Volume 1 Chapter 37: Before the Assessment

The Heavenly Luo Sect had 2 branch sects- one for the East Continent and one for the North, West, and South continent.

The East Forest Continent already had a lot of cultivators, and due to the fact that the secret realm that was exclusive to the East Forest Continent was about to open, even cultivators from other continents came over, so there was a large number of cultivators participating in the assessment- at least hundreds of thousands.

However, the East Forest Branch of the Heavenly Luo Sect usually only accepted around 10,000 each time, so the competition was quite fierce, although it wouldn’t actually kill anyone. After all, the Heavenly Luo Sect wasn’t the only top sect, and besides, even if a cultivator couldn’t get into a top sect, they could still get into other good sects.

Ye Yong looked at the scenery as he stood on the airship. While it might not be as prosperous as Cheng Ying City, it was still a very lively medium-sized city on the East Forest Continent.

The Ye Family’s airship didn’t stop at Sweet Autumn City and flew directly to Sweet Autumn Peak. The big cultivation families had the privilege of getting to the assessment site directly while rogue cultivators and cultivators from small or medium-sized families had to climb the mountain. The mountain paths had been filled with traps, and it was a basic assessment meant to reduce the number of applicants.

The airship landed on Sweet Autumn Peak. There was a huge space for them. After Ye Yong brought Wu Xue off the airship, he saw a bunch of big cultivation families arrive and a bunch that had arrived before them.

“Young Master Ye!” Ye Yong only just appeared when a bunch of guys and girls tried to get close and butter up to him, so Ye Yong immediately opened the fan in his hand and said, “Everyone, I want to have some peace and quiet for now so I can take the assessment in my best state.”

With that, the people trying to kiss Ye Yong’s ass couldn’t say anything and all left in defeat.

“Man, sometimes it’s a pain to be so popular. The male lead’s treatment of being occasionally troubled by others and then slapping their face is so much nicer,” Ye Yong said jealously.

There were several middle-aged and young cultivators on top of a high platform, all of whom were from the Tianluo Sect, responsible for observing and hosting the assessment.

“That’s Ye Yong? The Qi Occlusion Art that he cultivated is really amazing; it’s no wonder that he was able to fool his elders. Even I can’t see through it and sense his real cultivation,” a square-faced, strong, burly middle-aged man with protruding muscles and wearing a shirt said. He was Heavenly Luo Sect’s War Axe Hall’s Hall Master, Liang Meng Chao. He was over 800 years old and in the late stage of the Ascension Realm.

“We have such a high difference in our cultivations, and yet he could still prevent us from seeing through his cultivation. The Qi Occlusion Art that he is cultivating is of a really high grade,” a middle-aged woman said.

“So what if it’s of a high grade? Qi Occlusion Art has no benefit in battle,” a young man said in disdain.

“You can’t really say that. If you can’t see through someone’s cultivation, you won’t be able to gauge their strength accurately. Knowing yourself and your opponent well is the only way to get a sure win,” another young man said.

“I can beat someone like him with a single hand,” the young man said. His name was Zuo Cong An. He was 23 years old, at the 6th layer of the Crystallization Realm, an inner disciple, and has a good background.

“Don’t be so conceited. You’re only relying on the fact that you’re older and have higher cultivation than him. If you were to suppress your cultivation to the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, you might not actually be able to beat him,” the other man said. He was also an inner disciple of the sect. His name was Li Jun Xia and was also 23 years old, and he was in the 8th layer of the Crystallization Realm- 2 layers higher than Zuo Cong An.

“What a joke! How wouldn’t I be able to beat him?” Zuo Cong An laughed.

“He cultivated the Qi Occlusion Art, and you don’t know his actual cultivation and think that he is in the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, so you’ll suppress your cultivation to the 7th layer else well. But what if he’s actually at the 8th layer and beats you by surprise?

Those words made Zuo Cong An speechless for a while, before he finally said, “There’s no way I’ll lose to him.”

