Chapter 9: Taxes That Scare People to Death

Ba Fu didn’t know what other people thought, and he didn’t want to know. A monthly salary of 120 copper coins to be a clerk was extremely tempting. He used to be a teacher in Xi Yang City, but most of the people in Xi Yang City don’t even have enough to eat, so howContinue reading “Chapter 9: Taxes That Scare People to Death”

Chapter 8: High Rewards Will Get Brave Men

“In other words, when it’s time for the wheat to be harvested, people will come and rob us?” Liu Feng frowned. “Of course, weak cities will be robbed,” Mina said confidently. She had tailed thieves before and had witnessed the events with her own eyes. Liu Feng frowned. It wasn’t that far away from theContinue reading “Chapter 8: High Rewards Will Get Brave Men”

Chapter 7: The Wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow

“Is what you said true? Will you really let me go?” Mina asked again. “Yes,” Liu Feng answered with a bitter smile. He had answered the question three times already. From the time he had said he would let the catgirl leave, she had repeatedly asked in disbelief several times. “Why? Am I ugly? Don’tContinue reading “Chapter 7: The Wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow”

Chapter 6: You Will Let Me Go?

When Liu Feng returned to the room again with a few things, he found the catgirl sitting on the table with her hands on her stomach. It was obvious that she had eaten until she was full. After living in this world for a month, Liu Feng knew how barren this world is, and itContinue reading “Chapter 6: You Will Let Me Go?”

Chapter 5: The Temptation From the Tip of the Tongue

Mina was a beastkin from the cat race. She hadn’t eaten anything for three days. Mina already knew what her ending would be when she was caught and put into the dungeon. She would either be killed or toyed with by the humans. Today was the day to meet her fate. She was filled withContinue reading “Chapter 5: The Temptation From the Tip of the Tongue”

Chapter 4: Mysterious Gift = Catgirl?

There was a small plaza in front of the castle. When Liu Feng and Carter got outside, about 2,000 people had gathered and were staring at the two of them. Liu Feng saw disgust and indifference in the residents’ eyes. He silently glanced at Carter, thinking, Looks like the residents don’t like Carter. Carter wasContinue reading “Chapter 4: Mysterious Gift = Catgirl?”

Chapter 3: Goods From Earth

Liu Feng carelessly put the two things to the side, and said calmly, “Then let’s check the goods and settle the price.” “Okay!” Carter nodded and immediately called over a middle-aged man, his butler, who was a shrewd man. “Butler, help us estimate the cost.” “Yes!” The butler replied respectfully. Liu Feng put a boxContinue reading “Chapter 3: Goods From Earth”

Chapter 2: Starting Today, I’ll be a Noble

“Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop.” The sound of horseshoes rang continuously. At the forefront of the group were Carter and his son Fez. “Lord Father, how long do you think that kid can persist before he resells the territory and the city?” Fez asked with a cold smile. Carter’s eyes flashed with slyness, looking at the desolateContinue reading “Chapter 2: Starting Today, I’ll be a Noble”

Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord Chapter 1: Selling Me a City?

“What? You want to sell me a city?” Liu Feng said, widening his eyes in disbelief. “Yes, my friend, I will sell my territory and a city to you,” Carter said, his voice full of sincerity. “Let me think about it,”ยน Liu Feng said, frowning. He was a bit surprised. He did a lot ofContinue reading “Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord Chapter 1: Selling Me a City?”

Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord

Author: All-nighter Big White Translator: Superglace Editor: John Smith Liu Feng unexpectedly gained the ability to travel between two worlds and got a storage space. He became a second-hand dealer of the two worlds. When he used a glass cup from Earth to purchase a city in the other world, he began his life asContinue reading “Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord”