Volume 1 Chapter 5: Fool

Ye Tian Ming got woken up early in the morning by the sound of a ship whistle. He could already hear Rolin’s excited voice as he rubbed his eyes. When he came to his sense, Ye Tian Ming also became excited. Can I finally go and experience the lifestyle of this world? Ye Tian MingContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 5: Fool”

Volume 1 Chapter 4: The Design of Experience Points

After washing up, Miranda’s group grilled the forest wolf meat that they hadn’t finished the previous day. It might not be healthy to eat grilled food so early in the morning, but they didn’t have the luxury to be picky. Fortunately, forest wolves were wood-type magical beasts, and the meat didn’t really change flavor afterContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 4: The Design of Experience Points”

Volume 1 Chapter 3: Set a Small Goal First

As the lady of Viscount Owen’s family, Miranda was quite knowledgeable. To be able to protect a weak noble boy from a pack of forest wolves and keep him unharmed, they must be honorary knights! Most knights could already be considered to be nobles in the Shisanya Empire and even have their own guards, lands,Continue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 3: Set a Small Goal First”

Volume 1 Chapter 2: Noble Teenage Girl

The battle soon ended. Ye Tian Ming was speechless as he looked at that head wolf that had tried to sneak up on him but was instantly killed by light-type Roland with a cleave skill. He had wanted to show off and hadn’t expected that the three Rolands were so strong that they could easilyContinue reading “Volume 1 Chapter 2: Noble Teenage Girl”

Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers! Volume 1 Chapter 1: Descendance

“Although I have more stuff than the Sorcerer King, he transmigrated with max level and his clan warehouse whereas I have to start from zero!” Ye Tian Ming¹ sighed as he relaxed his hands that were tightly gripping his pants and stared at the ocean. Sure, I may be a free-to-play player, but I atContinue reading “Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers! Volume 1 Chapter 1: Descendance”

Female Protagonist 4

Name: Audrina Race: Dragon-human Class: Warrior Titles: Bloodmoon Beastial Blade, Bloodthirsty Dragon Lady, Battle Maniac Age: 63 (About the same as 15 year old human) Comments: 1.73 meters tall without anything. 1.85 meters tall with shoes and counting dragon horns. Bloodthirsty, battle maniac, likes to play tricks on people, would be a hero from timeContinue reading “Female Protagonist 4”