“You’re just relying on the fact that your cultivation level is higher than him. I refuse to believe that you wouldn’t be careful when going against him if he was also in the Crystallization Realm.”

While the male cultivators were discussing whether or not they could beat Ye Yong, the female cultivators were discussing Ye Yong’s face.

“He really is as handsome as the rumors say.”

“Why do you think Qin Shi Meng rejected him?”

“If I somehow got engaged for no reason, even if he looked handsome, I would be angry as well and not give him any face! Wait, no, I will beat him to death for forcing me to get engaged by bringing out his family!” a petite and cute girl with a space bun hairstyle said.

“Who would dare to force you into an engagement? Even if you want to be engaged, your father will scare them and not let them get close to you,” the other female cultivators laughed.

That’s right, that strong, burly-looking man with protruding muscles, Liang Meng Chao, was the father of the petite and cute girl, Liang Xiao Rou. Her name didn’t really describe her, except that she was actually small, as “xiao” (small) suggests. She wasn’t very gentle and had a hot temper- the very opposite of “rou” (gentle).

If a person didn’t know their relationship and just looked at them, they wouldn’t be able to see the connection between the two as they didn’t even look like they were of the same species.

“Qin Family’s airship is here!” someone suddenly shouted, causing everyone to look up in the air.

Qin Shi Meng was the most popular person and had been talked about the most recently as she was a Foundation Establishment Realm 10th layer cultivator at the young age of 17. On top of that, she was only at the 5th layer 2 months ago, and she hadn’t been gulping down pills, either.

Qin Family’s Elders were very certain that Qin Shi Meng hadn’t asked for any resources from the family and all thought that Qin Shi Meng had a fortuitous encounter. As for whether or not her cultivation had a stable foundation or only looked good? Well, they were going to find out later today from the assessment.

Some people liked Qin Shi Meng and didn’t wish for her to be slandered by all the gossip, while others were jealous and wanted her foundation to be unstable so they could laugh at her.

Qin Shi Meng was like a fairy that had descended, her red clothes that were fluttering, her emotionless beautiful face, her beauty that seemed to not be affected by the world, all of them combined made it as if every step she took put her one step closer into the hearts of the young men.

Although Ye Yong wasn’t drooling like the young men with bad control over their minds, he couldn’t help but sigh and praise Qin Shi Meng. She really is the lead heroine. Her beauty and aura are unparallel.

It wasn’t unreasonable for “Ye Yong”’s whole family to die for Qin Shi Meng. Even though it was his fault, it would really be a shame to not get together with such a beautiful girl.

There were no emotions in Qin Shi Meng’s eyes, and her gaze didn’t stay on anyone, until suddenly, she saw Ye Yong.

Ye Yong, who was still holding his folding fan, lightly smiled at her gracefully. Qin Shi Meng responded with a light smile of her own and a slight nod.

This smile made a ton of the male cultivators have delusions and thought that Qin Shi Meng was smiling at them.

“My goddess is looking at me.”

“Ah I’m dead.”


“Damn, amazing,” Ye Yong couldn’t help but blurt out after hearing all the fantastic moans that the male cultivators let out. However, he wasn’t really surprised as Qin Shi Meng was not only the lead heroine and future immortal goddess, but she also had an amazing background, so it wasn’t really a surprise for her to be able to tug at the heartstrings of so many people.

Speaking of Qin Shi Meng’s background, if Ye Yong wanted to get with Qin Shi Meng, he had to take care of all the problems that came from them… which made his head hurt, but even so, he knew the events of the novel and so could avoid many wrong paths and had the confidence that he could solve all the problems. Besides, after he succeeded, he could get another strong heroine besides Qin Shi Meng.

Translator’s Notes:

This chapter was supposed to be out much earlier but I lost internet and couldn’t translate. Well, I was connected to the wifi, but the wifi wasn’t connected to the internet, if you know what that means. It has been happening a lot recently. Maybe I should get google docs offline version on my laptop…

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