Chapter 118: The Real Use of Drunken Night Restaurant

The carriage soon arrived and Commercial Street. As he looked around, Liu Feng felt as if he was watching something that could only appear in the scenes of the 1980s and 1990s movies. There was a road that lead straight to the gate; there were people working on both sides of the streets; there wereContinue reading “Chapter 118: The Real Use of Drunken Night Restaurant”

Chapter 117: 6 Grades of Fabric

Liu Feng looked at the carpenters and immediately realized what happened. The carpenters didn’t really have any knowledge about wooden products, and most of them were taught by him! There was no way they would know what hydropower and water wheels were. I’ll teach you more stuff after you improve the spinning jenny and loomContinue reading “Chapter 117: 6 Grades of Fabric”

Chapter 116: The Heavily Guarded Deparment of Scientific Research

The carriage soon arrived at the department of scientific research. It was the same place as before, but it was now surrounded by a high wall. There were people inside the wall and people on the wall patrolling the place. If anyone tried to sneak in, they would immediately get shot by the military crossbows.Continue reading “Chapter 116: The Heavily Guarded Deparment of Scientific Research”

Chapter 115: Spinning Jennies and Looms

Today, they ate soup-filled buns¹. A single bite allowed them to taste the delicious meat and get their mouths and noses filled with the rich aroma of the meat. “Delicious! So delicious! No wonder Weya packed 10 packages of these to school and said something about eating these while walking,” Anri said as she stuffedContinue reading “Chapter 115: Spinning Jennies and Looms”

Chapter 114: The Failed Green Tea Prank

“Phew…” Liu Feng exhaled and wiped the sweat off of his nose with his thumb. He had been sparring with Niu Da and Niu Er for half an hour and had improved from needing to use 10 moves to defeat them to only needing 7 moves. “Okay, let’s stop now. That’s it for today,” LiuContinue reading “Chapter 114: The Failed Green Tea Prank”

Chapter 113: Young Master is Actually This Strong?

Liu Feng could hear clashing sounds even before he could see the morning practice site. “It seems that everyone got up early!” Liu Feng shrugged. He was the person that woke the latest in the castle. If there weren’t any emergencies or if he didn’t instruct anyone to, no one would wake him up inContinue reading “Chapter 113: Young Master is Actually This Strong?”

Chapter 112: Nobles’ Morning Practices

Early morning… A group of birds when resting outside the windows and chirping. They had filled their stomachs and were enjoying their time. In a few days, they would have to migrate south because winter was coming. Someone yawned, startling the “guests” and causing them to fly away. Liu Feng opened his eyes, looked atContinue reading “Chapter 112: Nobles’ Morning Practices”

Chapter 111: Looking at Him Like He Was a God!

“Okay, sir” the employee said taking the slip of paper and then scratching it. “Fir- first prize?” The employees were dumbfounded. They thought they had misread it and took another look. “U-uh, sir, your luck is very good,” the female employee said. Indeed, to be able draw the first prize from thousands of slips ofContinue reading “Chapter 111: Looking at Him Like He Was a God!”

Chapter 110: Danger Sense

Liu Feng coughed. The smell of oil and gas exhaust in the air made him feel uncomfortable. He knew that this was a normal reaction. Usually, when people lived in a place with good air quality for a long time and suddenly moved to a city where the air quality is bad, they would feelContinue reading “Chapter 110: Danger Sense”

Chapter 109: The Real Source of Confidence

This secret room didn’t just provide a safe place for Liu Feng to transmigrate in but also a place for him to put things. The room was about 120 square feet and had a ton of shelves, although most of them were empty. Only 2 of the shelves were filled with books. The books were:Continue reading “Chapter 109: The Real Source of Confidence”