Chapter 146: As Many As You Have

A maid came in carrying two canned fish. She carefully disposed of the mud that was used to seal the ceramic jar and slowly lifted the lid. The rich fragrance of the garlic and meat quickly spread out, and with a slight whiff of the scent, Liu Feng knew that the fish meat was good and tasty.

“Your Excellency, please have a taste,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

Mina got up, took a ceramic jar, poured a fish on a ceramic plate, and put it in front of Liu Feng.

The maid copied and poured the fish on a ceramic plate and put it in front of North Wind City’s City Lord. The maid was about to drool just from the smell.

North Wind City’s City lord gulped as he smelled the rich fragrance of the fish, which seemed to be enticing him to eat it. He stared at it, and then he grabbed a fish with his hand and shoved it into his mouth. The taste of the fish seemed to stimulate his taste buds, making his eyes narrow into a slit.

“Delicious! This is the most delicious dish that I have ever eaten, North Wind City’s City Lord said as he sucked on his fingers.

As he did so, the middle-aged women and young men and women all went to reach for the fish, and the fish soon disappeared, and a middle-aged woman even went ahead and used a piece of wheat bread to clean the soup, saving them the trouble of having to clean the plate.

“You all…”

The fish had already been split by them when North Wind City’s City Lord reacted. His veins were visible on his forehead. Since when did my family have such poor manners and have no rules at all? Not even a drop of soup left for me!

Liu Feng and Mina blinked as they looked at North Wind City’s City Lord’s family’s behavior and the empty plate, and then looked at their own plates that were still untouched.

“Uh…” North Wind City’s City Lord opened his mouth, but he was too embarrassed to say anything.

Liu Feng immediately understood what that meant, so he lightly kicked Mina’s foot and winked at her.

Mina immediately reacted and immediately understood what Liu Feng was telling her with his eyes- eat quickly! Mina lowered her head and started to eat the fish, ignoring North Wind City’s City Lord’s eager eyes.

“Your Excellency, this dish that you made is the most delicious dish ever, it is much better than the food in the capital,” North Wind City’s City Lord praised. He had never ever tasted any food that was better than this. Looking at the big pieces of meat in front of him, he didn’t have any appetite at all. They tasted like shit compared to the fish meat that he had just been served.

North Wind City’s City Lord immediately understood why Liu Feng didn’t really touch the food in front of him- he thought it tasted too terrible. This was a great blow to nobles- nobles that made dishes that the guests thought tasted terrible were basically failures.

“Thank you for the compliment. I’m just particularly picky, so I decided to study a bit more,” Liu Feng responded politely. He glanced at Mina, who was having a great time eating the fish- that satisfied expression made him want to go and pinch her cheeks.

“If I get the opportunity, I will definitely attend Your Excellency’s banquet. I hope that I will still be able to each such delicious food,” North Wind City’s City Lord said with eagerness in his eyes. To a foodie noble, an extremely good dish was enough to drive them crazy.

“Ha ha ha,” Liu Feng laughed and waved his hand. “Your Excellency, you are more than welcome to come and visit us.” Liu Feng folded his hands and rested his chin on them. “However, you can eat that dish even without coming to West Sun City.”

“What?” North Wind City’s City Lord suddenly stood up, his eyes wide, exclaiming, “Could it be that Your Excellency is willing to teach me how to make that dish?”

Liu Feng rolled his eyes. He finally saw just how thick-skinned the nobles in this world were. He said, “This is something that I spent several months working on to make, so I cannot teach it to Your Excellency.”

“I got too excited,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, smiling apologetically. He had thought that by being thick-skinned, he would be able to get Liu Feng, a youngster, to feel too embarrassed and pressured to refuse. He hadn’t expected Liu Feng to reject him outright.

Liu Feng had seen such trick on Earth before. Some people would be thick-skinned and ask for things, and the other person, to try to keep their relationship and stuff, reluctantly give them the things asked. While this trick didn’t have that high of a success rate, it was still worth a try.

“However, I can give you some that I make, it’s just that…” Liu Feng smiled.

Without even waiting for Liu Feng to finish, North Wind City’s City Lord said, “How much per jar?” As a noble, North Wind City’s City Lord knew what Liu Feng wanted. He was willing to spend some money on such delicious food.

“300 copper coins per jar,” Liu Feng said, holding up 3 fingers. “This is already a discounted price!”

North Wind City’s City Lord was shocked when he heard the price. It was expensive- extremely expensive. The ceramic jar wasn’t very large- only about the size of a person’s head. Besides, he had eaten fish before. North Wind City was a port city, so some commoners would go out and catch some fish, and it would cost at most 8 copper coins per catty of fish. The jar was only about 2 catty at most, and so 300 copper coins were way too much for a jar.

“This canned fish was made using a bunch of special seasonings, and besides, it can be stored for about a hundred days. Your Excellency, do you think 300 copper coins is expensive?” Liu Feng asked.

“Really? Can it really be stored for 100 days?” North Wind City’s City Lord exclaimed in shock. “How can it be? It’s not smoked or dried.”

“This is a secret recipe. And it’s not only fish meat; there’s also pork, beef, and more,” Liu Feng said, straightening his body and smiling. “You Excellency, do you think that this is expensive? I am confident that if I sold this in the capital, many nobles will be willing, desperate even, to pay one silver coin for a jar.”

North Wind City’s City Lord knew that Liu Feng was right about the nobles in the capital. He knew that they had too much money for them to spend, so they would be willing to spend not one, but four silver coins for a jar of such a delicious dish.

“Your Excellency, how many of these meat jars do you have? I am willing to buy all of them,” North Wind City’s City Lord said, leaning forward. “I will take as many as you have!”

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