Chapter 147: Scarcity Marketing

“As many as I have?” Liu Feng shook his head. “I think that Your Excellency is misunderstanding something. The meat for the canned goods are easily obtainable, but the most important part- the seasonings and spices, are very difficult to obtain.” That wasn’t a lie. This world didn’t have many seasonings or spices. Ginger, onions,Continue reading “Chapter 147: Scarcity Marketing”

Chapter 146: As Many As You Have

A maid came in carrying two canned fish. She carefully disposed of the mud that was used to seal the ceramic jar and slowly lifted the lid. The rich fragrance of the garlic and meat quickly spread out, and with a slight whiff of the scent, Liu Feng knew that the fish meat was goodContinue reading “Chapter 146: As Many As You Have”

Chapter 144: The Real Noble Etiquette

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Clip-clop. A group of people were escorting a carriage. Elisa had never seen them before. They didn’t have armor and instead wore dark, colorful clothes, but the aura that they gave off made her heart skip a beat- it was the aura that only those that had killed a lot of people gaveContinue reading “Chapter 144: The Real Noble Etiquette”

Chapter 143: White-Haired Enchantress

The sun was setting. 2 people rushed into an alley. The bald man was furious as he stared at the empty alley. “Damn it! Where is that woman hiding?” “We lost her again. We’ve chased her all the way from the central land to the western lands. We’ve already wasted 2 months. If this continues,Continue reading “Chapter 143: White-Haired Enchantress”

Chapter 142: Bringing Canned Fish as Gifts

Mina and Tess spent about half an hour bathing. They were both about 1.6 meters tall (about 5 foot 3 inches). “Mina, your clothes is so tight!” Tess said, tugging on the clothes that she was wearing. She was used to wearing large and loose clothes. Mina’s clothes were fine except that the chest portionContinue reading “Chapter 142: Bringing Canned Fish as Gifts”

Chapter 141: Liu Feng Family’s Mina

Liu Feng grabbed 3 sausages, turned his head to look at Mina, and smiled. “Then I’ll be the first noble to bring a female beastkin to a nobles’ banquet, and a beautiful cat beastkin at that!” Mina blushed slightly. “But, Young Master, if you bring me with you, you’ll be laughed at.” Liu Feng smiled.Continue reading “Chapter 141: Liu Feng Family’s Mina”

Chapter 140: I’ll Let You Eat My Noodles

Liu Feng took Mina and Tess to the port. They were going back to the ship to change into scale armor. Proper etiquettes were important when participating in nobles’ banquets, and clothes were part of the etiquette. A noble that didn’t even have basic etiquette would become a laughing stock among nobles. “Um, Liu Feng,Continue reading “Chapter 140: I’ll Let You Eat My Noodles”

Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face

Everyone has the right to choose? Tess was confused as she glanced at Liu Feng. “Is any kind of choice possible?” “Of course… not!” Liu Feng said, rolling his eyes. “The choices are limited to things like your hobbies and stuff.” Humans never really had many choices in their life. Many things were out ofContinue reading “Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face”

Chapter 138: I Want to Follow You

“Go. Set off immediately.” Liu Feng said. As long as they took care of the escaping horse thieves, then West Sun City would be rid of the problem of horse thieves. This battle was basically just West Sun City showing off its military strength to warn the other horse thieves to not provoke it. AsContinue reading “Chapter 138: I Want to Follow You”