Chapter 128: The Intimidating Military

The soldiers were at the castle gate, all in their equipment. They stood in a neat formation and looked at Liu Feng with sharp eyes. The citizens of West Sun City’s citizens were around. Some were worried, some were happy, and some were excited. Currently, their sons, fathers, friends, or relatives were going out withContinue reading “Chapter 128: The Intimidating Military”

Chapter 127: West Sun City’s Citizen’s Privileges

“Lord Father, those buns are delicious. I want to eat more, especially the big meat buns.” Gale said. He no longer had the discontent that he had when he first entered the city. “Okay, we’ll go and buy some later. You’ve already eaten more than enough,” Solo said, looking at Gale’s bulging stomach. The meatContinue reading “Chapter 127: West Sun City’s Citizen’s Privileges”

Chapter 126: Iron Man Battle Suit?

“Should I pack this for Young Master? He’s quite restless in his sleep.” Nicole was holding a sleeping bag and was torn about whether or not to pack it. Liu Feng, Mina, and Anri came in and saw that Nicole had already packed up quite a few cases. “Little Nicole, I’m only going out forContinue reading “Chapter 126: Iron Man Battle Suit?”

Chapter 125: Gold Harvesting Machines

Nicole went to pack his clothes, and Liu Feng turned to look at Niu Ben. “Uncle Niu Ben, I’ll count on you to manage West Sun City after I leave.” “Young Master, it’s better to let me go!” Niu Ben couldn’t really say anything when the three girls were trying to persuade Liu Feng, andContinue reading “Chapter 125: Gold Harvesting Machines”

Chapter 124: Lure a Few People Over

“Young Master, Niu Wu is back and is waiting for you in the living room,” Anri said. “Oh? He’s back?” Liu Feng’s eyes lit up. He had just finished showering after his morning practice and hadn’t expected to hear such good news. “Yes, and he brought back a lot of good news,” Anri said, nodding.Continue reading “Chapter 124: Lure a Few People Over”

Chapter 123: The Commoners That Ran Away

The group of merchants lined up, but as soon as they did, the commoners all ran away. “Oh ya? These commoners are quite good. They actually know they let us go first.” “Indeed. The commoners in the kingdom needed us to make them go away.” The merchants originally didn’t want to line up, but unfortunatelyContinue reading “Chapter 123: The Commoners That Ran Away”

Chapter 122: Hey Hey! That’s the Women’s Restroom!

“That house is for defecating?” the merchant asked. He didn’t know why, but his face was hot with embarrassment. “What else? That’s called a public restroom, it’s for people like you,” Buff said. He supported a lot of the ideas that Liu Feng had, like public restrooms. It was just a simple idea, but itContinue reading “Chapter 122: Hey Hey! That’s the Women’s Restroom!”

Chapter 121: The Merchant That Defecated on the Street

Seeing the scene, Niu Wu’s smile became wider. “Everyone, these carriages belong to Lord Liu Feng. You can take a carriage into the city for three steel coins.” “Steel coins? What’s that? Do you mean copper coins?” Solo asked, surprised. “You’ll know once you get on the carriage,” Niu Wu said. He beckoned over aContinue reading “Chapter 121: The Merchant That Defecated on the Street”

Chapter 120: The Dumfounded Merchants From the Capital

It was foggy early in the morning. A medium-sized sailboat came out of the fog, followed by a dozen more medium-sized and small sailboats. Tory and Niu Wu were standing on the deck of the first sailboat. “Mr. Niu Wu, it seems that we are almost inside West Sun City’s territory,” Tory said, stretching hisContinue reading “Chapter 120: The Dumfounded Merchants From the Capital”

Chapter 119: Elf Elisa

Nighttime… In some prosperous cities, some commoners would repurpose their extra rooms in their homes into guest rooms and rent them to customers. They would usually provide three meals a day and earn about three copper coins a day. These small inns were the favorite places for small traveling merchants because they were much cheaperContinue reading “Chapter 119: Elf Elisa”