Volume 1 Chapter 39: First Look at the Male Lead

During the time Ye Yong was chatting with Qin Shi Meng, quite a few cultivators had climbed up the mountain, and some of them didn’t look very well. It was obvious from how they looked that climbing up the mountain wasn’t an easy task. As someone who had read the novel, Ye Yong knew theContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 39: First Look at the Male Lead”

Volume 1 Chapter 38: A Friend

Although the cultivators from big cultivation families didn’t have to climb the mountain, they still had to wait for the other cultivators to arrive at the peak and take the assessment together. They didn’t have to wait for long though, as all cultivators that didn’t make it to the peak within the next hour wouldContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 38: A Friend”

Volume 1 Chapter 37: Before the Assessment

The Heavenly Luo Sect had 2 branch sects- one for the East Continent and one for the North, West, and South continents. The East Forest Continent already had a lot of cultivators, and due to the fact that the secret realm that was exclusive to the East Forest Continent was about to open, even cultivatorsContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 37: Before the Assessment”

Volume 1 Chapter 36: One Day

To put it bluntly, the background characters had nothing to do with the fortuitous opportunities. The fortuitous opportunities were things that Heaven’s Will prepared for the protagonists or the villains to increase their cultivation. Ye Yong knew that, so he wanted to laugh when he saw how his family members were all acting like theyContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 36: One Day”

Volume 1 Chapter 35: Storytelling

As expected, Wu Xue was still a heroine and talented. She still had the Five Vessels Divine Physique and the talent to become a martial goddess. She only needed 1 hour to get the mystery-grade blade art to the proficiency stage. To geniuses, this speed wasn’t that impressive. However, one must keep in mind thatContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 35: Storytelling”

Volume 1 Chapter 34: The Longest Path is the Author’s Path of Traps

Heavenly Luo Sect was a famous top sect among the 5 continents. It was also one of the most important sects in the lower world during the beginning part of the novel as it hid many ancient secrets.  Although the Heavenly Luo Sect in the Great Zhou Dynasty was just a branch of the mainContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 34: The Longest Path is the Author’s Path of Traps”

Volume 1 Chapter 33: Where Did the Fire Plow Go?

Meanwhile, Cheng Ying City, a certain busy commercial street… A young man with an average-looking face, plain clothes, and energetic eyes were currently choosing things to buy. His name was Long Tian. He was someone that would hardly stand out from a crowd, but he was the one person that Ye Yong did not wantContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 33: Where Did the Fire Plow Go?”

Volume 1 Chapter 32: Thank You

“Full strength? What if I kill you…?” Ye Mao didn’t know what Ye Yong was thinking. Do you not have any idea where your limits are? There’s a war between cultivators and mortals that mortals can never pass! If I use my full strength then not a bit of you would be left! “That wouldContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 32: Thank You”

Volume 1 Chapter 31: Provocation Event

Wu Xue was cultivating seclusion in her own room. Well, not really, since she continued to have her meals properly and clean Ye Yong’s clothes when she had the time. Even with all that, however, she had gotten into the Qi Refinement Realm. Being in the Qi Refinement Realm didn’t mean that one was anContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 31: Provocation Event”

Volume 1 Chapter 30: Toxic as Always

It was already nighttime when Wu Xue regained her consciousness. She still clearly remembered what had happened- Ye Yong had kissed her. If Ye Yong had kissed Wu Xue when she had first became his maid, she would obviously be scared and afraid to resist, but now, she just felt very happy and sweet. However,Continue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 30: Toxic as Always”