Female Protagonist 1

Name: Michelle Liya Race: Spirit Cat Class: Assassin Titles: Aquamarine Blade Age: 18 Comments: Tsundere, clumsy, cute, and bloodthirsty. One who understands what she must do during certain situations. She declares herself as an elite assassin from the Life-Killing Temple, but she is actually the shame of the Life-Killing Temple! She’s the worst assassin inContinue reading “Female Protagonist 1”

Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers!

Author: Rem’s Confession Translator: Superglace Oh no! They’re all eyeing me like tigers! Wake up! They’re not eyeing you, they’re eyeing the position of your attendant! Ye Tian Ming had transmigrated to another world, and he had been planning to experience the lifestyle of the other world, but he had unexpectedly contracted a large numberContinue reading “Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers!”