to come.

There had been a fight when they were getting to their seats- the daughters had been scrambling to sit close to Liu Feng. If North Wind City’s City Lord hadn’t stopped them, it was very likely that they would have cursed at each other.

“Sorry about that,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, forcing a smile. “But it really isn’t my daughters’ fault. Your Excellency is just too amazing.”

The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. Looking too handsome can be a mistake?

Mina had a military knife in her hand under the table, with the tip of the knife stuck to the bottom of it. These whores are literally saying “I want your baby” with their eyes. No way! Even if Young Master won’t marry me, he can’t marry any of you! He should at least marry a princess or a duke’s daughter!

Liu Feng didn’t know about the crazy thoughts that Mina was having. He had a polite business smile the whole time as he talked with North Wind City’s City Lord, who was mostly just thanking Liu Feng for sending troops to help.

The dishes finally got placed on the table, and dinner officially began. Plates after plates of dishes were brought up- mostly meat with some cooked fruits and vegetables as side dishes. The fruits were cooked because the witch healers in this world all thought that fruits were cold foods and were healthy after they were heated.

Fruits were also something that pretty much only nobles could afford. West Sun City was different as it was near the Forbidden Mountain Range and so there were fruits that the residents could pick and so was relatively cheap. To the cities in the central land, however, fruits were expensive- and in the winter, they were even more expensive than meat.

Looking at the food in front of him, Liu Feng didn’t have any appetite at all. All the large white meat was cooked with salt, and the horrible smell filled his nose. Coming to the banquet today is a mistake. I should have stayed on the ship and eat noodles with Tess.

“You excellency, please enjoy your food,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, picking up the wheat wine, raising it up, and gulping it all down.

“Thank you,” Liu Feng said, also raising his cup of wheat wine and pouring all of it into his mouth. At a nobles’ banquet, the guest had to fully drink the first cup of wine and not just pretend to sip as that was considered disrespectful since that meant that the guest didn’t like the food.

“Young Master?” Mina was confused. What is this? Young Master actually drank the wheat wine without his expression changing? Didn’t he hate the sour and bitter wheat wine?

But did Liu Feng really drink the wheat wine? Of course not. He moved the wine into his storage space before the wine even touched his mouth.

“Good! Very good!” North Wind City’s City Lord praised. “Let’s eat the meat.”

“Okay,” Liu Feng said, cutting a piece of meat and putting it on his plate. He cut some fruit as well and then ate all of them elegantly. As for whether or not he actually ate them? Well, Liu Feng didn’t want to upset his stomach, so he moved all of them into his storage space.

Mina was dumbfounded the whole time she was watching Liu Feng eat. Where did the picky Young Master go? How can he could these things? Could it be that they actually taste good? Thinking that, Mina cut a piece of meat and put it into her mouth, making her frown. It tasted horrible and was way too salty.

“Your Excellency, please taste the food that I brought,” Liu Feng said, seeing Mina struggling to swallow the meat.

“Oh? Sure,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, swallowing a piece of meat, his mouth full of oil. “I am also looking forward to the delicacy Your Excellency made.”

Translator’s Notes:

小猪蹄子, which is what was used for the title, directly translates to little pig feet. It pretty much means playgirls. Playboys would be 大猪蹄子.

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