Volume 1 Chapter 29: Amazing, My Lil Xue

As soon as the spiritual herbs were thrown into the medicinal pot, the elixir started to boil as if there had been some chemical reaction. “Ah!” Wu Xue almost fainted from the pain. She had just barely adapted to the pain when it escalated again. “Young Master…” Tears were streaming down her face and herContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 29: Amazing, My Lil Xue”

Volume 1 Chapter 28: Wu Xue’s Physique Forging Experience

“[Broken¹ Water Benevolent Wood Art].” Why did Ye Yong pick this mental art? That was because he remembered that when Lin Wei had been trying to avenge her son in the novel, she had cultivated a mental art called [Broken Water Demonic Wood Art]. Lin Wei had an upper-grade wood spiritual root. The [Broken WaterContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 28: Wu Xue’s Physique Forging Experience”

Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face

Everyone has the right to choose? Tess was confused as she glanced at Liu Feng. “Is any kind of choice possible?” “Of course… not!” Liu Feng said, rolling his eyes. “The choices are limited to things like your hobbies and stuff.” Humans never really had many choices in their life. Many things were out ofContinue reading “Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face”

Volume 1 Chapter 27: Overprotective and Doting Parent

During the days Qin Shi Meng had used to break through to the Crystallization Realm, Ye Yong had also cultivated every day. Compared to when he just started, Ye Yong had a better cultivation routine. Every morning, he would spend an hour at Lin Wei’s mansion and brew tea for her and drink tea together.Continue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 27: Overprotective and Doting Parent”

Chapter 138: I Want to Follow You

“Go. Set off immediately.” Liu Feng said. As long as they took care of the escaping horse thieves, then West Sun City would be rid of the problem of horse thieves. This battle was basically just West Sun City showing off its military strength to warn the other horse thieves to not provoke it. AsContinue reading “Chapter 138: I Want to Follow You”

Volume 1 Chapter 26: Crystallization

One week later… Qin Shi Meng was currently in her exclusive cultivation room. She was currently at the peak stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Her cultivation was already extremely stable and couldn’t be stabilized any further, so if Qin Shi Meng wanted to keep cultivating, she had to break through to the Crystallization Realm.Continue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 26: Crystallization”

Chapter 137: Are You a Prince?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Three arrows flew out from the woods, piercing the necks of the three horse thieves and killing them. Swish swish. A black shadow jumped from branch to branch as she darted out of the woods and rushed into the group of horse thieves. As she passed by the horse thieves, the twoContinue reading “Chapter 137: Are You a Prince?”

Volume 1 Chapter 25: Mother

Wu Xue was afraid that Ye Yong would be hungry by the time he came out of seclusion, so she had been preparing meals for him 3 times a day every day for the past 20 days. She basically stayed inside Ye Yong’s mansion and would change the meals even if Ye Yong didn’t touchContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 25: Mother”

Chapter 136: Violent Demonic Cowgirl

In the woods outside North Wind City… “Is it our turn now? Can we go have fun in the city?” “Right? Looking after some beastkins are nowhere near as fun as robbing coins.” The spear-wielding horse thieves kept on chattering, and their eyes were filled with killing intent. They were extremely tempted to charge intoContinue reading “Chapter 136: Violent Demonic Cowgirl”

Volume 1 Chapter 24: The Bug Caused by Cheating

“Long Tian was already considered a super genius with just a 7-color foundation. What the hell is up with me having 20 layers in the Qi Refinement Realm and an 8-color foundation? Is this a bug because I was cheating with the system?” Ye Yong was a bit scared as he looked at his blackContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 24: The Bug Caused by Cheating”