Volume 1 Chapter 19: Picking Herbs

Ye Yong stretched his waist as soon as he walked out and did a bunch of stretching exercises that Lin Wei had never seen before. “Yong Er, have you been okay?” Lin Wei asked. She had already checked Ye Yong’s physical health and found no problems, so she was currently just worried about Ye Yong’sContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 19: Picking Herbs”

Volume 1 Chapter 18: Learning Cultivation Arts

Ye Yong currently had no trace of cultivation. Sure, he might have a divine physique, which allowed him to go toe to toe with a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator if they don’t use spiritual energy, but in the end, he was still a mortal. Without spiritual energy, Ye Yong wouldn’t be able to use battleContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 18: Learning Cultivation Arts”

Volume 1 Chapter 17: Divine Physique and Divine Art

Ye Yong now had about 13,000 transcend points. Although it was minuscule compared to the amount of transcend points required to buy Saint Grade weapons and Immortal Grade weapons, it was still enough to purchase quite a bit of martial arts, mental arts, and spells in the beginning stage [of the novel]. Ye Yong wantedContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 17: Divine Physique and Divine Art”

Volume 1 Chapter 16: Favorability Rating Increased

This is more painful than I thought! Ye Yong thought as he submerged his whole body below his neck into the boiling medicinal “elixir” in the pot. System, help me keep the time. Started. Even though the system wouldn’t help Ye Yong directly, it could still help time things. According to the Physique Forging Encyclopedia,Continue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 16: Favorability Rating Increased”

Volume 1 Chapter 15: Reforging Physique

Qin Family’s Residence. The whole Qin Family, from the elders to the servants, thought that it was Qin Shi Meng’s fault that she couldn’t win back Ye Yong’s favor. Can’t win back Young Master Ye’s favor anymore, now can you? That’s what happens when you’re usually so cold to him. It wasn’t just the QinContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 15: Reforging Physique”

Volume 1 Chapter 14: Gifting Mental Art

[Frozen Heart Jade Physiquel Immortal Art] was a pretty conventional name, but it was an Immortal Grade Mental Art that fitted Qin Shi Meng extremely well. She currently had the Frozen Heart Physique, which would evolve into the Frozen Heart Jade Physique, one of the top five Immortal Physiques, in the future. Mental arts wereContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 14: Gifting Mental Art”

Volume 1 Chapter 13: Crippling One’s Own Cultivation

“Young Master Ye, let’s all both be honest and straightforward.” The spirit tea had a calming effect, allowing Qin Shi Meng to temporarily put aside her prejudices against Ye Yong. “Please speak, Lady Qin,” Ye Yong said. “I know what you were trying to accomplish by canceling the engagement, and I hope that you canContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 13: Crippling One’s Own Cultivation”

Volume 1 Chapter 12: Cultivator’s Tea

It had been half a year since they had been engaged, but it was the first time that Qin Shi Meng had come to the place where Ye Yong lived. It was a luxurious mansion in one of the Ye Family’s spiritual mountains. The spiritual energy was abundant here, and anyone cultivating here would getContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 12: Cultivator’s Tea”

Volume 1 Chapter 11: The Matter of Engagement Cancellation

Qin Shi Meng arrived at the Ye Family’s residence at the same time that Ye Yong obtained the Heavenly Jade Staff. Information about Ye Yong canceling the engagement with Sin Shi Meng spread through the Ye Family very quickly, and even those not in the Ye Family heard about it. After all, there was noContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 11: The Matter of Engagement Cancellation”

Volume 1 Chapter 10: Physique Forging Encyclopedia

“What brings you here today, Young Master Ye?” After Ye Yong arrived at the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion, a middle-aged man soon came out to greet him. The Thousand Fragrance Pavilion had amazing power in the East Forest Continent. The middle age man was both the vice pavilion master of the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion as wellContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 10: Physique Forging Encyclopedia”